She Spots a Pregnant Homeless Woman Begging For Money. But Then She Sees The UNTHINKABLE Truth!

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At any given moment across America there are over half a million homeless people. Some live on the streets, others in their cars or at temporary shelters, but no matter where they stay, all of them struggle to get by. While all major cities have a homeless population, warmer, more dry areas have higher concentrations because it’s much more comfortable than cold wet places. The weather is what primarily makes California such an attractive location for homeless people, the wealthier residents also factor in heavily.

Melissa Smith, who lives in San Diego, California, was used to seeing people begging on the streets whenever she visited the local shops. Even so, there was one woman who caught her eye one day. She was pregnant and holding a simple sign that said, “Please Help,” while a young boy, likely her son, sat next to her. Every time Melissa went to the Eastlake Plaza Center to grocery shop, they always stood outside begging in the hot sun, rain or shine, and she couldn’t help but feel bad for them.

Oftentimes Melissa would see other people bring the woman and her son food and drinks and many passersby would hand them money. While she never gave them any cash herself, Melissa did keep a close eye on them. One day she noticed that they were not in their usual spot at the shopping plaza.

This made her worry a bit, but she had to get gas and so quickly forgot. As she was filling up at a gas station across the street, she suddenly noticed the woman and her son walking across the parking lot. A Mercedes Benz pulled up beside them with a man driving and the woman got in the front seat, put the little boy on her lap, and they drove off.

Melissa could not believe what she was seeing and decided to follow the car. She took pictures and documented everything. They ended up driving over to another shopping center and the woman got out and started begging again with her son by her side while the man drove off and parked nearby. At this point Melissa knew exactly what they were up to, scamming the public, and so she got out of her car and continued taking pictures.

When the woman saw her, she got very angry and picked up a large rock which she hoisted over her head as she went towards Melissa. At that moment all Melissa could think was ‘should she be doing that if she’s pregnant?’ but thankfully other eyewitnesses called the police. When the beggar found out that the cops had been called, she grabbed her son and left as soon as possible.

However, Melissa had managed to get the license plate number and she handed over her video footage to a local TV station. They ran the plates and found the car was registered to a woman, but the address associated with it was a dead end. Apparently, the couple who had lived at the $2500/month apartment had just picked up and left and already a different person had moved in.

When a reporter at the station named Emily Valdez got a tip on the woman, she confronted her at a grocery store where she had been begging once again. This time she had a baby in her arms and when asked if she was the woman in a photo Melissa had taken, she said, “No speak English” and then ran off.

Later on, a private detective decided to look into the case and discovered something even more sinister than anyone had expected. The woman may have been part of an organized crime ring where women and children are forced to beg all day in exchange for food and shelter.

They don’t get any of the money they collect, instead it goes to the people who run the scheme and their children don’t go to school either. As for being pregnant, many of the women are not, instead they use fake bumps because it makes them a lot more money.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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These Are The 10 Secret Tricks and Food Scams They Use To Keep Stealing Your Hard Earned Money!

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When it comes to food, we all like to think that we are in control of the choices we make when it’s time to eat.  But before you even take a bite of a burger you ordered or reach into a bag of chips; you’ve already been influenced by certain tricks that food sellers have come to rely on.  

Across the food industry and at every level there are food scams being played out. Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, manufacturers, and major companies all want to make the most money possible.  If pulling a higher profit means using psychology and how people think against them, then so be it.

Your best defense against falling victim to food scams is to be familiar with the most common types.  The following list goes over some of the most widespread ones that any consumer is likely to come across:  

1) Overpricing.  Many dining establishments will place the most expensive item at the top of the menu so it’s the first one you see.  As you scan down the menu it makes everything else looks cheaper in comparison and you’re more likely to choose a less pricey option, even if it is only a dollar or so less.  This is so widespread there’s a special name for it called ‘anchoring.’

2) Portion Illusions.  The goal here is to make you think you’re getting a great deal for what you’re paying.  Whether through advertising or plate size, businesses will try their best to make it look like a lot more than it is.  Oftentimes careful comparison of packaging, weights, and sizes will show that you really aren’t getting much more than what you’re made to think.

3) Free Snacks While You Wait.  Those complimentary bowls of peanuts, chips and salsa, or baskets of bread that you sometimes get before a meal are meant to make you thirstier and therefore more likely to buy another drink or two.

