Every Time This Spoiled Little Bunny’s Human Stops Petting Him He Throws The Funniest Hissy Fit

Some animals know exactly what they want and oftentimes they enjoy receiving a nice, gentle, relaxing hand massage from their human companions. It’s no secret that many of our furry pets love to be pet, which may be why we call them “pets” in the first place. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and we call it petting because they are our pets. Whatever the case may be, lots of animals simply love being stroked and scratched. They usually have a sweet spot where they especially like being rubbed. For cats it seems to be around the cheeks, dogs like their ears and back scratched, and then there are some whose sweet spot is everywhere and anywhere.

The little bunny in this video seems to fall in the latter category. From the looks of it he likes being pet all over, especially down his backside. The man in the video gently strokes his ears, nose, cheekbones, temples, head, and back, while the bunny twitches his nose and sits with a content expression on his face, his body completely relaxed and at ease.

When the man stops petting him the bunny is clearly not happy about it. He stamps his furry little paws and lets out adorable growling sounds in protest. It might just be the cutest behavior I’ve ever seen a rabbit do! At one point the furry little guy searches for more pet-pets by crawling under the man’s hand, urging him to resume the mini-massage that he so rudely ended. This bunny knows what he wants and he’s basically telling the man through his grunts, growls, and foot thumping that he is not pleased the cuddle session ended!

Contrary to popular belief, lots of rabbits love being pet and shown affection. The areas they most enjoy being pet is on their head and down their backside. Many often like their dewlap, the roll of skin underneath their chin, scratched and rubbed, but some don’t like this at all. The bunny will let you know whether or not it’s enjoying the attention. When they purr, chatter their teeth, flop over, and close their eyes it means they like it and if you stop and they poke your hand with their head it means “don’t stop, keep petting!”

Rabbits are very expressive, you just have to know how to read them, and over time you become familiar and accustomed to an individual one’s behavior. Like every other pet, they have their own distinct personalities!

The adorable bunny in this video has certainly bonded with his human friend as he feels comfortable telling the man what to do. The little cutie looks so happy being pet and snuggled in his blanket, and if that can’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will. Enjoy and Happy Easter Everyone!

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I Was Confused When This Guy Put Candy Into a Balloon. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Are you ready for this years Easter Egg hunts?  It’s one of the most fun traditions during this holiday, so why not amp it up and take it to a whole new level with this unique Easter Egg creation. For the following project, you will need some candy, string, glue and balloons.  In no time you will have the perfect Easter Egg project for the family.

First you will need to get your candy inside the balloon, the technique is demonstrated in the video below.  Then you must inflate the balloon to its desired size and Easter Egg shape.  Next, take your string and submerge it into the glue, then wrap it around the balloon.  The string will need to dry for a few hours, but when it finally hardens up, stick a pin and the balloon and remove it.

What’s left? A beautiful egg made of string filled with yummy candy.  This is a really awesome DIY project and the kids will absolutely love it! Are you going to try this Easter Egg technique this year? leave a comment below

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This Woman Wraps Thread Around A Balloon. But When She’s Done It’s Stunning!

When you think about Easter, the first thing that probably pops in your head is Easter eggs.  Nothing is more fun than decorating eggs with the kids and hiding them. Then having the kids go on an Easter egg hunt. But the real question is how did Easter Eggs become synonymous with this holiday?

The decoration of eggs has been going on for thousands of years.  In ancient Sumeria and Egypt decorated ostrich eggs are found at the grave sites.  In ancient Christianity, people colored eggs red which represented the blood of Christ.  Another reason eggs began to to show up during Easter is because during Lent they were prohibited.

Currently, Eastern and Orthodox Catholic Churches still color their eggs red.  While others color their eggs in multicolor and place them in baskets.  In the video below you will learn a new way to decorate your eggs that you have probably never seen before.  I can’t wait to try this out!

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