A Huge Storm Took Down THIS Giant Tree. Then Scientists Uncover an UNTHINKABLE Surprise Under It!

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There are quite a few famous trees located throughout the world.  Some are known for their size, like General Sherman, the world’s largest tree located in California’s Sequoia National Park, while others are famous from folklore, like The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, England where Robin Hood is rumored to have slept.

In Northern Ireland, the most well-known trees are a group of Beech trees called the Dark Hedges.  They line both sides of a rural road with their branches intertwined above it to form a dramatic, picturesque tunnel that has become famous from being featured in movies and shows.  Most recently, they were the backdrop for the King’s Road in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, lending a dark, eerily beautiful atmosphere for several scenes.  

Whereas the Dark Hedges are the most known group of Beech trees, a lone one located in Collooney, a small town on the northwest coast of Ireland, gained worldwide attention after it was knocked over in a storm.  Back in 2015 severe storms whipped the island and proved too much for the huge tree which toppled over and lay with its root system exposed. Months later someone took a closer look at it and noticed something shocking tangled up in all the dirt and roots.  

What they found appeared to be a human skeleton and so archeologists from the Sligo-Leitrim Archaeological Services (SLAS) were called in to examine it.  They determined that it was indeed a human and the skeleton had been split in half when the tree was uprooted.

The lower body was found still in the ground, while the skull, arm, and torso were caught up in the tree roots.  After carefully removing the bones and looking them over it was determined that they were from a male between the ages of 17 and 20 years old, and so now the question was when did he die?

To figure that out carbon dating was used and when scientists got the results they were stunned.  It turned out that the bones dated back over 1,000 years ago to sometime between 1030-1200 CE! Further analysis revealed the man was approximately 5’10”, quite tall for that time period. 

He also likely had a very physical job since his bone joints showed major signs of wear. However, the most shocking finding of all was that the man had not died of natural causes, instead he was probably murdered.  

Slash marks on his ribs and hands that appeared to be caused by a knife indicated that he’d been mortally wounded while trying to escape his killer.  Since he lived in medieval Europe, it was presumed he either died in combat or after getting into a skirmish with someone off the battlefield. Based on how the man was placed in the grave, in an east-west position with his hands folded over his front, it appeared that he was given a proper Christian burial as was done in those times.  

Even though the Beech tree had been planted right above the man’s final resting place, whoever put it there had no idea of his presence.  The tree itself had been planted in the early 1800s and years later its roots eventually reached the skeleton.

Records indicate that the area used to once have a church and cemetery around the time the man lived, so there may be more graves beside his near the site.  After being studied, the bones were sent to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin where they remain to this day.  

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Teenagers Discover Abandoned Vehicle In Forest. They See The Seat and Realize Something’s Unthinkably Wrong!

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In this day and age the saying “if you see something, say something” is often repeated.  It has been drilled into our minds ever since the Department of Homeland Security adopted it as a motto for their national campaign to help raise public awareness of suspicious behavior and/or activities.  Basically, if you notice something that seems off or amiss, you should report it to the local authorities so they can check it out. It’s better to be safe than sorry and so everyone is encouraged to stay alert to anything that seems to deviate from the norm.

Joe Delvecchio, 18, and Alec Yanisko, 15, were out riding their ATVs one day when they noticed an SUV stuck on a log in the middle of the woods and thought it was very strange.  They were in an area near the Dunmore Reservoir, in Northeastern Pennsylvania just outside of Scranton, which is a popular place for hikers, mountain bikers, and ATVs. The area is dotted with a number of trails, but most are not meant for regular cars to go, which is why the SUV didn’t seem right to them.  

The two teenagers saw that the car windows were smashed and so they decided to stop and check it out.  One of them spotted a supermarket loyalty card inside with the name Edwin Kosik printed on it and so they quickly googled it to see who the card belonged to.  When the results came back, they were shocked and knew they had to call the police, so they rushed home.

It turned out that Edwin Kosik was a 92 year old federal judge who had been reported missing.  The boys had seen all the news articles and bulletins about his disappearance, and they knew he must be in some sort of trouble.  Once they got home, they told their parents about what they’d found, and then contacted the police.  

Officers met up with the boys and had them lead them to the spot in the woods where Kosik’s SUV was.  They had a search and rescue dog with them who picked up his scent right away and shortly afterwards he was found.  The judge wasn’t far from his car, lying on the ground, but otherwise okay. An ambulance transported him to the hospital where he was listed as being in fair condition.  

The 92 year old judge had been in the woods for two days, lost and unable to free his car from the log that it was stuck on.  After hearing the good news, the boys said they were glad he’s alive and doing well, and that were able to help out. Their timing also turned out to be great because one day later torrential rains flooded the very area where Judge Kosik been found.  

