She Places A Mug Over An Egg. The Final Result Is A Delightful Unexpected Surprise!

YUM! A light and delicious, sweet treat, that’s easy too! This quick take on a classic meringue is a perfect dessert for the warm summer months. Only two ingredients and minimal effort until you’ve got yourself sugar heaven. Not only that, but you can get creative and combine almost anything in your kitchen with the fluffy cookies, or just eat them plain. Most people have enough kicking around to make this a full gourmet course at the last minute.

Start by cracking one egg onto a plate. Place a small cup over the egg yoke for a really simple way to separate the whites. Pour the egg white into a small bowl full of confectioner’s sugar If the egg you are using is a little one, you might consider adding another half of an egg’s white.

Mix the egg whites and powdered sugar by hand until the ingredients form a ball. The process will be similar to kneading bread dough, with an identical result. Prepare a microwave sized plate by placing a paper towel on top of it.

Next, you’ll want to break off small chunks of your meringue dough and form them into balls, much like making cookies except without a sticky mess.

Position the balls on the paper towel covered plate with ample room between them for expanding. Microwave the plate and dough balls for one to two minutes, until they look like meringue.

Remove your treat from the microwave and enjoy with fresh berries, ice cream, fruit, coffee, nut butters, or anything you can think of!

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She Gives Her Parakeet An Egg From The Supermarket To Play With. But Days Later She Gets The Biggest Surprise Ever!

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No one ever really stops to think about the carton of eggs they buy at the grocery store.  All most people care about is how fresh they are that they aren’t broken. When YouTube user Luna Angel went to the supermarket and spotted some quail eggs for sale, they initially grabbed her attention because they made her think of her pet parakeet at home, Pi-chan. 

She ended up buying the quail eggs and when she returned home, she gave one of the speckled eggs to her little yellow and blue bird to see what it would do and how she’d react.

As soon as the egg was placed inside her cage, Pi-chan sat on it as if she had laid it herself.  Her maternal instincts were strong, and Luna was happy to see her little bird so interested in the egg.  Not long afterwards, she went to check on Pi-chan and was shocked at what she saw inside her cage. The egg had hatched, and a tiny, fluffy, unbelievably cute baby quail was sitting next to her songbird! 

Naturally Luna was not expecting this, she had assumed the quail egg had been unfertilized, as most grocery store eggs are.  The chances that she somehow picked up a carton that contained a fertilized one were extremely slim and yet there was a baby bird right in front of her. 

It must have been fate because Luna was an experienced bird owner and lover, she knew that she’d be able to care for Pi-chan’s new friend, even if she had never raised a baby bird before!

As it turns out, baby quails don’t require very much work.  Right after they’re born, they can eat pretty much anything and so feeding the little chick wasn’t an issue.  In just a few days the bird was noticeably growing and getting stronger, much to the relief of Luna. Now instead of one she has two adorable little birds in her family!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Man Finds A Giant Egg In His Farm. What Comes Out Of THIS Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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Chickens lay eggs. Sometimes those eggs are hidden inside of other eggs. It happens. What? That all seems kind of weird and confusing, but an egg inside of an egg is a real thing that occurs in nature. If you want to see what it all looks like, and this is the type of thing that you really have to see to truly appreciate, then you have to check out this video.

The clip starts off with a man holding a giant egg that is at least twice the size of a normal, average egg. He explains that he gathered it earlier from his coop and comments that he has “sympathy for the poor chicken” who laid it because it must not have been easy or comfortable at all.

When he cracks it open there is a yolk and another egg nestled inside of it! When he cracks the second egg open it also appears normal and has a yolk and white inside. Chances are you’ll never come across an egg like that at the grocery store.

It’s super neat to see and in order to understand how it happens, you need a little background information on how hens lay eggs. First and foremost, the scientific term for an egg within an egg is called a counter-peristalsis contraction.

