If You Notice a Bottle Stuck In Your Tire Don’t Touch Or Try To Remove It! Just Call The Police Immediately!

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There seems to always be a new con or scam being reported in the news.  Criminals are constantly adapting their ways and trying different things in an effort to benefit themselves and cheat innocent people out of their hard earned money or possessions.  

The creativity and ingenuity behind some of these tricks can be unbelievable, but usually it’s the simpler ones that people end up falling for. Police are sounding the alarm and trying to get the word out about one such scam involving a plastic water bottle.  

Apparently, criminals will stick a regular old empty plastic water bottle in between a car tire and the wheel well. When the car owner turns their vehicle on and goes to drive, they’ll hear the water bottle breaking as it gets crushed, causing them to stop so they can investigate the terrible noise.  

Part of the trick is placing the water bottle on the passenger side, so that when the driver gets out, they must go around the car to have a look. Not really thinking or expecting to be held up for more than a brief moment, the driver more than likely will leave the car on when they exit.

That’s when the criminal springs into action, hopping into the driver’s seat and taking off.  In a matter of seconds, a car can be stolen without the driver even knowing what really even happened. There are variations of this crime that involve a number of different items meant to distract the driver.  

Sometimes money is placed under the windshield wipers or a random article of clothing is stuck on the front/rear windshield so that it blocks the driver’s view just enough to make them get out and move it.  Most people are completely unsuspecting or unaware of these tricks and so think nothing of it until it happens to them.

For more details and information on the plastic bottle ruse please refer to the accompanying video.  Don’t forget to pass this warning on and get the word out so more people know and can protect themselves as well.

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12 Vehicle Cleaning Tricks and Life Hacks

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Having your car professionally detailed can easily end up being quite expensive.  While it’s always nice to have a sparkling clean car, it’s even better when you can have it without spending a small fortune.  Thankfully there are all sorts of cheap ways to clean your car with common items that you probably already have around the house. They can do the job just as well, if not even better, than what professional cleaners use.

Below are just a few of the handy tricks covered in the accompanying video so be sure to check it out for even more:

Clean your headlights with toothpaste.  Use regular toothpaste, not the gel type, to polish up car headlight lenses by rubbing it on evenly with a cloth.  Move in quick circular motions to then buff it off and you should notice the grime and fogginess disappear.

Remove stubborn old bumper stickers cleanly and completely with WD-40.  Simply spray the sticker with WD-40 and let it sit for a while, the sticker will absorb it, then you can peel it right off. 

Remove pet fur from carpets and seats with a spray bottle, water, and a squeegee.  Spray the water on the seat and then move the squeegee over the area, it will gather and lift up the hair so you can easily pick it up.

Clean air vents with small foam brushes.  They can easily fit in even the smallest vents and pick up all the dirt and dust inside them.  

Use coffee filters to dust your car dashboard.  Unlike cloth towels and paper towels, coffee filters won’t leave behind lint or just push dust around.  Instead they work great at picking up dust and you can toss a few in the glove compartment for whenever you might need one to freshen up the dash.

Get streak free windows by cleaning them with newspaper.  It’s the cloths and paper towels that leave streaks when you clean your windows so don’t even bother using them.  Instead, spray down the window with cleaner and wipe it off with a piece of newspaper as you normally would. 

Get rid of stubborn, lingering odors by sprinkling baking soda on car seats and carpets.  Let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. The baking soda should absorb the foul odors, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.

There are even more clean car tips covered in the video and it might just have the solution you’ve been looking for so be sure to check it out!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Toddler Locked Himself In The Car. While In Serious Danger He Can’t Stop Laughing At Firefighters Trying To Save Him!

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One of the most joyful sights that a parent can hope to see is the happy, healthy, laughing, smiling face of their child.  That was exactly how Kristy Green’s 14 month old son Brandon Emery looked while the pair were out shopping for groceries in Bude, England.  However there was one slight problem to the otherwise cheerful scene, Brandon had managed to lock himself inside the car and his mother had no way to reach him!

