Husband Kept This Stump On Their Lawn For 2 Weeks. Then Shows His Awesome Enchanted Fairy House!

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It’s always sad when an old tree dies on my property, that needs to be cut down…and the left-over stump can be an eyesore.  Mimi and her husband faced this unsightly stump right in their front yard, after her husband cut down the dead tree. The video you are about to watch below, was posted by Mimi, who came up with the most creative and charming idea for that unsightly stump.  Luckily her husband is handy with a saw and woodworking, and was willing to implement Mimi’s adorable idea! He was about to turn this old stump into something awesome.

She takes us through the steps and exact inexpensive materials, that were purchased at Lowe’s hardware and the Dollar Store, that went into their creation. With a little bit of imagination, some amazing hand skills and a clear vision they pulled off one of the cutest and adorable little fairy houses I have ever seen.

Together they transformed an ugly stump into an inviting and adorable “Gnome Tree Stump House”, that adorns their front yard, and has incredible detail.  It gives them pleasure each day and has been enjoyed by friends and neighbors alike. I really want one of these at my house but I’m not sure if they are doing this as a business or just as a hobby for fun!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Instead Of Tossing Her Old CDs In The Trash, She Paints Them Black. But, When She’s Done? STUNNING

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It is simply amazing how rapidly technology changes; who would have thought that CD’s would already be virtually obsolete!  We all have a multitude of old CDs lying around our homes collecting dust.  Leave it to the creative people on the internet, to come up with a really unique way of turning them into artwork, that you’d be proud to hang on your walls.

It is always a wonderful thing to be able to decorate your house with your own artwork; it adds that quality of “hominess” that really transitions a house to a home.  The video you are about to watch below offers a tutorial, that simply requires CD’s, BLACK LATEX PAINT, and a SCREWDRIVER!  You can add a pencil to your tools, if you want to sketch your design before the “SCRATCHING” begins.

You will be enthralled with the beauty of this unique creation.  After coating the CD well with the black latex paint, let it dry fully.  If you want to be more in control of your design you can pencil it onto the disc before you begin scratching.

If you’re not that OCD about it, just pick up your screwdriver, as she does in the video, and create to your hearts delight!

The results are just gorgeous; if you choose to place your objet d’arts where sunlight catches them, you will get a beautiful glistening effect.

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THIS Iconic Painting Has Been Seen By Millions But No One Noticed This UNTHINKABLE Surprise For Over 100 Years!

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Turbulence is what you don’t want to experience when flying on a plane. It spills your drink, fills you with dread, and makes you feel like the plane is going to drop out the sky. The bumpy, sometimes violent, effect it has on an aircraft can easily injure a person and on many occasions its made passengers so nauseous they end up using those handy little barf bags.

What usually causes the type of turbulence we are used to is the meeting of two separate air masses which are moving at completely different speeds. Air flows in river-like streams, like the jet stream, which are often thousands of miles long but only a few miles wide and deep.

When two different air mass flows meet, they interact and collide chaotically, which causes turbulence. That is the most basic, simplified explanation of it, but in mathematical terms the concept is much more difficult to grasp or wrap our minds around. In fact, it’s so complicated and obscure that it remains partially a mystery.

In as recently as July of 2006 the highly esteemed science journal Nature published an article online titled Van Gogh painted perfect turbulence. The report said that the principle of turbulence is still not completely understood and some of the world’s brightest minds “have considered the problem harder than quantum mechanics.”

Such a claim puts its level of difficulty into perspective and is why scientists have turned to art in order to better demonstrate and model what turbulence looks like. What is immediately evident about the mathematical scientific illustration of turbulence is the high degree of similarity it shares with Vincent Van Gogh’s world renowned masterpiece, “Starry Night.” Van Gogh painted his most iconic work over 125 years ago in 1889.

Back then no one knew much about turbulence, especially not a little known artist who was suffering from psychotic episodes and hallucinations. Even so, Van Gogh managed to perfectly capture the visual appearance of turbulence which can be seen in the swirling eddies and dark and light patterns he painted with his brushstroke.

Researchers examined his paintings and found that they were incredibly accurate mathematically, check out the video for how they measured them and the fascinating explanation behind it all.

In the end, it can be said that perhaps there is more that can be learned from the turbulent mind of one of history’s most famous artistic geniuses.

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THIS Is Not A Picture Of A Man. When You Zoom In You Will See Whats Hidden In There!

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We are privy to so many creative things through our access to the internet…things that we probably would never have the chance to see. Occasionally I see something so unbelievably out of the realm of anything I could ever imagine, that I am left completely in awe.

What is so wonderful about what you are about to view in the video below, is not only the final masterpiece, but the actual process that was taken to arrive there. An artist from the Ukraine, Zenyk Palahniuk, came to his canvas with only a pencil, hammer, thread and nails.

After conceiving what he was to embark upon, he painstakingly spent over 200 hours (the equivalent of 8 days) to complete this incredible piece of art. His entire process from start to finish is captured in this sped up footage, in which Zenyk hammered approximately 13,000 nails connected by 15 miles of thread.

Such genius of conception and the beauty of his finished masterwork is truly mind-boggling. It is proof positive of the uniqueness of artistic intelligence meeting the joy of creation.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

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THIS Blind Man Drew Pictures Of What He Thought Different Things Looked Like But The Results Are UNTHINKABLE!

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Tommy Edison, a huge presence on YouTube where his average video gets more than 1 million views, is a film critic.  What attracts so many viewers to him is his lovely nature which is exemplified through his sense of humor, his chatty style and self-deprecating reflections.  But that’s not all…he has been blind since birth!

Born with an undeveloped optic nerve, Edison can’t literally “watch” films, but he indeed loves them. He brings an unbelievably unique point of view to his movie reviews, from a blind person’s perspective.  He “views” films through an aid for blind people known as “audio description”.

Edison is particularly discerning about how sound and music convey information. In the video below, this charming man shows us what it is to draw objects, that he only knows through his tactile experience  of them.  He talks about the difficulty of even conceptualizing something in 2D when you have never been able to see, and know everything through touch.

He is such a wonderful example for us all about how to live life to the fullest, within the constraints of our limitations.

Let us know what you think of this!

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She Starts Sticking ‘Shattered Glass’ Onto Her Nails. But When She’s Done My Jaw Dropped!

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Nail art is a lot of fun and some trends just really call to people who like to try an edgy look.  If you are one of those people, the video you are about to watch below is for you.  It is known as shattered glass; a new Korean nail art.

Park Eun Kyung is the nail creator; her nail lab, Unistella by E.K. has been known to come up with some of the most unique trends out there.  This amazing effect of shattered glass is illustrated by YouTube channel “Creativenailart”, in an easy-to-follow way that makes it possible for you to try it at home.

She paints her nails white as a primer, then using liquid latex, she protects the edges of her nails. After drying she uses a small makeup sponge with polish colors to imprint on her nail which will help to produce the glass effect after she applies cut iridescent tissue paper and then the final coat.

It really creates a cool illusion.  Let us know what you think.

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