Husband Kept This Stump On Their Lawn For 2 Weeks. Then Shows His Awesome Enchanted Fairy House!

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It’s always sad when an old tree dies on my property, that needs to be cut down…and the left-over stump can be an eyesore.  Mimi and her husband faced this unsightly stump right in their front yard, after her husband cut down the dead tree. The video you are about to watch below, was posted by Mimi, who came up with the most creative and charming idea for that unsightly stump.  Luckily her husband is handy with a saw and woodworking, and was willing to implement Mimi’s adorable idea! He was about to turn this old stump into something awesome.

She takes us through the steps and exact inexpensive materials, that were purchased at Lowe’s hardware and the Dollar Store, that went into their creation. With a little bit of imagination, some amazing hand skills and a clear vision they pulled off one of the cutest and adorable little fairy houses I have ever seen.

Together they transformed an ugly stump into an inviting and adorable “Gnome Tree Stump House”, that adorns their front yard, and has incredible detail.  It gives them pleasure each day and has been enjoyed by friends and neighbors alike. I really want one of these at my house but I’m not sure if they are doing this as a business or just as a hobby for fun!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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