Mommy Heard a Strange Voice Say ‘Wake Up Baby’ On The Baby Monitor. But She Soon Realizes The Bone-Chilling Truth!

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In today’s world technology surrounds us in every corner of our life. From our smart phones, smart tvs, computers, alexas, video games, apps, bluetooths, wifi and everything else that comes with modern technology it’s hard to ignore. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the new flashy bells and whistles of a technology that we forget what life was like before tech took over. For the most part, the technologies we use everyday are there to make our lives easier however, sometimes they can turn on us and make our lives 1000’s times more difficult.

In today’s highlighted story we will focus in on a couple from Cincinnati, Ohio who had just had their first baby. Like many new parents in their position they went ahead and purchased a brand new state of the art baby monitor so that they could make sure their little toddler stayed safe. Many parents also feel guilty leaving their child alone so the baby monitor is a great tool to have so that even when you aren’t physically with your baby, you can keep track of them while you do adult stuff.

Also, many toddlers can be a tad mischievous as they are just learning to walk around and their minds are analyzing and trying to understand everything in their new world. While this is a completely and healthy behavior for a toddler, sometimes this curiosity can lead accidents.

One evening, mom and dad put their baby to bed. They tucked her in tight, read her some bed time stories, sang some lullabies and the baby peacefully fell asleep. They then went into their room to get some much needed rest before work the next day. Little did they know something unthinkable was about to occur.

The couple was super exhausted and fell asleep just as their head hit the pillows. Then, the mother woke up an hour or two later because she heard a strange sound on the baby monitor. Being that she was half asleep and a bit out of it she though it was probably just daddy checking on the baby. But when she turned around in the bed she saw her husband peacefully sleeping in dreamland.

Then the sound stopped for a minute or two and she honestly questioned if she was dreaming or possibly even hallucinating. After about two minutes the odd noise was back but it was much more clear this time. She distinctly heard the words ‘wake up baby’ through the baby monitor! Her heart dropped into her stomach in pure fear, the hair on her arms stood up and she was shaken to the core of her soul.

She rolled over and began shaking her husbands shoulder to get him up immediately. She told him she believed somebody was possibly in the babies nursery because she had heard a super creepy voice over the monitor. On their phone app one of the great features is being able to control the video pans and audio levels inside the babies room.

They looked at the monitor in the room from their baby monitor phone app and saw that nobody was in the room with the baby girl.  They felt a sense of relief, however the camera then moved without either of them touching it. The camera was panning and swinging shots wildly all around the room….

Now they knew something sinister was definitely going on inside the baby’s room so dad jumped out of bed as fast as he could and sprinted to the nursery. When he got in there again felt a sigh of relief when he saw his darling baby girl fast asleep and no stranger was in the room with her. However, seconds later the baby monitor camera focused in on dad and began aggressively speaking to him, saying disgusting things and many profanities.

Dad quickly ripped the baby monitor out of the wall and smashed it into the wall. He had no clue what was happening but he wasn’t about to take any chances…. What was happening? Who was this man speaking to him and his child? How would this ever even be possible? He had no answers, but then they would soon find out the bone-chilling truth..

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This Guy Sold One of His Kidneys For a New iPhone. But Then The Doctors Spot Something Horrifying!

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We all know someone who has to have the latest and greatest gadget on the market.  For some it’s the fastest computer, others drool over the most advanced smart TV, but the one thing that people really go nuts for are cell phones.  It seems that consumers can’t get enough when it comes to smart phones and every year companies roll out ever more technologically advanced models.

For years the iPhone led the pack as the most sought after cell phone in the world and people were lining up to buy the newly released versions.  While the frenzy has died down quite a bit, the Apple brand still has loyal, die-hard fans who will only buy iPhones. One extreme example of this comes from the Chinese news media who ran a story about a man named Wang, also called Xiao Zheng little Jiang.  Wang really, really wanted an iPhone, but his parents could not afford one, so he ended up taking drastic measures to get one instead.

