Can You Find The 7 Hidden Words In This Picture?

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The kids are soon getting back in school and will will be more time indoors and that means they need fun things to do and occupy their time with.  Crosswords, video games, puzzles, play-doh, art and much more will be taking up lots of their indoor time. When you were a kid, on a rainy day or whenever you were stuck inside, there likely wasn’t anything better to do than to play with whatever you had on hand.

For many of us, that meant building awesome forts out of couches, blankets, brooms, pillows, and all sorts of other things that we gathered up. All that it took was a little imagination and ingenuity and in no time at all you could build a super sweet set-up to play in for hours on end. Fort building was, and remains, one of the best ways to entertain yourself and even though kids have computers and a lot of other stuff to play with, it will never go out of style or cease being fun!

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In homage to wonderful fort building memories of our past, we present to you this entertaining picture-word-search-puzzle. In the cartoon image below of two children playing and constructing a blanket fort while their cat looks on, there are a total of seven hidden words concealed among the details. However, this is not just an image, it also happens to be a video and once you click on the play button your challenge begins.

From start to finish you will have just under two minutes to find all seven words before they are highlighted and revealed towards the end of the clip. To be more precise, at exactly 1:58 all of the words will begin to appear in yellow, so if you can spot them all before that, you will pass the challenge.

Illustrations like this are great for passing time and keeping either yourself or kids occupied. So please pass it along. Don’t forget to work quickly, stay focused, and see if you can pass the challenge and find all seven words before time runs out. Good luck!

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She Was Diagnosed As ‘Insane’ But She Gave Her Doc a Picture She Drew and Suddenly He Realized The Horrific Truth!

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Modern medicine has come along way since it’s humble beginnings. Scientists and doctors all around the world have made incredible discoveries which have cured incurable diseases and saved millions of lives. Between all the technological advancements in CT Scans, Bloodwork, X-rays and every other tool other than the amazing medicines doctors use to treat their patients they aren’t always perfect! Sometimes there is no clear cut path to take when it comes to curing somebody of their ailment and this can make many of their day to day decisions extremely complicated and stressful.

Even after years and years of medical school, nursing school, dental school or any other medical speciality professional school mistakes can still happen. Remember medical professionals are still human no matter how well they are trained. There are things that can happen that nobody could possibly anticipate but they do the best they can and always try their hardest to follow the hippocratic oath and never neglect or do harm to a patient purposely..

With all this being said it brings us to today’s interesting story about a woman named Suzanna who was an intelligent, driven and happy woman who just landed a dream job at the New York Post when she was only 24 years old. In this same year she had gotten into her first serious relationship with a man who she had been with for over 6 months. Everything was going so unbelievably well for this young woman however things would soon take a turn for the worse than nobody could anticipate.

At first she began getting strange itchy feelings all over her body. She couldn’t see anything on her skin but the feeling was really uncomfortable and disturbing. She thought perhaps it might’ve been bed bugs so she got an exterminator to come over and fumigate her place hoping it would solve her issue. The problem is, when the exterminator arrived and began inspecting her place he couldn’t find a single bed bug. This concerned her because now she had no clue where these strange sensations were coming from and she began to get nervous.

Then things began to spiral out of control as she grew more and more paranoid, with delusions and hallucinations. On top of that she was having recurring seizures. Things got so bad that she couldn’t get to her job at the New York Post or even leave her place for that matter.  She ended up admitting herself to NYU Medical Hospital where her ‘crazy’ episodes escalated and at some times she would even become violent with the doctors and nurses. She felt completely helpless and out of control and she couldn’t understand what in the world was happening! She even went as far to say multiple times that she felt like a zombie and whoever she was before was gone.

The Doctors on staff all agreed that she was probably having a mental break and should go to a mental health facility where she could get the proper care she desperately needed. However there was one Doctor at the clinic that wanted to examine her and take a closer look before she was transferred to the mental health facility because he wasn’t totally convinced she was having a mental break or even crazy at all.

He came into her room, introduced himself and then asked her to do something for him that seemed a bit strange at the time but would end up changing the trajectory of her life forever. The doctor asked her to take a pen and draw a clock on the piece of paper he handed her. She drew the clock and that’s when the doctor knew his hunch was right. What he would discover would leave everyone stunned…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Guy Puts 5 Colored Markers On His Canvas All At Once. The Results Are An Unexpected Surprise!

It seems that with every passing day more people are writing less by hand. It’s almost as if the idea of taking a pen to paper and writing out words by hand is old fashioned, and it is fast becoming a dying art form. People have instead turned to electronic means of communication and are increasing their use of technology, whether it be via emails, cell phones, messenger apps, or whatever else happens to be new at the moment.

Schools in America are even phasing out teaching cursive to students. National standards do not require such instruction and it’s now commonly viewed as an unnecessary waste of time that will soon be obsolete. Even though the general overall practice of hand writing is fading away, some areas of it are stronger than ever and will never completely disappear. One such area is calligraphy.

Modern calligraphy is an artistically visual take on regular writing, by which the artist adds beautiful flourishes and different effects, to create aesthetically pleasing and carefully executed letters and signs. The ancient practice has roots in both Western and Eastern cultures, with the Chinese, Japanese, Greeks and Romans all extensively using it.

There used to be very strict rules and ways in which each letter was written. Scribes and calligraphers spent their lives studying the exact order of each stroke necessary to form a character in hopes of mastering the art. These days the writing is less rigid and standard, and artists are more free to create different styles and graphic designs.

When it comes to modern practice, master calligrapher Sebastian “Seb” Lester is one of the worlds best. His extensive portfolio of work includes many distinct logos, type illustrations, and custom typefaces that he created for major international companies, and some of which you are more than likely familiar with.

He has developed writings for events like the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, publications that include The New York Times, and corporations such as Nike, Apple, and Intel, to name a few. In the accompanying video you can see some of Seb’s favorite works. YouTube channel asked him which words were the most fun for him to draw and this was his exact response.

The channel notes in the comment section that Seb personally edited the video and he makes writing look so easy. His steady hand effortlessly glides across the paper creating beautiful and detailed works in their wake.

The images are so clean and polished that the look like they were originally designed with a computer program and then printed out. It’s all very fascinating, and oddly pleasing, to watch him go about his work and guess what he is going to draw next.

To see some of his work check out the video. Who knows, you might be inspired to pick up a pen and start writing or drawing!

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He Never Lifts His Pen Off The Paper. But The End Result Is A Stunning Unexpected Surprise!

Recreating someone else’s fine art takes talent but is somehow not that impressive because it isn’t an original work of art. However, if an artist brings some twist to the recreation that is uniquely his own, that is far more exciting. In this video, Chan Hwee Chong, recreates Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, through spiral drawing.

I had no idea what was about to be formed before my eyes, as Chong began with a tiny spin of ink and drew a continuous spiral, never lifting his pen from the paper. All he did was vary the thickness of one continuous line and when he was done, what enfolded was a perfect likeness of Vermeer’s work.

I have watched this over and over and cannot fathom how, with just a single brush pen, Chung was able to recreate this masterpiece with all of it’s intricacy, without ever lifting his pen from the paper and continuously drawing in a spiral stroke. You will have to see this to believe it!

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