THIS Pup Is Terrified To Walk Into His Dad’s Room. The Solution He Comes Up With Is Unexpectedly HILARIOUS!

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Dog’s personalities are as varied as those of human beings. Certain characteristics are innate to particular breeds, just as human beings are born with certain predispositions. It’s the old nature-nurture combination that makes for the complexity of our dog’s behaviors. You might choose a particular breed because they are known to be good guard dogs…but your particular pal may have other ideas.

We all know that not all dogs are brave, and some have some quirky fears, as you will see in this adorable footage of this pooch, below. Maybe something happened that traumatized this dog when he had to cross through a doorway? This seemingly irrational ‘fear of doorways’ is not uncommon in rescue dogs, according to “All Experts”.

Though they are now in a safe environment, they continue to display this phobic behavior. The pup in the footage you are about to watch, has come up with a really adorable way of coping with his fear…it will make you go Awwwww!

Watch the video below and turn your frown upside down!

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Dad Kicked His Daughters Out Their Room For 3 Days! When THIS Reason Was Revealed They Lost It!

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Father Adam Hadlock says he is a “Garage-mahal-architect-builder, Maker, Do-er.” After watching his DIY bedroom treehouse, you’ll agree. Adam Hadlock is a dad that has created a bedroom for his girls that could only be imagined in a child’s dreams!

The fact that he spun his magic in only three days makes it all the more fantastical. The guy totally transformed the girls room a magical tree house, visually awesome and an incredible place to for his daughters to sleep in!  I’m sure what this amazing father did will be a memory his daughters will never forget!

Papa focused all his creativity, ingenuity and big love for his 2 girls for an awesome present for his children. This man’s talent, skill, persistence and devotion to his daughter is simply incredible!

Hopefully pops uses these magical and creative talent of his to build other kids something similar to this but not the same exact project as this one.  You must view this clip to the very end to get the full experience of what he pulled off! .

You will be amazed with the end result, but more importantly it will pull at your heart strings and remove your soul when he presents the tree house restoration for his kids room!

They never expected this as they were extremely joyful and thankful for their amazing dad! In the video you can hear them say “you must really love us” which really is what this whole project was all about for Adam Hadlock,. His daughters will never forget this and it will be a lifelong memory for them!

Would your dad ever do this for you?

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Apparently You Should Have Salt Lamps In Each Room Of Your House. This Is The Surprising Reason Why!

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Millions of years ago the Indian landmass collided with Asia and formed the Himalayan Mountains, which have been growing ever since. The immense range is where 9 of the world’s highest peaks are found, one of which boasts the highest elevation on Earth, Mount Everest.

Over a thousand miles away from Everest, in northern Pakistan, lies the foothills of the Salt Range. A shallow sea located there evaporated long ago, leaving behind tons of crystallized sea salt that’s buried deep below the mineral rich mountains. This is where most of the Himalayan pink sea salt is found and mined.

The salt mines have been open and active for hundreds of years, but the immense health benefits of Himalayan salt have only recently been widely recognized. The natural underground formation of the beds led to over 84 trace minerals being added to the salt including calcium, copper, sulfates, zinc, magnesium, iron and more, making it the most mineral dense type of salt in the world.

There are a number of excellent health benefits that Himalayan salt offers and you need not eat it to get all of them. Lamps made from the salt can do wonders for your health and home thanks to their natural air cleaning ability.

The salt lamps generate and give off negative ions which are oxygen ions that have an extra electron attached to them. They are found in nature near rivers, waterfalls, and other bodies of fresh flowing water. It’s believed that when we breathe them in they react with our bodies and produce positive effects.

When people report feeling happier, clearer, and more refreshed around these water sources, it’s generally attributed to the negative ions they are taking in. Think about and imagine the fresh air that comes after a thunderstorm, that air feels so good because it contains vast amounts of negative ions.

Another effect that negative ions have on our surroundings is that they can bond together with positive ions and thus neutralize them. Positive ions do not have a positive effect on our bodies. They are what TVs, microwaves, and other electronic devices create and put off and can be harmful to us.

Some people are affected more than others and may experience headaches, stress, allergies, and sleep issues from them. Placing a salt lamp in your home greatly reduces the presence of positive ions in the air, while simultaneously increasing the amount of negative ions.

Thus, they cut down on the harmful silent effects electronics have on us, which are often overlooked. The lamps are an easy way to make your environment and the air you breathe cleaner.

The following health benefits are what people report experiencing soon after using salt lamps, they include help with:

1. skin conditions
2. headaches, migraines
3. stress and stress-related disorders
4. insomnia
5. allergies and sinus issues
6. arthritis and rheumatism
7. respiratory problems and asthma
8. colds
9. increased circulation

The lamps leave your mind, body, and health all better off and all you have to do is switch a light on. To truly harness the healing power of salt lamps they should be placed all throughout the home and especially near electronic devices.