In exchange for one of his kidneys the 17 year old Wang was given 22,000 Yuan, which in US dollars equals about $3,227, which was enough to buy the phone he wanted.  The illegal deal and surgery were set up on the black market with some sketchy people he found online acting as middlemen. Unbeknownst to his parents or anyone else, he then travelled to a location in the Hunan Province where he met a surgeon and had his kidney removed.  On the way back he bought the iPhone 4 he so desperately wanted plus an iPad 2, and he thought that things seemed to be going well.

However, shortly after the surgery Wang’s health took a turn for the worse.  When he could no longer hide his declining health from his parents, they found out the shocking truth of what happened to him and immediately called the police.  Upon investigating the police found that the operating theater where he had his surgery was not properly sanitized and carried out in an underground hospital, which led to him developing an infection in his one remaining kidney.  Nine people who were involved in his surgery were arrested and jailed, while Wang and his family received 1.47 million Yuan ($214,130) in compensation.

Since then Wang’s health has only gotten worse.  By the time he told his family about the illegal surgery and went to a hospital for proper treatment his remaining kidney had become severely infected.  The damage was irreversible and without a kidney working to filter his blood he had to be placed on permanent dialysis. Now he is 25 years old and bed ridden, hooked up permanently to a dialysis machine, while his parents spend all their money on his treatment.  It goes without saying that no tech device is worth an organ or risking your life for. While Wang’s story is sad, it’s also a cautionary tale for teenagers who want the latest and greatest, no matter the cost.

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It Looked Like She Was Driving A Normal Car. But Watch What Happens When The Door Opens!

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Meet Stacy Zoern a woman who was born with muscular atrophy. For her entire life she has needed a wheelchair and a lot of her other movements were very limited. Whenever she needed to drive to a destination, she always needed to depend on friends or family to get her around. Being handicapped makes life a lot more complicated for many like Stacy. Luckily technology is starting to catch up with the special needs these people deserve.

Stacy learned about a company called Kenguru, which makes special cars for people with wheelchairs. She was so excited that she was finally going to be able to drive around on her own and not have to rely on anybody. Then she got the bad news, that the company was going to have to close down due to limited funding.

She was devastated but that didn’t stop her. She had made her mind up and nothing was going to stop her from her dream of driving her own car and not relying on others. She showed incredible perseverance in the face of adversity and would not take no for an answer!

She decided there was absolutely no way she would give up. She found multiple investors, and started up her own company, which eventually merged with Kenguru, and the special cars stayed in production! The video below is her story, and it is a lesson to us all to never give up in the face of adversity.

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These Kids Were Being Huge Brats During Dinner. But No One Expected THIS Punishment!

Sitting down for a meal should be a social and interactive event for everyone gathered around the table. Dinners are a time to catch up in our busy lives with family and friends and good old fashioned conversation seems to flow better over food and drinks.

For years people have taken time in their lives to stop whatever it was they were doing so they could sit down to enjoy meals with others. However, in recent times the dinner table dynamic has taken a drastic turn for the worse.

People now bring their phones, tablets and other gadgets to dinner, whip them out, and bury their heads in the devices. They pay no attention to others and focus on the little glowing screen, oblivious to the world around them. Others can’t tear themselves away from the TV and blast the distracting box way too loud so they can hear it through their chewing.

No one else present can get a word in and it’s becoming all too common for people to eat mindlessly in front of TVs. Texting is basically a person typing private messages to another and when it’s done at the table it’s rude and shows nothing but a lack of respect for fellow dining companions. It’s that simple yet people still do it, like they’re addicts.

That is the sad reality shown clearly in this video from Dolmio, a company that makes Italian sauces and now a new clever invention aptly named the “Pepper Hacker.” The pepper hacker looks like an ordinary wooden pepper grinder but it contains a powerful hidden secret within.

