She Places A Mug Over An Egg. The Final Result Is A Delightful Unexpected Surprise!

YUM! A light and delicious, sweet treat, that’s easy too! This quick take on a classic meringue is a perfect dessert for the warm summer months. Only two ingredients and minimal effort until you’ve got yourself sugar heaven. Not only that, but you can get creative and combine almost anything in your kitchen with the fluffy cookies, or just eat them plain. Most people have enough kicking around to make this a full gourmet course at the last minute.

Start by cracking one egg onto a plate. Place a small cup over the egg yoke for a really simple way to separate the whites. Pour the egg white into a small bowl full of confectioner’s sugar If the egg you are using is a little one, you might consider adding another half of an egg’s white.

Mix the egg whites and powdered sugar by hand until the ingredients form a ball. The process will be similar to kneading bread dough, with an identical result. Prepare a microwave sized plate by placing a paper towel on top of it.

Next, you’ll want to break off small chunks of your meringue dough and form them into balls, much like making cookies except without a sticky mess.

Position the balls on the paper towel covered plate with ample room between them for expanding. Microwave the plate and dough balls for one to two minutes, until they look like meringue.

Remove your treat from the microwave and enjoy with fresh berries, ice cream, fruit, coffee, nut butters, or anything you can think of!

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These Are The 10 Secret Tricks and Food Scams They Use To Keep Stealing Your Hard Earned Money!

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When it comes to food, we all like to think that we are in control of the choices we make when it’s time to eat.  But before you even take a bite of a burger you ordered or reach into a bag of chips; you’ve already been influenced by certain tricks that food sellers have come to rely on.  

Across the food industry and at every level there are food scams being played out. Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, manufacturers, and major companies all want to make the most money possible.  If pulling a higher profit means using psychology and how people think against them, then so be it.

Your best defense against falling victim to food scams is to be familiar with the most common types.  The following list goes over some of the most widespread ones that any consumer is likely to come across:  

1) Overpricing.  Many dining establishments will place the most expensive item at the top of the menu so it’s the first one you see.  As you scan down the menu it makes everything else looks cheaper in comparison and you’re more likely to choose a less pricey option, even if it is only a dollar or so less.  This is so widespread there’s a special name for it called ‘anchoring.’

2) Portion Illusions.  The goal here is to make you think you’re getting a great deal for what you’re paying.  Whether through advertising or plate size, businesses will try their best to make it look like a lot more than it is.  Oftentimes careful comparison of packaging, weights, and sizes will show that you really aren’t getting much more than what you’re made to think.

3) Free Snacks While You Wait.  Those complimentary bowls of peanuts, chips and salsa, or baskets of bread that you sometimes get before a meal are meant to make you thirstier and therefore more likely to buy another drink or two.

4) Bar Glasses.  The shape and thickness of a glass can greatly alter how much it can hold.  Bars often use thicker glassware and fill them up with ice before making a drink.  This gives the illusion of a brimming full drink, but the reality is the customer is only getting three-quarters, or just half, of what they thought they were paying for.  Always ask for light or no ice to ensure you get your monies worth.

5) Portion Sizes.  Ever opened a bag of chips only to have a blast of air puff out in your face, and then when you reach into the bag it’s only filled a quarter of the way?  Filling bags like this is a common trick and many companies actually reduce the amount of product they put in them very slowly over time so that consumers don’t notice, and they save money.    

6) Misleading Visuals.  All those fast food commercials you see with perfect looking, steaming fresh food that make your mouth water are created specifically to bait you into the store.  We all know once we get there that the burgers are smushed and the food looks nothing like what was portrayed on TV, yet many of us fall for the advertisements anyways.

7) Best-By and Sell-By Dates.  Grocery stores will place food products with the nearest sell-by date at the front shelf because most customers grab whatever is closest.  Since the food expires sooner than later, they have to go back to the store more often to buy the item again. The next time you’re at the supermarket, pay closer attention to the sell-by dates and dig towards the back to get the food that will last longer.