4) Bar Glasses.  The shape and thickness of a glass can greatly alter how much it can hold.  Bars often use thicker glassware and fill them up with ice before making a drink.  This gives the illusion of a brimming full drink, but the reality is the customer is only getting three-quarters, or just half, of what they thought they were paying for.  Always ask for light or no ice to ensure you get your monies worth.

5) Portion Sizes.  Ever opened a bag of chips only to have a blast of air puff out in your face, and then when you reach into the bag it’s only filled a quarter of the way?  Filling bags like this is a common trick and many companies actually reduce the amount of product they put in them very slowly over time so that consumers don’t notice, and they save money.    

6) Misleading Visuals.  All those fast food commercials you see with perfect looking, steaming fresh food that make your mouth water are created specifically to bait you into the store.  We all know once we get there that the burgers are smushed and the food looks nothing like what was portrayed on TV, yet many of us fall for the advertisements anyways.

7) Best-By and Sell-By Dates.  Grocery stores will place food products with the nearest sell-by date at the front shelf because most customers grab whatever is closest.  Since the food expires sooner than later, they have to go back to the store more often to buy the item again. The next time you’re at the supermarket, pay closer attention to the sell-by dates and dig towards the back to get the food that will last longer.

8) Low Quality Ice Cream.  Besides tasting subpar, cheap ice cream is only made soft and creamy because a lot of air is whipped into it.  That means you’re actually paying for much less actual ice cream than you would be if you bought a more expensive quality kind that doesn’t have all that extra air whipped in.  You can see in the video how the melted ice creams compare, it shocking!

9) Color.  Brighter, more natural, organic looking colors are what fast food companies use in order to make their food and businesses appear healthier.  The bright colors stimulate your brain and remind you of fresh fruits and veggies. In effect, they make you think you’re eating healthier than you really are.  

10) Plumping.  This has to do with artificially injecting meat with water to make it appear fuller and weigh more.  Because meat is sold by the pound to consumers, plumping up poultry can bring in a lot of money for sellers.  Random testing has found that some chicken has contained up to 30% water, gross!

Watch the video below for further information so you can be aware when you are being scammed:

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A Craigslist Scam Is Spreading Like Wildfire Through Texas But He Caught The Thief and Does THIS

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Craigslist has provided an easy forum for people to post practically anything they want on it. The popular online website has grown into an incredibly busy operation since it was first founded in 1995. Every month the site logs billions of page views and ranks it as the 8th most visited site in the United States, and 60th worldwide.

With those types of numbers it’s easy to see why so many people choose to use it to find cheap stuff and amazing deals. However, the relative anonymity and randomness of the site has also allowed some people to use it for more nefarious purposes. One man had to deal with the dark side of Craigslist when he bought an iPhone for his wife from a seller whom he’d found on the site.

He sent his assistant to meet the seller at a location in Austin, Texas, and everything went smoothly. However, when the man and his wife tried to activate the phone later that evening their account ended up being suspended and after they called AT&T they were informed that the phone was stolen. Realizing that he’d been scammed out of $560, the man planned a set up to get his money back.

He contacted the seller again and told him that he wanted to buy another iPhone for himself this time around. The scammer took the bait and agreed to meet the man at the exact same location where he’d met the assistant. This time the man brought along his camera and recorded the whole meeting, catching the seller’s image on tape and getting his license plate number as well.

The man explains the situation and informs the seller that he knows the phone was stolen, then he offers him two options. The scammer decides to smarten up and refunds the man $700, way more than the $560 he asked for back, as a little extra incentive to keep him quiet. Check out the video to see the creeps reaction and how well the man handled a delicate situation, to say the least.

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If You Notice A $100 Bill On Your Windshield. This Is What It Means!

With all the good cheer around during the holiday season, it might be reasonable to believe that you would receive a random act of kindness.  Thats what Kyri Viehman thought, as she was driving home from doing some Christmas shopping with her mom.

From St. Louis, MO, Kyri noticed something flapping on the passenger side of her windshield, which she at first thought was a flyer for something. When she looked again she saw that it was $100 bill that was tucked under her wipers.  Later she wrote on Facebook:

Being a dedicated listener to the Bobby Bones Show, I thought someone was ‪#‎pimpinjoy‬ for this single mom wrestling with a crabby toddler around the holidays,” she wrote on Facebook. “That’s where my naivety came into play. I pulled over to the side of the road to retrieve this miracle money that came into my life at the perfect time.

