Video: He Takes an Aquarium And Turns It Over So It’s Inverted. The Result Is STUNNING!

Aquariums tend to be quite limited in terms of shape and what you can do with them. Most are simple rectangles or bowls that end up sitting on a flat surface or stand. The same cannot be said for the majority of outdoor fish ponds, they’re much more versatile and many are custom made. Even so, they also seem to follow a very general design type!

However, if the two are combined, like how YouTuber TCHelmut did in this video, you end up with one truly amazing looking aquascape! The creative German took his outdoor koi pond to the next level by flipping a plain old aquarium upside down and sticking it in the middle of the water. His ingenious idea is the perfect way to transform a run of the mill garden pond into a stunning masterpiece that’s fun to look at!

It’s also fun and neat for the koi fish. According to TCHelmut every day the koi in the pond swim up into the glass tower to check things out and have a look around. They’re free to come and go and they please and some even stay there for hours on end taking in the 360 degree view.

And while at first glance the tank looks incredibly cramped and overcrowded with way too many koi fish, it’s not as bad as it initially appears. The water and glass distort our view of what’s inside and make the koi appear larger than they actually are.

The visually impressive inverted fish tank is one part magic, one part work of art. Check it out and show this unique idea with friends, family, and any fish or aquarium enthusiasts you may know!

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