Video: Her House Looks Tiny From The Outside. But When You Walk Inside Unbelievable!

The tiny house movement and lifestyle that embraces simple living in small spaces has grown immensely in recent years. People from all walks of life the world over are trading in their big open homes for much more modest ones. Many are attracted to the low cost of constructing, maintaining and living in these homes. Others prefer the freedom they can often provide by being mobile or easily moved. In some places they have even become a popular option for housing the homeless. With such versatile and ever expanding uses its easy to see why tiny house living has become so popular.

A video uploaded by relaxshacksDOTcom gives an inside look at one woman’s tiny house for all those curious as to how small these houses actually are and what can be fit in them. The house featured is a Tumbleweed Lusby model that was moved from California to Washington D.C. and then to Orlando, Florida all within the past five years.

Now it sits at the College Park Village RV/Tiny House Community where the present owner Emily and her dog Daisy reside. She takes us through the space from floor to ceiling and shows off many neat storage solutions that enable her to fit much more than you would expect.

The scaled down house is eye opening as to how little a person actually needs to be comfortable and happy. Emily has fit everything in such a neat and organized fashion that she also has room for a walk in closet! Her micro home even sits overlooking a scenic lake surrounded by plenty of lawn for her dog to run around and play on (and dig the holes that he loves so much). Clearly the lifestyle fits this relaxed and content owner. Would you like to live in a home like this?

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He Starts Drilling Into An Egg. When He’s Finished It’s STUNNING!

Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition in many households this time of year. Perhaps the most well known method is coloring eggs with a Paas decorating kit. It seems to be sold everywhere and contains color tablets, stickers, egg holders and even a little wire egg-dipper contraption that can barely hold an egg. The whole thing is very convenient but also filled with chemicals.

Eggs are extremely fragile. They can break very easily. That is what makes Franc Grom’s egg art truly impressive. He drills thousands of little holes into lace-like shapes.

Franc says, ”When I start working on an egg, I don’t know exactly how it would look like in the end. I create the design along the way. I do a basic lace-like pattern, and then I fill it in. Sometimes it turns out beautiful.” The artist also says he once drilled 24,000 holes in one egg!

This egg decorating technique is off the charts.  Do you think you could design your Easter Eggs like this?

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