It’s The End Of Summer Dachshund Pool Race! But The End Has An Unexpected Twist!

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If you have a bunch of dogs who love to swim, a pool, and a good attitude, then you may want to copy what the people in this video did. The fun loving family held the first ever “Dachshund 500” at their backyard swimming pool and the outcome was phenomenal. A total of 5 mini Dachshunds of varying athletic abilities participated and all of them performed beautifully.

Each dog was held by a family member at one end of the pool while a man, presumed to be the father of the group, can be heard introducing each in turn. First up was Penny who was given 5-1 odds at winning the race. Next came Valerie, known as the blonde bombshell, who was favored to come in last if she even placed at all.

Third up was Rupert, aka Ruby, who was given 2-1 odds of winning and was favored to win the race. The fourth doggy was Zeus, nicknamed Chewy because his long hair makes him resemble Chewbacca. And finally, the fifth one was Snoop, who was also favored to win the race and he looked more than ready to go as he swam in mid-air while being held. Snoop and Ruby were both favored to win because they love swimming more than the rest of the dogs and that made it more than likely one of them would place first.

Once the lineup was all introduced, the family got right down to the race. All of the entrants were told to get ready and get set right before they were each gently dropped into the pool. Right away the dogs started paddling for the other end of the pool as the family cheered them on and shouted words of encouragement.

The puppies looked like they were having a great time as they doggy paddled their tails off and swam with all their heart. The whole scene is a puppy lovers heaven and it’s too darn cute to do it justice by trying to describe it here. Check out the video to see what I mean and to see which little doggy wins.

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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