I Was Confused When This Guy Put Candy Into a Balloon. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Are you ready for this years Easter Egg hunts?  It’s one of the most fun traditions during this holiday, so why not amp it up and take it to a whole new level with this unique Easter Egg creation. For the following project, you will need some candy, string, glue and balloons.  In no time you will have the perfect Easter Egg project for the family.

First you will need to get your candy inside the balloon, the technique is demonstrated in the video below.  Then you must inflate the balloon to its desired size and Easter Egg shape.  Next, take your string and submerge it into the glue, then wrap it around the balloon.  The string will need to dry for a few hours, but when it finally hardens up, stick a pin and the balloon and remove it.

What’s left? A beautiful egg made of string filled with yummy candy.  This is a really awesome DIY project and the kids will absolutely love it! Are you going to try this Easter Egg technique this year? leave a comment below

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