It all started when Kristy left the store and headed out to her car in the parking lot to offload the goods she had just purchased.  Brandon was in a mischievous, energetic mood and kept trying to stand up in the cart, so she decided to place him in the backseat to ensure he wouldn’t fall over and get hurt.  After putting her son in the car she popped the trunk, placed her keys down, transferred all the groceries, and closed the trunk. 

As countless people before her have done, she accidentally left her car keys in the now closed trunk and had to open it back up to retrieve them.  When she looked up to check on Brandon, she noticed he had climbed his way into the front seat and was playing around with the steering wheel pretending to drive.  Right as she came around to get in the car Brandon smiled widely up at her, then reached over and pressed the lock button, effectively locking his mother out and himself in!

What started out as a careless mistake had snowballed into her young son being trapped inside the car, a nightmare situation for any parent.  Thankfully, two women nearby had seen what happened and they came over to help. When Brandon refused to open the doors one of the women called emergency services and firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to help free Brandon.

After making sure Brandon was safe the firefighters began to try and open the car up without causing any damage or upsetting him.  As you can see in the video and pictures, he was super happy with all the attention he was getting and looked cute as a button sitting in the driver’s seat with his tiny hands on the steering wheel.  Whereas most children would be upset or scared in such a situation, little Brandon was happy as a clam in his mother’s car!

Things were looking good but right when the firefighters were in the middle of trying to pry open the car door, Brandon suddenly picked up a coin and stuck it in his mouth.  Everything changed in that instant and after asking Kristy for the go ahead, the firefighters smashed a rear window. One of the men climbed inside, unlocked the doors, and they got to Brandon before any harm came to him. 

While everyone was worried about the toddler the whole time, it appears that he was the only one unfazed by all the commotion.  In fact, he was still smiling from ear to ear when they reached him! At the very least, his mother now has an awesome story to tell with a happy ending.

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Teenagers Discover Abandoned Vehicle In Forest. They See The Seat and Realize Something’s Unthinkably Wrong!

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In this day and age the saying “if you see something, say something” is often repeated.  It has been drilled into our minds ever since the Department of Homeland Security adopted it as a motto for their national campaign to help raise public awareness of suspicious behavior and/or activities.  Basically, if you notice something that seems off or amiss, you should report it to the local authorities so they can check it out. It’s better to be safe than sorry and so everyone is encouraged to stay alert to anything that seems to deviate from the norm.

Joe Delvecchio, 18, and Alec Yanisko, 15, were out riding their ATVs one day when they noticed an SUV stuck on a log in the middle of the woods and thought it was very strange.  They were in an area near the Dunmore Reservoir, in Northeastern Pennsylvania just outside of Scranton, which is a popular place for hikers, mountain bikers, and ATVs. The area is dotted with a number of trails, but most are not meant for regular cars to go, which is why the SUV didn’t seem right to them.  

The two teenagers saw that the car windows were smashed and so they decided to stop and check it out.  One of them spotted a supermarket loyalty card inside with the name Edwin Kosik printed on it and so they quickly googled it to see who the card belonged to.  When the results came back, they were shocked and knew they had to call the police, so they rushed home.

It turned out that Edwin Kosik was a 92 year old federal judge who had been reported missing.  The boys had seen all the news articles and bulletins about his disappearance, and they knew he must be in some sort of trouble.  Once they got home, they told their parents about what they’d found, and then contacted the police.  

Officers met up with the boys and had them lead them to the spot in the woods where Kosik’s SUV was.  They had a search and rescue dog with them who picked up his scent right away and shortly afterwards he was found.  The judge wasn’t far from his car, lying on the ground, but otherwise okay. An ambulance transported him to the hospital where he was listed as being in fair condition.  

The 92 year old judge had been in the woods for two days, lost and unable to free his car from the log that it was stuck on.  After hearing the good news, the boys said they were glad he’s alive and doing well, and that were able to help out. Their timing also turned out to be great because one day later torrential rains flooded the very area where Judge Kosik been found.  

In the end, the boys saw something wasn’t right and they said something.  If they hadn’t, who knows what would have happened, but this story could have easily not had a happy ending.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Porsche Discovered 26 Years After Someone Stole It! But Then Cops Spot Bones On The Grass Next To It!