8) Low Quality Ice Cream.  Besides tasting subpar, cheap ice cream is only made soft and creamy because a lot of air is whipped into it.  That means you’re actually paying for much less actual ice cream than you would be if you bought a more expensive quality kind that doesn’t have all that extra air whipped in.  You can see in the video how the melted ice creams compare, it shocking!

9) Color.  Brighter, more natural, organic looking colors are what fast food companies use in order to make their food and businesses appear healthier.  The bright colors stimulate your brain and remind you of fresh fruits and veggies. In effect, they make you think you’re eating healthier than you really are.  

10) Plumping.  This has to do with artificially injecting meat with water to make it appear fuller and weigh more.  Because meat is sold by the pound to consumers, plumping up poultry can bring in a lot of money for sellers.  Random testing has found that some chicken has contained up to 30% water, gross!

Watch the video below for further information so you can be aware when you are being scammed:

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You Should Never Buy Shrimp From A Supermarket Ever Again. THIS Is The Horrible Reason Why!

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You are about to watch a video that is both shocking and horrifying.  The shrimp that you see in frozen bags in your local grocery store, whether you live in the U.S., U.K. or another industrialized nation, has likely come to you as a result of slave labor in Asian countries. The poor people who are desperate to find work, gravitate to this industry after being promised decent wages, and find themselves at the mercy of these “employers.”

They are, in actuality, task  masters who force both adults and children to work for 20 hours at a time.  They receive no pay, and have no ability to leave as they are stranded out at sea.  If they refuse anything that is asked of them, or try to escape, they are severely beaten and threatened with death.

This story was kept a secret until last year, when a 40-year-old Thai man, named Samart Senasook, managed to escape his six year enslavement at sea.  He had committed to one year of work, whereupon his identity was sold and he was kept there against his will, desperate and close to committing suicide.

Walmart, Costco, Tesco and Carrefour are the four biggest suppliers of seafood, and all work with companies that use slave labor!  Thailand’s Charon Pokphand Foods, is the largest company that utilizes slave labor on an unimaginably huge scale.  Their profit was reported as $33 billion in 2014 alone.  The fact that this practice has not been shut down after these revelations is criminal.

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2 Sisters Are Prepping A Turkey Ready. But They Are Stunned When They Find THIS Inside!

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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and the day is traditionally centered around a huge feast of tasty foods and drinks. People go all out for the holiday and all sorts of special desserts, pies, and sides are whipped up to accompany the main dish, a big round turkey breast.

Families come together in the kitchen to prepare the big meal, tables are set, and once the turkey’s thermometer has popped and the bird is pulled out of the oven, it’s time to eat! Many families have a designated bird carver, who is the person in charge of slicing up the turkey and doling out the meat.

However, as is with all things tradition, that role gets passed along to the next in line, along with secret recipes and other special cooking duties. One family decided to switch up their Thanksgiving routine and mom and dad came up with a plan to inject a little humor into the pre-dinner process, with a prank!

Naturally, the parents wanted to catch the memorable moment on video and record their unsuspecting kids reactions, so they innocently started filming as one of their daughters began to prepare part of the meal. The daughter, Raquel, was digging some stuffing out of the turkey and idly chatting with her mom, who was behind the camera directing her.

It all seemed fine and normal, but little did Raquel know about what laid in wait deep down inside the oven fresh bird. Suddenly, she came upon something completely unexpected and freaky…a tiny bird was tucked away deep down inside the larger turkey!

The strange discovery proved to be quite upsetting and she immediately started to cry, in both disbelief and sadness at the thought of having just roast a pregnant bird and it’s baby. It seems that in her state of shock and upset Raquel forgot, or failed to realize, the fact that turkeys lay eggs and cannot get pregnant.

That makes her parents prank all the more hilarious and one things for sure, next Thanksgiving mom and dad better watch out.

If I were her I’d want to get a little payback, and maybe turn pranks on other family members into a new Thanksgiving tradition.

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He Takes A Knife And Slices It Through This Popcorn Bag. But What He Makes Is Brilliant!

