Kitty Thought He Had a Master Plan To Catch The Fish. But Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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Cats are naturally drawn to little things that dart and move all around. Many a feline will readily chase after toys, bugs, mice, and whatever else is crawling on the floor or blowing in the wind. They also really like fish, whether it involves watching them swim around and trying to catch the little swimmers or eating them for a tasty dinner, kitties love them.

While some cats are incredibly adept at hunting and stalking their prey, others are much less capable, especially when it comes to fishing. A cat named Scat falls into the latter category as is evidenced by this video which shows him attempting to master the feline art of cat fishing.

At first it looks like Scat might know what he’s doing. He patiently sits watching and studying his target, a little yellow fish, swim lazily around in the tank. The seconds slowly tick by and when the fish finally turns its back on him he makes his move.

He leaps up off of his perch in the perfect pouncing formation and flies through the air, but instead of getting his fish, he goes right past it and lands on the floor below! Mission incomplete, cat 0, fish 1.

According to the man who posted the video, Trent Vanderheiden, Scat has a habit of doing this move all the time. He has yet to learn the finer points of cat fishing which is good for the fish and everyone else. Check out his hilariously adorable antics and share this with the cat lovers in your life who would appreciate the clip!

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THIS Guy Thought He Was Reeling In His First Fish of The Day. But Watch THIS Water Underneath Closely!

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Fishing for largemouth bass is a hugely popular sport in The United States of America. Each year it draws an estimated thirty million people to the banks of fresh water ponds, rivers, ponds, and lakes. What makes largemouth bass fishing so appealing to many is that the big fish will make you work hard to catch em’ and fight you every step of the way to the very last second!

When a giant bass takes the bait it is not an easy reel em’ in kind of job, it is more like a prepare for a mega battle type of situation. The bass will do all sorts of tricks, maneuvers and techniques to attempt to get away! Many will even fling their slippery oily bodies into the air in a desperate last chance attempt to escape from the Fisherman’s hook.

This is why so many fishermen and anglers love casting their lines in the hope that a mythically largemouth bass will grab the bait and thus bring a once in a lifetime experience into their day!

To see exactly how powerful, agile aggressive and big-mouthed these bass are, watch the accompanying video of one in action. The video was caught by an unknown fisherman who was using bait to tempt and lure the aquatic beasts at a deep green fishing water hole.

He reels the tinier fish along the top of the water and then suddenly a giant blurry monster can be seen moving up out of the depths from below the waters surface. Moments later the huge fish appears, mouth open wide, and devours the poor little baitfish swallowing it whole in one bite. And this is why they are known as largemouth bass..

There was no hesitation on the fish’s part in going in for the tasty treat because they are the apex predator of these waters. When you are at the top of the food chain it means that only humans can catch them, and even then most of the largemouth bass that are reeled in end up getting released back into the waters.

Many of the larger ones are breeding females and it’s common practice to release them because they are the future of the sport and sustainability is key. It’s both morally and culturally looked down upon to keep a huge female fish and to do so goes against the unspoken rule of bass fishing!

Also, in many locations it is also illegal to take fish of a certain size. Plus, their meat is not really good to eat. It’s kind of fishy, slimy and mushy. It is not as high a quality compared to the other fish it lives with in its habitat, that you can catch just as easily. So if the one in this video was caught, it was likely also released.

Watch the video below! Let us know what you think!

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If You Still Eat Tilapia You Need To Stop Right NOW! The Reason Is Absolutely Disgusting!

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It is the third most consumed type of seafood in America and it has been compared to bacon in terms of how bad for your health it is. If you haven’t heard by now, farmed tilapia is really not good for you. The reasons why vary and go way beyond the fact that it lacks much in the way of nutritional value.

The non-fishy, mild tasting white fish is incredibly cheap and easy to breed and sell, which is where its problems lie. The vast majority of the tilapia sold in stores and restaurants today comes from overseas where its mass farmed in dirty, putrid conditions.

Fish are grown in crammed, disease ridden conditions that lack any sort of oversight or regulation and bacterial diseases, like salmonella, flourish. To keep the fish alive and infection free they’re pumped full of antibiotics.

Experts warn that this irresponsible widespread practice could lead to antibiotic resistant strains of salmonella and sicken a lot of people. In addition to antibiotics, tilapia are also pumped full of hormones to make them grow bigger and faster.

Methyltestosterone is one such hormone that’s fed to young ones who are in the sexless stage of life because it inhibits the growth of reproductive organs in the fish. This effectively amounts to a sex change and renders them male, which is desired because males grow larger faster.

The effects of these hormones on human health are said to be low but not enough studies have been done on them. Furthermore, emerging research shows that methyltestosterone could be highly toxic to the liver.

One of the most alarming things about farmed tilapia is the diet they’re put on. In China there are hundreds of thousands of operations where fish are given feed that consists of duck, pig, and chicken waste. They’re fed this because it’s much cheaper than normal fish food.