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Late in November of 2017 a man was walking his dog along a rural road in Jackson County Oregon.  The dog ended up wandering off the roadway into the dense woods with his owner following close behind when something suddenly caught the man’s eye.  Up ahead down a steep embankment lay an overturned vehicle. It was covered in leaves, sticks, and dirt and looked like it had been there for quite some time. 

The man called the local police to report the car in the woods and they went out to investigate the wreck.  They found the abandoned car at the base of a steep cliff which made it virtually impossible to see for anyone looking down from the road up above. 

The car was on its roof and there were bones scattered on the ground nearby. Fearing the worst, investigators examined them closely before breathing a sigh of relief, they were animal bones and most likely that of a deer.  

After running the plates on the car the police were astonished when it came back as being reported stolen.  The fact that it’d been stolen wasn’t what surprised them, it was how long ago it had occurred. The car was a 1979 Porsche 924 coupe that had been reported stolen over 26 years earlier!

According to records, the Porsche was allegedly stolen on January 20, 1991 from a movie theater parking lot in Medford, Oregon.  After that, it was never seen again until the man and his dog stumbled upon it. Further investigation found that the registration tags had also expired in 1991, leading police to believe that it had been crashed, dumped, or abandoned in the woods sometime shortly after being taken.  

Despite having the name of the owner listed on the stolen car report from 1991, police were unable to locate them.  There was also an issue with figuring out how to get the car out of the woods. Its final resting place was at the bottom of a steep cliff surrounded by dense forest and so there was no easy way to remove it. 

Officials did not want to risk causing more damage to the environment and so for now it’s going to stay there until they can figure out the best way to safely remove it.  

This isn’t the first time a stolen car reported missing suddenly popped up out of nowhere years later.  It has happened more than a few times all over the world and the video covers some very interesting stories about long lost cars finding their way back to their owners. 

Check it out for more and if your car ever gets stolen, there is always hope it might be found 26+ years later!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Cop Stumbles Upon THIS Abandon Car Shines His Light Sees The UNTHINKABLE and Jumps Into Action!

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Police officers see a lot of things that most people could never even imagine.  They get called out to all sorts of emergencies and accidents which means they are often dealing with people who are going through perhaps the worst day of their life.  That’s why cops often quickly develop tough exteriors and no nonsense attitudes. They need to be able to stay calm and in control when emotions are running high and people are stressed to the max.  

As tough as police officers may be, they are still human, and many join the force because they want to protect and serve by helping others.  Such was the case for Leonardo Almeida, ever since he could remember it had been a dream of his to be a cop and after graduating from the police academy it finally came true.  

Officer Almeida had been hired by the Taunton Police Department, which is located just outside of Boston, and was assigned the night shift alongside his partner Lieutenant Roderick.  It was usually pretty quiet and calm at night and they had been out on routine patrol when they spotted a car parked on the side of the road. Thinking it was likely abandoned, they pulled over to investigate.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers saw that there were two adults sleeping in the front seats.  They went up to the front passenger side and shone their flashlights in, and that’s when they spotted two young children sleeping in the back seat.  It was a heartbreaking sight; the family was obviously homeless and had no option but to sleep in their car on a night that was freezing cold. 

The officers woke the family and learned that the young couple had recently lost their house.  With nowhere to go, they’d started sleeping in the car and were just trying to get by. After speaking with them, Officer Almeida decided he was going to get the family a warm place to stay, he couldn’t just walk away and leave them in the freezing cold vehicle.  After calling several local hotels he found them a room and paid $190 for a two night stay out of his own pocket.

All the while Lieutenant Roderick was looking on.  It was part of his job to train, evaluate, and oversee the department’s new hire and when he saw how the rookie handled the situation, he was more than impressed.  He knew right then and there that Almeida would be a good cop who would go on to help a lot of people.  

The two officers escorted the grateful family to the hotel and then finished off the rest of their shift that night.  Before Lieutenant Roderick went to bed, he created a quick post detailing the generous actions of Officer Almeida and what he had done.  The heartwarming story quickly went viral and people all over were happy to see how kind and thoughtful he had been towards those who needed it the most.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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