This Castle Was Abandoned and Untouched Since 1932, But Wait Til You See The Inside

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When you think of a castle you likely imagine a sturdy, imposing fortress that was built from stone and surrounded by a water-filled moat. After all, castles were purposefully constructed to keep people safe and protected inside their walls. They are what stood between everything from marauding enemies to wild beasts and the destructive forces of mother nature. Castles were meant to be strong and had to be able to withstand long, drawn out, aggressive sieges. In later years they took on a more extravagant role and today they are seen as dreamy, fantasy-like places, filled with magic and romance.

The abandoned castle seen in this incredible footage is called Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers and it looks like it comes straight out of a Disney movie. The beautiful ruins are located in the town of Les Trois-Moutiers, in the west of France. For centuries the majestic castle has sat in the middle of a heavily wooded area, surrounded by a water filled moat, imposing and elegant all at once. Today it is being left to slowly fade away back into nature, yet despite the years of neglect, the castle still looks like it’s fit for royalty. All that it needs is the right owner or group to step in and restore it to its former glory.

To truly understand the amount of detail and thought that went into constructing this castle, you need to take the video tour because it’s the only thing that gives it justice. You can feel and sense all of the tragedies and triumphs this castle has borne witness to. It may have been overtaken by nature and seemingly forgotten about, but if these walls could talk they would tell tales of epic battles and grand celebrations. Be sure to check it out and take the tour, here’s more on the history of the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers.

First and foremost, the castle is filled with history and has quite the tumultuous past. It dates back to at least the 13th century and was originally built as a safe haven for the notable Bauçay family, who were lords of Loudun and answered directly to the king of France himself. Over the following centuries the castle was overtaken twice by English forces during the middle ages before it was eventually given back to the French. After being restored it went on to become a very popular place where nobility gathered for magnificent galas and lavish, extravagant, over the top parties. The good times didn’t last long though and during the French Revolution the castle was once again destroyed after being sacked.

There it sat for some ten years or so before a well-heeled businessman named Francois Hennecart bought the property with the intent to once again restore it. He managed to add a vineyard but in 1857 it was taken over and passed on to Baron Joseph Lejeune, a wealthy relative of Napoleon III. He rebuilt the castle extensively in the romantic style that was popular at the time and continued on the tradition of holding lavish parties.

It was during a subsequent renovation in 1932 that the castle succumbed to its latest major setback and ever since then it has sat vacant. At the time, the current owner had been installing central heat and somehow a fire was sparked. The resulting damage not only devastated most of the structure, numerous rare pieces of art, furniture, tapestries, books, and paintings were sadly destroyed as well and lost forever.

In recent years there have been a number of efforts to restore Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, but it seems that everyone who tries gets railroaded into giving up. Hopefully a preservation society or some group can step in and help to rebuild it because it is a seriously beautiful, magically impressive castle that deserves saving. Please help spread the word, the more awareness, the better the chance this gem can be preserved for centuries to come!

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These Japanese Bathrooms Are Extremely Different From Ours But Their Design Is Actually Brilliant

Japanese culture is known for having some of the most innovative and high tech product designs and ideas. They are always coming up with new cutting edge technologies and have been world leaders when it comes to producing highly efficient and quality made gadgets, cars, furniture, appliances, and even robots.

One surprising area that proves the scope of their unique innovation skills happens to be in the humble old bathroom! Japanese bathrooms exist on a wholly different level than their western counterparts. They have many unique and advanced features that are simple and yet they make a lot more sense to have on hand.

In this video an adorable little Japanese girl named Aiko gives a tour of her bathroom and shows off all the upgraded perks it has to offer. The video is called “12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best!” and you’ll realize that is an appropriate title once you watch it.

In the comments under the video the girl’s father further explains the video and bathroom, and responds to inquiries made about it. He says it is pretty much what a standard Japanese bathroom looks like, and it’s even a little old perhaps. He also mentions what it takes, and how long it takes, to clean the space because apparently people were very interested in that aspect.

There is a lot more information in the video and this is something you truly have to see for yourself in order to get an idea of how awesome the Japanese bathrooms are. Check it out and compare your own bathroom to the one shown; which one would you rather have?

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Video: Her House Looks Tiny From The Outside. But When You Walk Inside Unbelievable!

The tiny house movement and lifestyle that embraces simple living in small spaces has grown immensely in recent years. People from all walks of life the world over are trading in their big open homes for much more modest ones. Many are attracted to the low cost of constructing, maintaining and living in these homes. Others prefer the freedom they can often provide by being mobile or easily moved. In some places they have even become a popular option for housing the homeless. With such versatile and ever expanding uses its easy to see why tiny house living has become so popular.

A video uploaded by relaxshacksDOTcom gives an inside look at one woman’s tiny house for all those curious as to how small these houses actually are and what can be fit in them. The house featured is a Tumbleweed Lusby model that was moved from California to Washington D.C. and then to Orlando, Florida all within the past five years.

Now it sits at the College Park Village RV/Tiny House Community where the present owner Emily and her dog Daisy reside. She takes us through the space from floor to ceiling and shows off many neat storage solutions that enable her to fit much more than you would expect.

The scaled down house is eye opening as to how little a person actually needs to be comfortable and happy. Emily has fit everything in such a neat and organized fashion that she also has room for a walk in closet! Her micro home even sits overlooking a scenic lake surrounded by plenty of lawn for her dog to run around and play on (and dig the holes that he loves so much). Clearly the lifestyle fits this relaxed and content owner. Would you like to live in a home like this?

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