Somehow THIS Tiny West Highland Terrier Got This Huge Rottweiler Pregnant. But Wait Till You See The Puppies!

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Like magnets, opposites often attract. People with completely different personalities somehow get together against all odds. The ying and the yang, the dark and the light somehow compliment each other perfectly. Apparently the same can be applied to the animal world. Specifically, two dogs of very different ilks found love.

Just like people, dogs don’t let things like breed stop them from finding their soul mate. In one case, the owner of a rottweiler was surprised to find her dog pregnant. However, everyone was stunned when these unique and adorable puppies were born. You won’t believe who she fell in love with and mated with!

A West Highland terrier named Joey has made an impressive accomplishment for a dog his size. He successfully mated with a rottweiler named Zara. Zara is several times Joey’s size furthering the accomplishment. The ambitious little dog is now the father to a litter of puppies. This almost never happens, so this litter is so very special!

Officially, the puppies have been labeled “Wotties.” Teresa Patterson, the owner of the two canines, had no idea the dogs had even mated until the puppies were born. According to Teresa, the puppies take after their parents in terms of their great temperament. They’re very high maintenance and they love attention. Get ready for the most adorable thing you will see today!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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