Husband Kept This Stump On Their Lawn For 2 Weeks. Then Shows His Awesome Enchanted Fairy House!

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It’s always sad when an old tree dies on my property, that needs to be cut down…and the left-over stump can be an eyesore.  Mimi and her husband faced this unsightly stump right in their front yard, after her husband cut down the dead tree. The video you are about to watch below, was posted by Mimi, who came up with the most creative and charming idea for that unsightly stump.  Luckily her husband is handy with a saw and woodworking, and was willing to implement Mimi’s adorable idea! He was about to turn this old stump into something awesome.

She takes us through the steps and exact inexpensive materials, that were purchased at Lowe’s hardware and the Dollar Store, that went into their creation. With a little bit of imagination, some amazing hand skills and a clear vision they pulled off one of the cutest and adorable little fairy houses I have ever seen.

Together they transformed an ugly stump into an inviting and adorable “Gnome Tree Stump House”, that adorns their front yard, and has incredible detail.  It gives them pleasure each day and has been enjoyed by friends and neighbors alike. I really want one of these at my house but I’m not sure if they are doing this as a business or just as a hobby for fun!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Is Not A Picture Of A Man. When You Zoom In You Will See Whats Hidden In There!

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We are privy to so many creative things through our access to the internet…things that we probably would never have the chance to see. Occasionally I see something so unbelievably out of the realm of anything I could ever imagine, that I am left completely in awe.

What is so wonderful about what you are about to view in the video below, is not only the final masterpiece, but the actual process that was taken to arrive there. An artist from the Ukraine, Zenyk Palahniuk, came to his canvas with only a pencil, hammer, thread and nails.

After conceiving what he was to embark upon, he painstakingly spent over 200 hours (the equivalent of 8 days) to complete this incredible piece of art. His entire process from start to finish is captured in this sped up footage, in which Zenyk hammered approximately 13,000 nails connected by 15 miles of thread.

Such genius of conception and the beauty of his finished masterwork is truly mind-boggling. It is proof positive of the uniqueness of artistic intelligence meeting the joy of creation.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

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This Is Not a Normal Sculpture. When You Zoom In You Will See What’s Inside!

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There are all sorts of unique works of art constantly being created. This one caught our eye. It is a fluid sculpture dreamed up and designed by an artist known as Casual Profanity. The piece and video featuring it won the “Captured” Category at the Vimeo Festival + Awards.

The artist worked with clear plastic tubing that had an outside diameter of 1/8” and knit it onto a blue ringed loom which serves as a base and supports the structure. At first glimpse it looks crazy intricate and highly compact. However, the magic starts when colored water is pumped through the tubing. It creates a hypnotic visual effect and opens up a world of possible transformations. 

The speed, color, and fluid medium can all be altered to produce a certain desired result. Same goes for the knitted pattern or way it is built.  The same artist, Casual Profanity, has also produced a fluid dress. It is an extension of the fluid sculpture in that it is composed of clear plastic tubing as well.

There is a backpack mounted pump with special valves that control the fluid flow, ensuring the wearer maximum optic wow factor. Could you imagine a woman wearing a dress filled with moving liquid, all lit up, as she too moves around the room? It would be fantastic to witness!

The sculpture certainly seems like a neat interactive piece of art that you could experiment with or just look at. The simple beauty and movement of the water and colors definitely has a mesmerizing and almost therapeutic effect. Check out the liquid dress too, it is awesome!

Let us know what you think of the video! Enjoy!

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It Looks Like a Normal Painting Of a Lion. But When I Saw The Truth I Was Blown Away!

Paul Smith was born in the 1920’s when people with cerebral palsy weren’t given good odds of living.  There was no such thing as mainstream education for someone with his severe case of spastic palsy which severely limited his ability to speak, move and fine motor ability.  As a result he was illiterate. He had many gifts, the first being perseverance.  After 16 years he learned to speak, and 32 to learn to walk.  

At the age of 11 he devised a way to create paintings using only 10 symbols on the keys of an old fashioned typewriter, as he did not have the fine motor ability to hold brushes or pencils. His artistry developed over the years into truly mind-blowing works of art that he painstakingly worked on as he listened to classical music.  

In the 1960’s, after his parents died he moved into a nursing home that became his new family.  In addition to his amazing artistry he became a chess master and enjoyed sports.  Defying the odds, Paul Smith lived to the ripe old age of 85; Living a life of purpose as he created works of art that were innovative and will stand the test of time.  

He is an outstanding example of the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and rise to the highest heights of achievement. You will be amazed at what you are about to view in this inspirational video.

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He Never Lifts His Pen Off The Paper. But The End Result Is A Stunning Unexpected Surprise!

Recreating someone else’s fine art takes talent but is somehow not that impressive because it isn’t an original work of art. However, if an artist brings some twist to the recreation that is uniquely his own, that is far more exciting. In this video, Chan Hwee Chong, recreates Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, through spiral drawing.

I had no idea what was about to be formed before my eyes, as Chong began with a tiny spin of ink and drew a continuous spiral, never lifting his pen from the paper. All he did was vary the thickness of one continuous line and when he was done, what enfolded was a perfect likeness of Vermeer’s work.

I have watched this over and over and cannot fathom how, with just a single brush pen, Chung was able to recreate this masterpiece with all of it’s intricacy, without ever lifting his pen from the paper and continuously drawing in a spiral stroke. You will have to see this to believe it!

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