Man Finds A Giant Egg In His Farm. What Comes Out Of THIS Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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Chickens lay eggs. Sometimes those eggs are hidden inside of other eggs. It happens. What? That all seems kind of weird and confusing, but an egg inside of an egg is a real thing that occurs in nature. If you want to see what it all looks like, and this is the type of thing that you really have to see to truly appreciate, then you have to check out this video.

The clip starts off with a man holding a giant egg that is at least twice the size of a normal, average egg. He explains that he gathered it earlier from his coop and comments that he has “sympathy for the poor chicken” who laid it because it must not have been easy or comfortable at all.

When he cracks it open there is a yolk and another egg nestled inside of it! When he cracks the second egg open it also appears normal and has a yolk and white inside. Chances are you’ll never come across an egg like that at the grocery store.

It’s super neat to see and in order to understand how it happens, you need a little background information on how hens lay eggs. First and foremost, the scientific term for an egg within an egg is called a counter-peristalsis contraction.

According to Back Yard Poultry Mag online, a hen will release “an oocyte (the ovum that becomes the yolk of an egg) from her left ovary into the oviduct every 18-26 hours.” This oocyte slowly makes its way through the oviduct organ where many layers are added onto it and form the egg which is eventually passed through and laid.

However, when a counter-peristalsis contraction occurs, a second oocyte is prematurely released by the ovary before the first one is done passing through the oviduct. At that point, “the release of a second oocyte into the oviduct system while a first oocyte is in the eggshell-gland portion of the oviduct…(where the shell is deposited over the egg) causes a contraction…[which] causes the first egg in the eggshell gland to reverse its course and be pushed back up to the top of the oviduct.”

In turn, this leads to the first egg being added to the second oocyte, which then passes through the oviduct and gets its own shell coating. The end result is that an egg within a giant egg gets laid by one tough chicken.

Mother nature never ceases to amaze or confuse us!

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He Thinks He’s About To Catch A Normal Fish. But What He Pulls Up Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Anyone who has spent some time with fisherman have heard stories about the biggest fish they almost caught. The stories usually go like this, “For hours I was reeling him in, then right at the last second, the monster broke away.” The ‘Big Fish’ stories are legendary and always fun to listen to but with today’s technology we can now capture these incredible moments on our smartphones and cameras to see the proof of these tales!

In the following video, a man in a kayak was fishing in Cape Coral, Florida. This place is known as the fishing capitol of the world. Fisherman travel from far and wide to catch everything from deep sea fishing to freshwater canals, and everything in between.

What this man pulls out of the water is larger than an NBA player.  He reels in an enormous Goliath fish!  This is the same fish that King David defeated in the bible.  This particular fish was over 7 feet and weighed 552 pounds.  This is thought to be the largest fish ever caught on a small kayak.

This species of fish is protected under law and was later released, after it was weighed and measured.  Enjoy the video and let us know about the size of biggest fish you ever caught!

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VIDEO: His Giant Dog Was Terrified Of Water. But Wait Till You See When His Human Does THIS

Dogs seem to either love or hate water. Some will run and jump right into a pond or stream without hesitation while others do everything in their power to avoid ending up in it. Despite having a swimming style named after them, not all dogs have the natural ability to swim and stay afloat. Some do and others can be taught to swim, with proper oversight for their safety.

There are also certain dogs should not go near water because they easily tire or get cold, are deathly afraid of it and panic, or their legs are too short to adequately keep them afloat. If your dog falls into one of those categories you should not allow them near deep water unsupervised or try to teach them how to swim.

If you have a big, calm, lovable dog like the English Mastiff named Samson in this video, then you can go ahead and give your pup a swimming lesson. The adorable dog is hesitant and afraid at first, unsure of what to do and not wanting to let go of his dad who is holding him afloat in the water.

The sight of such a huge dog clinging to his owner in a pool is heart warming, amusing, and kind of funny! Samson gets some much needed reassurance as his dad rubs his back and tells him it’s alright and that he’s being a good boy. After a little time and with his owner’s calming patience, the big puppy begins to gradually relax and accept the water.

Sensing the moment is right, his owner sets him up for his first solo attempt at swimming, then lets him go. Samson is clearly a natural as he takes off doggy paddling towards the steps without ever once sinking down or flailing around.

Now he can cross it off his bucket list and be all the more confident and safe around the pool and other large bodies of water! His mom and dad are thrilled with their cherished dog’s progress and it’s wonderful to see such a happy and momentous occasion.

Check it out if you want to smile and remember to always take precautions and supervise animals and children around pools to keep them all safe.

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He Starts Having Trouble Reeling In His Line Soon Finds Out It’s Record Breaking Monster Catch

Dino Ferrari certainly will never forget this day . On that fateful winter day the Italian man was fishing in the Po River delta, a muddy stretch of the country’s longest river. He was sitting in a boat using a fishing rod and dangling a line in the water when suddenly he felt a strong tug. Something had taken the bait and as he struggled to quickly reel the line in on the severely bent rod, he knew he had hooked a beast.

By the end of it all, Mr. Ferraro had caught an enormous 280 pound catfish that was longer than a man is tall and measured an amazing 8 feet, 9 inches long. Being an avid sport fisherman, he was sponsored by Sportex Italia, a maker of premium fishing rods. They were on hand to document, measure, and verify his catch and provided the unbelievable picture of Dino posing with the fish that you see in the video. While this particular catch may very well be a world record for a catfish caught using just a rod and reel, bigger catfish have been caught in that same river and around the world.

The American catfish record belongs to Tim Pruitt who back in 2005 caught a 124 pound fish in the Mississippi River. That’s nothing compared to the world record holder that fishermen in Thailand caught. According to an online National Geographic article, a group of Thai fishermen netted a Mekong Giant Catfish, named after the Mekong River in which they were fishing. The super-size fish weighed in at 646 pounds and measured almost 9 feet long, making it possibly the world’s largest freshwater fish caught since records have been kept as well!

While legends abound about record breaking catches and enormous catfish lurking in secret spots around the world, Mr. Ferrari’s tale is the reel deal. He caught the fish that most people can only dream of bagging and has the evidence to prove it so check it out! After pictures and video were taken, it was weighed, measured, and released.

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