According to Back Yard Poultry Mag online, a hen will release “an oocyte (the ovum that becomes the yolk of an egg) from her left ovary into the oviduct every 18-26 hours.” This oocyte slowly makes its way through the oviduct organ where many layers are added onto it and form the egg which is eventually passed through and laid.

However, when a counter-peristalsis contraction occurs, a second oocyte is prematurely released by the ovary before the first one is done passing through the oviduct. At that point, “the release of a second oocyte into the oviduct system while a first oocyte is in the eggshell-gland portion of the oviduct…(where the shell is deposited over the egg) causes a contraction…[which] causes the first egg in the eggshell gland to reverse its course and be pushed back up to the top of the oviduct.”

In turn, this leads to the first egg being added to the second oocyte, which then passes through the oviduct and gets its own shell coating. The end result is that an egg within a giant egg gets laid by one tough chicken.

Mother nature never ceases to amaze or confuse us!

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Video – Which Egg Do You Think Came From An Actually Healthy Chicken? Find Out!

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I was once on vacation in farm country, and went out to eat breakfast.  I ordered eggs sunny side up, and when it was served I was startled to see yolks that were orange, rather than yellow, in color.  I was actually hesitant toeat the eggs as they looked so different than what I was used to.

Being a brave soul, I went ahead and ate them, and I can honestly say that they were the most delicious eggs I’ve ever tasted!  After finding the video you are about to watch below, I now understand why those eggs were so outstanding…there is a big difference between “farm-fresh” eggs and store-bought ones.

Not only are eggs that come from local farms much fresher, but the conditions under which the chickens are raised, are far better.  These chickens are much healthier and the color of the yolks of their eggs signify this.  If you’ve never tasted them, it’s well worth going out of your way to do so.

After watching this video, you will be inspired.

Did you guess right?

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This Bird Adopts An Egg From The Supermarket. But What Hatches Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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The last thing anyone thinks about when they pick up a carton of eggs from the supermarket is that one could possibly end up hatching. Store bought eggs supposedly come unfertilized and in America they’re found in the refrigerated section. Even if one were somehow fertilized, without consistently warm temperatures, the cold would end any chances of life.

However, that string of logic did not play out in Japan when a girl brought home a carton of quail eggs. As it turns out, in Japan eggs aren’t refrigerated. Instead they’re sold at room temperature and can last up to a week or more because they have a layer that naturally protects them, but nevertheless they’re still unfertilized.

Which makes YouTube user Luna Angel’s story all the more mysterious. She says that she grabbed one quail egg from the carton and gave it to her parakeet, Pi-chan, to see what she’d do with it. The pretty bird’s motherly instincts took over right away and she roosted atop the egg keeping it warm and safe as if she had laid it herself.

Not long after, the egg miraculously and unexpectedly hatched and out popped the cutest, tiniest, and most adorable baby quail ever! The little fuzzy baby bird was named Yuzu and she can be seen in the accompanying video clip. She looks so sweet and innocent, especially since her black and yellow feathers make her look like a little fuzzy puff!

To see more of Yuzu, Pi-chan, and their fellow bird friends, check out Luna Angel’s channel. There is really nothing quite like a baby bird that can help lift your spirits and brighten the day, enjoy!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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He Finds An Unusually Large Egg In The Carton. When He Cracks It He Never Expected This To Come Out!

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It was morning at this family’s home, and time for breakfast.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the animals were frolicking. The family raises chickens and had just gathered a bunch of fresh eggs.  They turned on the video camera as mom was getting ready to cook, because of a very strange finding..

When the eggs were collected, one of the eggs was substantially larger than the other normal sized eggs.  When you see it, it appears to be almost double in size!  They are a little nervous about cracking the egg open for breakfast. I’m not sure what they were imagining was inside of the egg, but everyone seemed a bit concerned.

Maybe they were thinking a dinosaur, an ostrich, or maybe even a dragon! I myself expected there to be multiple yolks, which I have definitely seen before.  So the moment arrives, the egg gets cracked and…you won’t believe your eyes!  I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

Watch the video below and let us know if you have ever seen anything like this before.

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