You Should Never Buy Shrimp From A Supermarket Ever Again. THIS Is The Horrible Reason Why!

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You are about to watch a video that is both shocking and horrifying.  The shrimp that you see in frozen bags in your local grocery store, whether you live in the U.S., U.K. or another industrialized nation, has likely come to you as a result of slave labor in Asian countries. The poor people who are desperate to find work, gravitate to this industry after being promised decent wages, and find themselves at the mercy of these “employers.”

They are, in actuality, task  masters who force both adults and children to work for 20 hours at a time.  They receive no pay, and have no ability to leave as they are stranded out at sea.  If they refuse anything that is asked of them, or try to escape, they are severely beaten and threatened with death.

This story was kept a secret until last year, when a 40-year-old Thai man, named Samart Senasook, managed to escape his six year enslavement at sea.  He had committed to one year of work, whereupon his identity was sold and he was kept there against his will, desperate and close to committing suicide.

Walmart, Costco, Tesco and Carrefour are the four biggest suppliers of seafood, and all work with companies that use slave labor!  Thailand’s Charon Pokphand Foods, is the largest company that utilizes slave labor on an unimaginably huge scale.  Their profit was reported as $33 billion in 2014 alone.  The fact that this practice has not been shut down after these revelations is criminal.

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