The bill was placed under the wipers where you had to get out of your car, walk around front, and grab it (you could not just roll down your window). I opened the bill, and it read something similar to ‘Ha you thought this was real didn’t you?

This is a cautionary tale for all of us, who are out shopping this season, or really any time!  After doing some research on the internet, Kyri learned that she had, indeed, “dodged a bullet”!  This is a common carjacker scam used to get the driver out of the car before driving away.

The fake $100 bill is placed on the passenger side in order to get the driver on the other side of the car, so that the carjacker can get in the driver’s seat of the car that most probably has the keys in the ignition at this point!  Not only do the thieves get the car but the gifts that are in it.  In Kyri’s case her toddler was locked in his carseat in the back!

This is extremely frightening and dangerous.

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THIS Is How Pickpockets Use New Technology To Rob You Without Even Getting Inside Your Pocket

Thieves are constantly evolving their methods and finding different ways to steal from unsuspecting victims. The modern way in which a pickpocket can rip you off is completely hands off and they don’t even have to reach into your purse or pocket to steal from you. The latest tool in a fraudsters bag of dirty tricks takes advantage of the newest forms of technology.

It’s called wireless identity theft, or RFID identity theft, and it’s done by using wireless radio frequency mechanics. If you have a credit card that has the radio frequency symbol located on it (see video), it means that it’s RFID enabled. All you have to do is wave the card near a scanner to instantly pay for a purchase and complete a transaction, but this convenience comes with increased risks.

It takes just seconds to steal. All a thief has to do is wave a hidden credit card reader, like the ones businesses commonly use, near where they suspect your card is located on your person. The card reader picks up personal information that is stored on the card’s radio frequency identification chip, then all of that encoded information is harvested.

Thieves take this data, which can include a card holder’s name, address, phone and social security number, and other account information, and use it to make unauthorized purchases, or worse. They can steal your identity and even clone card information onto their own cards, so they essentially have a copy of a stolen card that works just like the original.

This type of crime is virtually untraceable and victims have no idea they’re being ripped off until it’s too late. Credit card companies claim that consumer cards are secure and have several built in security features which include protection of the holder’s name and address.

But the journalist investigating found this not to be true. With a co-worker’s permission he electronically pick pocketed their credit card, went online shopping, and used a fake name and address to order a sweatshirt from L.L. Bean which later arrived in the mail. The transaction wasn’t flagged and the credit card company never picked up on it as potentially fraudulent, despite the fact that a fake name and address were used.

There are ways to protect your information, carry a RFID blocking card in your wallet, or request a card that is not RFID enabled. If people are aware of the risks their cards pose they can better protect themselves and possibly avoid the hassle and headache that comes with having a credit card stolen and financial security compromised.

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This Is How Con Artists Are Making Old Unsafe Tires Look Brand New. Everyone Should See THIS

Hardly any vehicle owner looks forward to the inevitable day when they have to buy new tires for their car. The whole process is confusing and involves a number of different factors that need to be considered. Tire buyers have to determine what weather, climate, and season they will be driving in, the proper size, speed rating, tread design, and life expectancy or mileage of the tire, all while sorting through the many brands and prices that fit their needs.

Proper tires are essential for safety and getting the most out of your vehicle, but brand new quality ones can cost around $150-200/tire on average.  The high cost of new tires is why so many people often buy used ones that sell for much less. Every year in the US alone some 30 million used tires are sold. Most often they end up replacing a single tire that was damaged or went flat.

The problem with buying used tires is that they are not subject to any industry oversight. There are no legal standards set for them, or even a universal method of inspection that ensures consumers receive safe, quality used tires.

This has led to many scam artists taking old, worn out tires and re-grooving them into newer looking ones that they can sell as used for more money. These con artists re-condition tires by cutting new grooves into the tire, then they pull out the old rubber, and they even shave down the grooves on the edges or shoulders to make it look all the more unused and uniform.

The video shows how easy and quick it is to make an old tire, that should be scrapped as junk, into one that can be sold second hand to an unsuspecting buyer. These stripped tires are completely unsafe and are much more likely to blowout or be punctured. The scam artists selling them don’t care if the buyer gets hurt, kills someone, or dies, they are only concerned about getting more money.

If the price of those used tires you may be eyeing sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t jeopardize your family’s health and safety, not to mention everyone you encounter on the road, for the sake of saving a few dollars. It’s just not worth it. Instead, buy from a reputable dealer or an authorized used tire retailer, and make the best, most informed, and safe decision possible.

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