In the end, the boys saw something wasn’t right and they said something.  If they hadn’t, who knows what would have happened, but this story could have easily not had a happy ending.  

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Guys Spot Strange Pipes In The Woods But They Didn’t Expect To Find THIS Hidden Door Leading Underground!

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When you go hiking, you never know what you might find. When two men in Germany were hiking in the fields, they made an incredible discovery! They first noticed a couple of pipes sticking up out of the ground. Looking around more, they discovered a hidden door covered in the underbrush. They decided to look inside.

Behind the door was a metal grate. The men were a little cautious to go past it. However, the lock had already been broken off and so they decided to continue down. Going down some stairs, the men entered a long concrete hallway resembling a hallway in a hospital. The hallway was completely empty except for two things: an old shopping bad and a metal pipe.

While there were many adjacent hallways to the one the men had entered, they decided to continue down the main one to avoid getting lost. The walls were mostly in good condition except for one that looked like it had been hit with a hammer.

In one of the offshoot hallways, they found a narrow hole in the floor filled with dirty water. Even further down the hallway was an intersection. The floor had been broken up into bricks and there was disturbing graffiti covering the walls. The men were clearly not the first to discover these catacombs.

Next, the men discovered a yellow door that had been taken off its hinges. This perplexed the men because the door was extremely heavy resembling a door used in a bank vault. On the door were Slavic letters that read “Exit #2.”

They went a little further and discovered another door that had been graffitied as well. The graffiti read, “Satan I Love You.” That was too much for the men and they headed back the way they had come. The reason for the tunnels’ presence remains unknown at this time.

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He Was In The Woods When He Noticed A Strange Door On The Ground. When He Saw What Was Inside WOW!

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Treasure hunting has long captured the hearts and minds of people all throughout the ages. The thought that there could be buried treasure anywhere in the world is exciting and many have gone on adventurous expeditions in search of it. In the past people would follow tips, clues, maps and hunches while prospecting for gold and other rumored hordes said to contain precious metals, gems, and other such riches.

Buried pirate gold and chests of money and jewels popularly come to mind, but really anything can be considered treasure, it all depends on the individual and what they value or are looking for. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can easily be flipped, and one man’s treasure could turn out to be another man’s trash.

These days modern treasure hunters depend on a number of high tech gadgets and tools. Above all, metal detectors are the main instrument they use to scan the Earth’s surface with. The metal rods allow people to cover much more ground without having to dig through it all, making their searches exponentially faster, easier, and smoother.

Now when a person heads out to discover long buried treasure, or anything that’s been hidden in the ground, they never know what they’re going to find. That was the experience of one man when he was out in the woods with his metal detector.

He uploaded his strange find onto the YouTube channel he operates, DigRing, which is filled with videos of his other searches and finds. However, this discovery was different and completely unexpected.

He had been scanning the forest floor with his metal detector near his home when it started going off, indicating that something large and metallic was underfoot. Upon further inspection he found a hatch door and when he opened it up a small bunker type space was concealed behind it.

In the clip he explains that he has returned to the bunker and is filming it further to show everyone exactly what it looks like inside. He goes down inside and explains that it’s a very small, cramped space. There are old rusted chains and a gas tank in it, as well as a bunch of stones.

While it may not seem as exciting as finding silver or gold, it’s nevertheless a very unique and interesting find. Many people who have viewed the footage have speculated that there is likely more than meets the eye to this bunker. One user claimed that the rocks are probably there to hide actual treasure or something valuable and that he should move them around and take a closer look.

Others said that Nazis would often construct tunnels like this where they’d hide gold and money, then they’d demolish them to bury the goods. Overall, the consensus is that there is more than meets the eye with this strange hole in the ground and that DigRing should excavate it further to see what it may be hiding.

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They Set Up A Hidden Camera To Capture What Goes On When You Place A Tetherball In The Woods

I have to wonder what motivated the guy in this video to set up a tetherball and a camera in the middle of the forest.  Perhaps he knows that the wildlife hanging out there would have a particular affinity to this ball.  He was right! A group of rams were romping in the forest and four or five of them ran past the hanging tetherball without any interest.

One ram, however, stopped in his tracks in order to play tetherball like a pro.  What’s amazing to me is how he instantly knows what to do with this bizarre object in the middle of his natural habitat, while his pals never catch on. He “rams” this tetherball with such finesse that you can’t stop watching.

He’s been nicknamed “the angry ram”,  as he has become a star on his own YouTube channel, but I beg to differ.  I think he’s just a smart animal who sees a great opportunity to use his “equipment” to enjoy a unique play thing that’s suddenly appeared for his pleasure. Do you think the “Angry Ram” deserves a new name?

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