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Microwave popcorn is one of the easiest and most convenient snacks to make. All you need to do is stick the bag in the microwave the right side up and press the preset ‘popcorn’ button. A few minutes later it’s done and ready to be scarfed down.

While at first glance it may seem like there is no way in which the process can be improved upon, there are always ways to make things better and microwave popcorn is no exception. Leave it to everybody’s favorite, YouTube’s Crazy Russian Hacker, to figure out the top hacks in which to go about making awesome popcorn.

Firstly, when most people go to reach into a bag of freshly popped popcorn they usually do it from either of the two ends. That means they end up sticking their fingers down into the greasy, buttery, salty, and sometimes cheesy bag to fish around for their snack and end up getting their hands all dirty.

Instead, open the bag from the side by laying it flat and using a knife to cut the entire side off. This makes it easy to reach all the popcorn without coating your entire hand in grease. Another issue is there are always a few kernels that fail to pop in the bag and no one likes biting down on a hard piece.

To easily get rid of them just shake the bag with the heat vent side facing down over a trash can. The unpopped pieces will make their way out of the bag and fall into the garbage where they belong. If you ever find yourself with popcorn kernels but no way to pop them try making your own bag popping system.

Take a brown paper bag and fill the bottom with the kernels, then add in a little pat of butter and whatever seasonings you like, rumple and close the bag and stick it in the microwave. Be careful to watch the bag as it pops and make sure you don’t overcook it.

This way works just as well as the prepackaged versions. This method also works with a glass bowl and a glass or microwave safe plate. Simply combine all the ingredients like above into the bowl and then place the plate over the top so it is covered.

Place it in the microwave, press the popcorn setting and watch it pop. Be careful removing it because the glass will be super heated. Finally, to modify a bag of popcorn you can cut open a slit on one side and pour in seasonings or add more butter to it that way.

Then take a piece of paper tape (not plastic) and cover the slit, microwave, and open from the side to enjoy. Making it this way ensures that the popcorn will be tastier and better suited to whatever preferences you may have.

Get creative and try new taste combinations, who knows, you could end up making the best popcorn of your life!

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Can You Tell Which Of These Yolks Comes From A Chicken That Is Actually Healthy? I Had No Idea.

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Over the years fad foods and diets come and go yet eggs, along with milk and bread, have long been considered among the top basic food staples. Most households always have on hand a carton or two of the fragile, shelled ovals in the refrigerator.

Some people even invest in a few of the birds and set up a chicken coop on their property, harvesting and eating the eggs as they’re laid. Not all chicken eggs are created equal and there are two basic types which are widely available to consumers; free-range and factory-farmed.

The differences between the two are clear to see and upon closer inspection the distinctions are glaring. When it comes down to it, eggs that come from huge factory operations are not as healthy as those which come from smaller scale, free-range farms.

Chickens that are allowed free range to graze and move around are naturally healthier than the ones crammed into dirty cages or barns. Part of the reason why is because chickens are omnivores and traditionally their diets have consisted of a lot more than just the cheap corn-based feed that’s fed to them at factory farms.

Corn feed has no real nutritional value to a chicken and it doesn’t make them healthy, it simply fattens them up and is what produces the golden yellow yolk color. In comparison, free-range chickens diets are supplemented by the types of foods they come across in nature.

They eat grasses and grains along with all sorts of bugs and worms including beetles, grasshoppers, meal worms, and grubs. This varied, natural diet makes them healthier chickens overall and in effect they lay healthier eggs.

You can spot a free range chicken egg because it’s yolk will appear thicker, fuller, and dark orange, not yellow. Also, the shells are both denser and harder to crack. An orange yolk is a sign that the chicken who laid the egg wasn’t simply fed corn-based feed, rather it had a balanced, wholesome, and nutritious diet.

These eggs also taste better. They’re not as bland and have a fuller, distinctive flavor. Watch the video and see for yourself the major differences between the two types. Chickens who lead better lives and who get to move around freely are a lot healthier and happier and lay more nutritious, better tasting eggs.

If you want the most from your food, and the best quality, then make the switch to free-range eggs if you haven’t done so already.

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