With just one simple twist it activates a technology type signal blocker and shuts down TVs, WiFi, and mobile devices in an instant. To show its effectiveness, the company gave them to frustrated mothers and recorded the families reactions. Kids went nuts, cursing their devices and throwing fits, and frantically tried to figure out what was wrong with their phones, tablets, and TVs.

However, it was also time for dinner so they put aside their confusion and sat down for a nice homemade family meal. The scenes without gadgets at the dinner table tell the real story. Children talked, interacted, and engaged fully with one another and their parents instead of staring at their phones like checked out zombies. People all smiled, joked, and enjoyed themselves for once, which is how dinner should always be.

As awesome and neat as the Pepper Hacker device is, it’s also sadly unavailable for purchase right now. According to it’s creator, Brendan Forster, the gadget is still in development and prototype stages and has yet to be produced on a large scale.

Either way, you can always make it a house rule that cellphones, iPads, and similar devices are banned from the dinner table, or just turn off the WiFi and lay down the law!

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THIS Is How Pickpockets Use New Technology To Rob You Without Even Getting Inside Your Pocket

Thieves are constantly evolving their methods and finding different ways to steal from unsuspecting victims. The modern way in which a pickpocket can rip you off is completely hands off and they don’t even have to reach into your purse or pocket to steal from you. The latest tool in a fraudsters bag of dirty tricks takes advantage of the newest forms of technology.

It’s called wireless identity theft, or RFID identity theft, and it’s done by using wireless radio frequency mechanics. If you have a credit card that has the radio frequency symbol located on it (see video), it means that it’s RFID enabled. All you have to do is wave the card near a scanner to instantly pay for a purchase and complete a transaction, but this convenience comes with increased risks.

It takes just seconds to steal. All a thief has to do is wave a hidden credit card reader, like the ones businesses commonly use, near where they suspect your card is located on your person. The card reader picks up personal information that is stored on the card’s radio frequency identification chip, then all of that encoded information is harvested.

Thieves take this data, which can include a card holder’s name, address, phone and social security number, and other account information, and use it to make unauthorized purchases, or worse. They can steal your identity and even clone card information onto their own cards, so they essentially have a copy of a stolen card that works just like the original.

This type of crime is virtually untraceable and victims have no idea they’re being ripped off until it’s too late. Credit card companies claim that consumer cards are secure and have several built in security features which include protection of the holder’s name and address.

But the journalist investigating found this not to be true. With a co-worker’s permission he electronically pick pocketed their credit card, went online shopping, and used a fake name and address to order a sweatshirt from L.L. Bean which later arrived in the mail. The transaction wasn’t flagged and the credit card company never picked up on it as potentially fraudulent, despite the fact that a fake name and address were used.

There are ways to protect your information, carry a RFID blocking card in your wallet, or request a card that is not RFID enabled. If people are aware of the risks their cards pose they can better protect themselves and possibly avoid the hassle and headache that comes with having a credit card stolen and financial security compromised.

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This Guy Starts Pouring Hot Water On His Car. The Result Is Unexpectedly STUNNING!

Technology seems to be getting crazier by the day. The exponential advances we see all around us are changing at a staggering rate, and nothing is left unaffected. People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the new opportunities that arise, finding new ways to express themselves. In this video, German graffiti artist Rene Turrek is using advanced paint technology to bring us a very unique Bimmer for his “XSCLUXIVCAR” project.

At first glance, it just looks like a blue BMW X6 with the hint of something looming below the surface. But when Turrek pours hot water on the SUV, a transformation takes place, revealing our favorite super victim of uncontrollable rage: the Incredible Hulk. For a brief moment, the calm blue gives way to raging angst, reverting almost immediately to its previous blue hue.

The technology that makes this art project possible lies hidden within the blue “thermochromatic” paint, which goes through chemical changes in response to changes in temperature. Thermochromism is utilized in many technologies, from mood rings to baby bottles.

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