If You Notice A $100 Bill On Your Windshield. This Is What It Means!

With all the good cheer around during the holiday season, it might be reasonable to believe that you would receive a random act of kindness.  Thats what Kyri Viehman thought, as she was driving home from doing some Christmas shopping with her mom.

From St. Louis, MO, Kyri noticed something flapping on the passenger side of her windshield, which she at first thought was a flyer for something. When she looked again she saw that it was $100 bill that was tucked under her wipers.  Later she wrote on Facebook:

Being a dedicated listener to the Bobby Bones Show, I thought someone was ‪#‎pimpinjoy‬ for this single mom wrestling with a crabby toddler around the holidays,” she wrote on Facebook. “That’s where my naivety came into play. I pulled over to the side of the road to retrieve this miracle money that came into my life at the perfect time.

The bill was placed under the wipers where you had to get out of your car, walk around front, and grab it (you could not just roll down your window). I opened the bill, and it read something similar to ‘Ha you thought this was real didn’t you?

This is a cautionary tale for all of us, who are out shopping this season, or really any time!  After doing some research on the internet, Kyri learned that she had, indeed, “dodged a bullet”!  This is a common carjacker scam used to get the driver out of the car before driving away.

The fake $100 bill is placed on the passenger side in order to get the driver on the other side of the car, so that the carjacker can get in the driver’s seat of the car that most probably has the keys in the ignition at this point!  Not only do the thieves get the car but the gifts that are in it.  In Kyri’s case her toddler was locked in his carseat in the back!

This is extremely frightening and dangerous.

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