Not only is that absolutely disgusting, it leads to even more antibiotics being fed to the fish to keep them disease free. Finally, if all of the above is not reason enough to avoid eating tilapia, it’s considered to be worse for you than bacon.

A Wake Forest University study found that farmed tilapia contains high levels of omega-6 fatty acids and low amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-6s may lead to or increase and exacerbate existing inflammation in our bodies when they are consumed in excess of omega-3s, which are good for our hearts and brains and decrease inflammation.

While Omega-6s aren’t bad for you per se, they become bad when they aren’t balanced out evenly by omega-3s and eating a serving of tilapia gives you unbalanced levels. According to Floyd Chilton, the director of the Wake Forest Center for Botanical Lipids and Inflammatory Disease Prevention, this leads to “omega-6s are converted to pro-inflammatory messengers that orchestrate diabetes, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s.”

Part of the reason why they lack healthy omega-3s is down to their unhealthy and nutrient lacking poop diet. Plus, they’re often raised in cramped pools which contributes to them being fattier than their wild counterparts.

In addition to what is mentioned here, there are several other issues with farmed tilapia that are better covered in the accompanying video. One scary statistic that stood out through all of the details is that a farm raised fish is exposed to 10 times more cancerous organic pollutants than a wild one.

When you consider that in light of the fact that they are often fed animal excrement, it drives home the point that tilapia and farmed fish in general should be avoided at all costs.

Will you still be eating Tilapia?

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He Thinks He’s About To Catch A Normal Fish. But What He Pulls Up Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Anyone who has spent some time with fisherman have heard stories about the biggest fish they almost caught. The stories usually go like this, “For hours I was reeling him in, then right at the last second, the monster broke away.” The ‘Big Fish’ stories are legendary and always fun to listen to but with today’s technology we can now capture these incredible moments on our smartphones and cameras to see the proof of these tales!

In the following video, a man in a kayak was fishing in Cape Coral, Florida. This place is known as the fishing capitol of the world. Fisherman travel from far and wide to catch everything from deep sea fishing to freshwater canals, and everything in between.

What this man pulls out of the water is larger than an NBA player.  He reels in an enormous Goliath fish!  This is the same fish that King David defeated in the bible.  This particular fish was over 7 feet and weighed 552 pounds.  This is thought to be the largest fish ever caught on a small kayak.

This species of fish is protected under law and was later released, after it was weighed and measured.  Enjoy the video and let us know about the size of biggest fish you ever caught!

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Video: He Takes an Aquarium And Turns It Over So It’s Inverted. The Result Is STUNNING!

Aquariums tend to be quite limited in terms of shape and what you can do with them. Most are simple rectangles or bowls that end up sitting on a flat surface or stand. The same cannot be said for the majority of outdoor fish ponds, they’re much more versatile and many are custom made. Even so, they also seem to follow a very general design type!

However, if the two are combined, like how YouTuber TCHelmut did in this video, you end up with one truly amazing looking aquascape! The creative German took his outdoor koi pond to the next level by flipping a plain old aquarium upside down and sticking it in the middle of the water. His ingenious idea is the perfect way to transform a run of the mill garden pond into a stunning masterpiece that’s fun to look at!

It’s also fun and neat for the koi fish. According to TCHelmut every day the koi in the pond swim up into the glass tower to check things out and have a look around. They’re free to come and go and they please and some even stay there for hours on end taking in the 360 degree view.

And while at first glance the tank looks incredibly cramped and overcrowded with way too many koi fish, it’s not as bad as it initially appears. The water and glass distort our view of what’s inside and make the koi appear larger than they actually are.

The visually impressive inverted fish tank is one part magic, one part work of art. Check it out and show this unique idea with friends, family, and any fish or aquarium enthusiasts you may know!

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He Starts Throwing Buckets Of Food Into The Water. Seconds Later The Most Unexpected Surprise!

When you’re a fish and live in the ocean or a river you have to constantly be on the lookout for your next meal. Whether it happens to be another fish, or a nice tasty worm, you take whatever you can get because there is just no way of knowing when you’re going to eat next.

When a human starts to throw a bunch of food in the water, you better eat that up as well. After all, a fish can only be so lucky to come across a feast, like the one in this video. In the clip a young man stands among 23 orange buckets that are fulled to the brim with fish food pellets.

He is at the edge of a pier or wooden dock next to a large body of water and a few other people mill about. The guy says something to the camera and then starts to pick up a bucket of food and flings its contents into the water. Immediately, a lot of fish start to chow down on the tasty treats and the water begins to churn once several more buckets of pellets are tossed in.

As more and more fish start fighting for the food the water begins to appear as if it is boiling from all the splashing and fish bodies flying around. Bucket after bucket after bucket of food gets tossed to the fishes and a humongous, and inevitable, feeding frenzy is soon under way.

While it is not clear where exactly this took place, or for what reason, it’s definitely a pretty wild sight to see all those fish feeding at once. They certainly got lucky, and what a great day it must have been to be a fish in those waters!

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