These Japanese Bathrooms Are Extremely Different From Ours But Their Design Is Actually Brilliant

Japanese culture is known for having some of the most innovative and high tech product designs and ideas. They are always coming up with new cutting edge technologies and have been world leaders when it comes to producing highly efficient and quality made gadgets, cars, furniture, appliances, and even robots.

One surprising area that proves the scope of their unique innovation skills happens to be in the humble old bathroom! Japanese bathrooms exist on a wholly different level than their western counterparts. They have many unique and advanced features that are simple and yet they make a lot more sense to have on hand.

In this video an adorable little Japanese girl named Aiko gives a tour of her bathroom and shows off all the upgraded perks it has to offer. The video is called “12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best!” and you’ll realize that is an appropriate title once you watch it.

In the comments under the video the girl’s father further explains the video and bathroom, and responds to inquiries made about it. He says it is pretty much what a standard Japanese bathroom looks like, and it’s even a little old perhaps. He also mentions what it takes, and how long it takes, to clean the space because apparently people were very interested in that aspect.

There is a lot more information in the video and this is something you truly have to see for yourself in order to get an idea of how awesome the Japanese bathrooms are. Check it out and compare your own bathroom to the one shown; which one would you rather have?

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