Video – She Sits Down With A Weird Metal Object. But When Her Hands Start To Move I’m Hypnotized!

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In a musical performance that feels otherworldly, you are about to watch a young girl play an instrument that I’ve never seen before.  It may be some kind of steel drum, but the notes and complex melody that she produces is unlike anything I have heard before. I could listen to this hypnotizing and mesmerizing sound all day long. It’s so relaxing and magical.

As she begins to move her hands in a rhythmic tap, she builds on a melody that grows more and more hypnotic.  Her hand movements are key to the variation in tones that she produces. It builds to a crescendo that made my heart beat faster, as the melody grew more hypnotic. I also got goosebumps as the performance progressed towards the end!

What is so amazing is that there is no microphone, yet the very acoustics of this awesome instrument amplifies itself!  Her performance is only 3 minutes long, but she leaves you wanting more.  If anyone knows who she is, where she is from and what this magnificent instrument is, please let us know! Enjoy!

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