While one single lamp will have a positive effect, it won’t be strong enough to impact your health, so make sure to use several. Also, eating pink Himalayan sea salt is even more beneficial to your body than regular table salt, but that’s a whole other story.

Check out the video for more information and try out a few Himalayan salt lamps if you haven’t already done so yet! Do you already have one of these? Will you be getting one? Let us know!

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He Was In The Woods When He Noticed A Strange Door On The Ground. When He Saw What Was Inside WOW!

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Treasure hunting has long captured the hearts and minds of people all throughout the ages. The thought that there could be buried treasure anywhere in the world is exciting and many have gone on adventurous expeditions in search of it. In the past people would follow tips, clues, maps and hunches while prospecting for gold and other rumored hordes said to contain precious metals, gems, and other such riches.

Buried pirate gold and chests of money and jewels popularly come to mind, but really anything can be considered treasure, it all depends on the individual and what they value or are looking for. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can easily be flipped, and one man’s treasure could turn out to be another man’s trash.

These days modern treasure hunters depend on a number of high tech gadgets and tools. Above all, metal detectors are the main instrument they use to scan the Earth’s surface with. The metal rods allow people to cover much more ground without having to dig through it all, making their searches exponentially faster, easier, and smoother.

Now when a person heads out to discover long buried treasure, or anything that’s been hidden in the ground, they never know what they’re going to find. That was the experience of one man when he was out in the woods with his metal detector.

He uploaded his strange find onto the YouTube channel he operates, DigRing, which is filled with videos of his other searches and finds. However, this discovery was different and completely unexpected.

He had been scanning the forest floor with his metal detector near his home when it started going off, indicating that something large and metallic was underfoot. Upon further inspection he found a hatch door and when he opened it up a small bunker type space was concealed behind it.

In the clip he explains that he has returned to the bunker and is filming it further to show everyone exactly what it looks like inside. He goes down inside and explains that it’s a very small, cramped space. There are old rusted chains and a gas tank in it, as well as a bunch of stones.

While it may not seem as exciting as finding silver or gold, it’s nevertheless a very unique and interesting find. Many people who have viewed the footage have speculated that there is likely more than meets the eye to this bunker. One user claimed that the rocks are probably there to hide actual treasure or something valuable and that he should move them around and take a closer look.

Others said that Nazis would often construct tunnels like this where they’d hide gold and money, then they’d demolish them to bury the goods. Overall, the consensus is that there is more than meets the eye with this strange hole in the ground and that DigRing should excavate it further to see what it may be hiding.

What do you think? Let us know!

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These Japanese Bathrooms Are Extremely Different From Ours But Their Design Is Actually Brilliant

Japanese culture is known for having some of the most innovative and high tech product designs and ideas. They are always coming up with new cutting edge technologies and have been world leaders when it comes to producing highly efficient and quality made gadgets, cars, furniture, appliances, and even robots.

One surprising area that proves the scope of their unique innovation skills happens to be in the humble old bathroom! Japanese bathrooms exist on a wholly different level than their western counterparts. They have many unique and advanced features that are simple and yet they make a lot more sense to have on hand.

In this video an adorable little Japanese girl named Aiko gives a tour of her bathroom and shows off all the upgraded perks it has to offer. The video is called “12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best!” and you’ll realize that is an appropriate title once you watch it.

In the comments under the video the girl’s father further explains the video and bathroom, and responds to inquiries made about it. He says it is pretty much what a standard Japanese bathroom looks like, and it’s even a little old perhaps. He also mentions what it takes, and how long it takes, to clean the space because apparently people were very interested in that aspect.

There is a lot more information in the video and this is something you truly have to see for yourself in order to get an idea of how awesome the Japanese bathrooms are. Check it out and compare your own bathroom to the one shown; which one would you rather have?

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This Father Kicked His Daughters Out Of Their Room For 3 Days. When They Saw Why They Lost It!

Adam Hadlock describes himself as a “Garage-mahal-architect-builder, Maker, Do-er.” After watching his DIY bedroom treehouse, you’ll agree. Adam Hadlock is a dad that has created a bedroom for his girls that could only be imagined in a child’s dreams! The fact that he spun his magic in only three days makes it all the more fantastical. He turns their bedroom into a tree house, playroom and phenomenal sleep space that will make the sharing of this room a memory that his kids will treasure forever.

Dad put all his love and creativity into this delightful Christmas present. His talent and devotion to his kids is nothing short of amazing. One can only hope that he uses his imagination and building skills into a business where he can create environments like this for other children. Be sure to watch this video to the end.

Not only will you be enthralled with the finished product, but your hearts will be warmed by his presentation of the remodeled bedroom to his girls. Their squeals of joy and comments like “you must really love us” make the reveal of what this devoted dad has created all the more enjoyable. Can you imagine the memories these kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives?

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