This Toddler Locked Himself In The Car. While In Serious Danger He Can’t Stop Laughing At Firefighters Trying To Save Him!

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One of the most joyful sights that a parent can hope to see is the happy, healthy, laughing, smiling face of their child.  That was exactly how Kristy Green’s 14 month old son Brandon Emery looked while the pair were out shopping for groceries in Bude, England.  However there was one slight problem to the otherwise cheerful scene, Brandon had managed to lock himself inside the car and his mother had no way to reach him!

It all started when Kristy left the store and headed out to her car in the parking lot to offload the goods she had just purchased.  Brandon was in a mischievous, energetic mood and kept trying to stand up in the cart, so she decided to place him in the backseat to ensure he wouldn’t fall over and get hurt.  After putting her son in the car she popped the trunk, placed her keys down, transferred all the groceries, and closed the trunk. 

As countless people before her have done, she accidentally left her car keys in the now closed trunk and had to open it back up to retrieve them.  When she looked up to check on Brandon, she noticed he had climbed his way into the front seat and was playing around with the steering wheel pretending to drive.  Right as she came around to get in the car Brandon smiled widely up at her, then reached over and pressed the lock button, effectively locking his mother out and himself in!

What started out as a careless mistake had snowballed into her young son being trapped inside the car, a nightmare situation for any parent.  Thankfully, two women nearby had seen what happened and they came over to help. When Brandon refused to open the doors one of the women called emergency services and firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to help free Brandon.

After making sure Brandon was safe the firefighters began to try and open the car up without causing any damage or upsetting him.  As you can see in the video and pictures, he was super happy with all the attention he was getting and looked cute as a button sitting in the driver’s seat with his tiny hands on the steering wheel.  Whereas most children would be upset or scared in such a situation, little Brandon was happy as a clam in his mother’s car!

Things were looking good but right when the firefighters were in the middle of trying to pry open the car door, Brandon suddenly picked up a coin and stuck it in his mouth.  Everything changed in that instant and after asking Kristy for the go ahead, the firefighters smashed a rear window. One of the men climbed inside, unlocked the doors, and they got to Brandon before any harm came to him. 

While everyone was worried about the toddler the whole time, it appears that he was the only one unfazed by all the commotion.  In fact, he was still smiling from ear to ear when they reached him! At the very least, his mother now has an awesome story to tell with a happy ending.

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