Can You Spot The Hidden Object In This Picture? Most People Can’t.

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There is more than meets the eye to this boring, seemingly empty, picture of a car seat. That’s because there is something else in it beyond what you think you are seeing. There is a common everyday object hiding in plain sight. Can you detect what it is? A quick glance at the photo tells you that nothing about either the car seat or the surrounding interior sticks out. This really took me forever to find the thing and when I finally saw it, it was totally worth it!

The colors are the same muted shade of gray, except for one teeny tiny red spot up near the top left corner. There’s absolutely nothing about it that grabs your eye or piques your interest. It’s as basic as basic gets!

This picture is making the rounds online because it has managed to stump so many people all over the globe. A large majority of the people who attempt to find the object just end up staring at the image in vain. They simply cannot figure out where or what the mystery item is because it blends in so smoothly with the rest of the picture.

Take a look at it and see if whether or not you’re able to spot the darn thing. Good luck!

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Teenagers Discover Abandoned Vehicle In Forest. They See The Seat and Realize Something’s Unthinkably Wrong!

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In this day and age the saying “if you see something, say something” is often repeated.  It has been drilled into our minds ever since the Department of Homeland Security adopted it as a motto for their national campaign to help raise public awareness of suspicious behavior and/or activities.  Basically, if you notice something that seems off or amiss, you should report it to the local authorities so they can check it out. It’s better to be safe than sorry and so everyone is encouraged to stay alert to anything that seems to deviate from the norm.

Joe Delvecchio, 18, and Alec Yanisko, 15, were out riding their ATVs one day when they noticed an SUV stuck on a log in the middle of the woods and thought it was very strange.  They were in an area near the Dunmore Reservoir, in Northeastern Pennsylvania just outside of Scranton, which is a popular place for hikers, mountain bikers, and ATVs. The area is dotted with a number of trails, but most are not meant for regular cars to go, which is why the SUV didn’t seem right to them.  

The two teenagers saw that the car windows were smashed and so they decided to stop and check it out.  One of them spotted a supermarket loyalty card inside with the name Edwin Kosik printed on it and so they quickly googled it to see who the card belonged to.  When the results came back, they were shocked and knew they had to call the police, so they rushed home.

It turned out that Edwin Kosik was a 92 year old federal judge who had been reported missing.  The boys had seen all the news articles and bulletins about his disappearance, and they knew he must be in some sort of trouble.  Once they got home, they told their parents about what they’d found, and then contacted the police.  

Officers met up with the boys and had them lead them to the spot in the woods where Kosik’s SUV was.  They had a search and rescue dog with them who picked up his scent right away and shortly afterwards he was found.  The judge wasn’t far from his car, lying on the ground, but otherwise okay. An ambulance transported him to the hospital where he was listed as being in fair condition.  

The 92 year old judge had been in the woods for two days, lost and unable to free his car from the log that it was stuck on.  After hearing the good news, the boys said they were glad he’s alive and doing well, and that were able to help out. Their timing also turned out to be great because one day later torrential rains flooded the very area where Judge Kosik been found.  

In the end, the boys saw something wasn’t right and they said something.  If they hadn’t, who knows what would have happened, but this story could have easily not had a happy ending.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Is The Strange Reason Why Public Toilet Seats Are Shaped Like A U!

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Public vs. private toilette seats. What’s the difference? It’s something you have seen countless times before, but probably haven’t thought much about. The fact of the matter is that toilette seats are shaped differently depending on where they are found.

Public restrooms feature horseshoe shaped seats with an open gap in the front. In contrast, private residential seats, like the one in your house, are more oval or rounded in shape. They also lack a front gap and instead wrap completely all the way around.

It’s a subtle, yet glaringly obvious, difference and there are reasons for it. If you haven’t learned anything new today, this should satisfy that gap. The distinctive two-prong open front public toilette seat is required by law and is based on a code that many of the U.S public authorities have adopted and enforced.

The original code was set out in the American Standard National Plumbing Code back in the mid 50s. Since then other professional plumbing associations, like the IAPMO, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, have included it in their own uniform plumbing codes.

They set the universal standards for plumbing and when local or state governments adopt the code it becomes enforceable by law. An common example is California’s plumbing code which reads, “All water closet seats, except those within dwelling units, shall be either of the open front type or have an automatic seat cover dispenser.”

In addition to uniform legal standard requirements, the seats also contribute to the general public’s health and wellness. The open front design is there to make it easier for women to wipe. Lynne Simnick, the senior vice president of code development at IAPMO, claims that the front gap is to “allow women to wipe the perineal area after using the toilette without contacting the seat.”

Furthermore, she also says this helps men because it “eliminates an area that could be contaminated with urine…[and] eliminates the user’s genital contact with the seat.” Thus, the gap minimizes the main areas where you’re most likely to come into contact with the seat and makes it possible for men and women to use the toilette in the most hygienic and comfortable way possible.

It’s worth noting that public restrooms that don’t have two-pronged open front seats can still be in compliance with the code if they have automatic seat cover dispensers. If both are lacking, then the restroom you’re in may not be up to code, but it also depends on where it’s located.

Now you know the reason for the difference between public and private toilette seats, so mind the gap!

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