Can You Tell Which Of These Yolks Comes From A Chicken That Is Actually Healthy? I Had No Idea.

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Over the years fad foods and diets come and go yet eggs, along with milk and bread, have long been considered among the top basic food staples. Most households always have on hand a carton or two of the fragile, shelled ovals in the refrigerator.

Some people even invest in a few of the birds and set up a chicken coop on their property, harvesting and eating the eggs as they’re laid. Not all chicken eggs are created equal and there are two basic types which are widely available to consumers; free-range and factory-farmed.

The differences between the two are clear to see and upon closer inspection the distinctions are glaring. When it comes down to it, eggs that come from huge factory operations are not as healthy as those which come from smaller scale, free-range farms.

Chickens that are allowed free range to graze and move around are naturally healthier than the ones crammed into dirty cages or barns. Part of the reason why is because chickens are omnivores and traditionally their diets have consisted of a lot more than just the cheap corn-based feed that’s fed to them at factory farms.

Corn feed has no real nutritional value to a chicken and it doesn’t make them healthy, it simply fattens them up and is what produces the golden yellow yolk color. In comparison, free-range chickens diets are supplemented by the types of foods they come across in nature.

They eat grasses and grains along with all sorts of bugs and worms including beetles, grasshoppers, meal worms, and grubs. This varied, natural diet makes them healthier chickens overall and in effect they lay healthier eggs.

You can spot a free range chicken egg because it’s yolk will appear thicker, fuller, and dark orange, not yellow. Also, the shells are both denser and harder to crack. An orange yolk is a sign that the chicken who laid the egg wasn’t simply fed corn-based feed, rather it had a balanced, wholesome, and nutritious diet.

These eggs also taste better. They’re not as bland and have a fuller, distinctive flavor. Watch the video and see for yourself the major differences between the two types. Chickens who lead better lives and who get to move around freely are a lot healthier and happier and lay more nutritious, better tasting eggs.

If you want the most from your food, and the best quality, then make the switch to free-range eggs if you haven’t done so already.

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He Starts Cutting This Egg Carton In Half. The Reason Is Surprisingly Brilliant!

I don’t know about you, but I love the guy who does these awesome tutorials.  His multitude of life hacks really contain useful ideas, and his presentation just makes me laugh out loud.  So, for three new practical hacks, all utilizing egg cartons, sit back and enjoy the video below.

His first ingenious idea he calls The FIRE STARTER.  Everyone needs help getting the big logs to catch fire, whether it be in a campfire or at home in a fireplace.  For me, either kindling wood or store-bought fire starters are the ‘go-to’.  Then comes the crumpled newspaper, dirty hands and all, for added fuel.  What if all this could be circumvented?

It can!  And the CrazyRussianHacker somehow came up with this unusually useful idea, that saves a lot of time.  Taking an empty egg carton he stuffs the holes with lint from the dryer, and adds leftover hot wax from a burning candle.  Watch what he does next to turn these little gems into fire starters.  It’s crazy how well and quickly this works.

Ok, so his next creation which he calls the REFRIGERATOR SPACE-SAVER is truly one of the simplest ideas, that makes you ask yourself why you never thought of this?!! As eggs get used up from the dozen package, he shows you how to reduce it’s size, creating more Frig space, while still storing the remaining eggs.  CRAZY SMART!

Last, but not least our CrazyRussianHacker has come up with a really cool MAKE-SHIFT ICE CUBE TRAY.  It not only comes in handy when the automatic ice-cube maker freezes up or breaks, but it simply is a way of making cool shaped ice cubes.  He does this with empty well-washed egg-carton trays.  It’s also a great solution for transporting cubes in a cooler and just tossing the disposable tray.

Sit back and enjoy his tutorial!

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He Puts An Egg In Some Cling Wrap. But When He’s Done You’ll Never Cook Eggs The Same Way Again!

Everyone has preferences for how they like their eggs: Scrambled, fried, over easy, over hard, soft boiled, hard boiled and then there is that illusive poached egg.  Poached eggs somehow always seem to fall into the realm of a chef. There is something so perfect about the shape, and achieving the perfect consistency of a runny yoke to place on a delicious piece of toast, that seems almost magical.

Until now!  The video you are about to watch will enable you to produce that precisely graceful poached egg, without having to deal with complicated fancy directions. The repipe and directions are so easy and the final product is perfection!

This lovely Brit has concocted a simple way to produce the perfect poached egg with great charm. All you need is a coffee cup, plastic wrap and some boiling water.  Make sure your plastic wrap is BPA free.

Watch this video and you too will be able to impress your overnight guests with perfect poached eggs on toast in 5 minutes.  As a plus, it was fun to make.  I tried it this morning and it worked perfectly.  You never have to ruin an egg again!

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I Was Confused When This Guy Put Candy Into a Balloon. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Are you ready for this years Easter Egg hunts?  It’s one of the most fun traditions during this holiday, so why not amp it up and take it to a whole new level with this unique Easter Egg creation. For the following project, you will need some candy, string, glue and balloons.  In no time you will have the perfect Easter Egg project for the family.

First you will need to get your candy inside the balloon, the technique is demonstrated in the video below.  Then you must inflate the balloon to its desired size and Easter Egg shape.  Next, take your string and submerge it into the glue, then wrap it around the balloon.  The string will need to dry for a few hours, but when it finally hardens up, stick a pin and the balloon and remove it.

What’s left? A beautiful egg made of string filled with yummy candy.  This is a really awesome DIY project and the kids will absolutely love it! Are you going to try this Easter Egg technique this year? leave a comment below

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Have You Ever Noticed The White Stringy Thing Thats Connected To Your Egg Yolk. THIS Is What It Is.

Eggs are up there with milk and butter as the most widely consumed dairy products in America. Even though they are not technically a true “dairy” product, they’re often lumped into the category and sold in the dairy aisle of grocery stores, so close enough!

Regardless of how they’re classified, we eat tons of the little white shelled ovals every single year, whether scrambled or mixed into tasty cakes and other goods. According to Discovery Education and the American Egg Board, “The average American eats 250 shell eggs per year, which means on average, the U.S eats more than 76.5 billion eggs.”

That’s a whole lot of eggs, and yet many of us never stop to think about what exactly it is that we are putting in our mouths and bodies. If you were asked to name the different parts of an egg, could you? Many of us could point out the yolk and the white, the shell… and that’s about it. However, what about that strange little white stringy thing that’s attached to the egg yolk, what is that?

Every egg has the umbilical cord-like feature, but that’s not what it is. Instead, the white string is more like a seat belt and it’s called a chalazae. There are actually two in every egg, one on each side, and they are attached to the yolk.

Their function is to keep the yolk securely suspended in place inside the center of the white so that it doesn’t move all around and become damaged. Just like how seat belts protect people in case of an accident, the strings keep the yolk safe and secure in one place.

While the appearance of the chalazas may be a bit unappetizing, it can actually help you determine how fresh the egg is that you’re about to eat. If the white string is very prominent and clearly noticeable, the egg is fresh. If it is faded or virtually non-existent, the egg is old. So it’s actually a good sign to see a big stringy chalaza when you crack an egg open!

To learn all about the anatomy of an egg, check out this video from Amanda VanHoey. She does an excellent job walking through the different parts and explains everything you’ll ever need, or want to know, about the incredible, edible egg.

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She Cracks 2 Eggs Into This Potato. But When She’s Done My Mouth Won’t Stop Watering!

For ages it’s been known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many people will just grab a cereal bar or skip it all together. If you want to stay healthy and have energy that lasts throughout the day then you have to take the time to eat a wholesome breakfast. This can be tricky and a lot of people claim that they just don’t have the time or motivation to make a tasty meal first thing in the morning. Perhaps part of the reason for these excuses is that many people are simply sick and tired of the same old breakfast foods that they’ve eaten over and over again, countless amounts of times.

This recipe offers a new spin on the usual, tired, old, boring potato and egg dishes, so check it out! It’s a refreshing way to cook up a whole meal right inside of a homemade baked potato. You’ll get a serving of eggs, bacon and potatoes with this version of the recipe but feel free to get creative and add in other ingredients like ham, sausage, peppers, veggies, etc.

These loaded breakfast-potato-egg-bacon-and-cheese bowls are unbelievably delicious and make the perfect addition to any brunch or boring morning routine. Keep reading for instructions on how to make them and watch the video for more information.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

– 3 large baked potatoes – 3 eggs – 3 strips of bacon – cooked 3 tablespoons of cheddar cheese – shredded 1 tablespoon of parsley -freshly chopped butter salt and pepper, your call!

Directions: Start by baking the potatoes, or you can bake them ahead of time to make this quicker. Once they’ve cooled off lay them on their sides and, cutting lengthwise, slice off about 1/3. Hollow out the larger 2/3 side with a spoon and form a nice little bowl. Be careful here and avoid digging out too much potato or making any holes in the skin. You want to leave enough potato all around the sides and edges so that it remains stable and can stand upright without flopping over.

Place about a one-half tablespoon of butter into the middle of each potato and follow that up a cracked egg as well. Sprinkle over the cheese and crumble a bacon strip atop each one, before finishing them off with the parsley and a dash of salt and pepper. Place the potato bowls in a 350 degree heated oven and bake for 20-25 minutes. Allow them to sit and cool a few minutes, they will be super hot, and then serve and enjoy.

These look and taste delicious and are not that difficult to make. Try them out and see for yourself how delicious a simple, homemade breakfast can actually be. Bon Appétit!

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