Surrogate Just Gave Birth To Twin Babies.

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For a number of reasons, some couples are unable to have a child. There may be a medical condition or even just fertility problems. When couples are in situations like this, they often turn to surrogates for aid. However, for one couple this was not an option. In China, hiring a surrogate is illegal. One Chinese couple kept running into difficulties having a child. They knew a surrogate could streamline the process so they moved to the U.S. and hired one. Jessica Allen was hired for an initial $30,000.

This was until Jessica went to her first ultrasound and discovered that she was actually carrying twins. The couple raised her pension adding an extra $5,000 to compensate for the newly discovered second baby. After 38 weeks, Allen delivered the babies on December 12, 2016. Perhaps to her dismay, the newly born were immediately whisked away before Allen could even get a glimpse of them. She went home to her husband and continued on with her life. Then, she received a text from the couple she had just delivered for.

They said that one of the twins was clearly Chinese and the other was clearly not. It was clear that they were not identical twins. The couple had done a DNA test and discovered that only the Chinese child was theirs. The other child was Allen’s and had somehow been conceived after the other couple’s embryo egg had been implanted.

The couple wanted nothing to do with Allen’s child. They planned to put him up for adoption and additionally demanded $22,000 dollars in compensation. They no longer were willing to pay for the child’s development as it wasn’t theirs. Jessica had just moved to a new house with her partner and had little savings at the moment. She was forced to take out a loan to get her child. Luckily, they made it back to each other. She named him Malachai but this is not where the story ends….

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In our next featured video of the day watch as a couple has twins but while they are still in the recovery room the doctor tells them they have Down syndrome:

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Any parent knows how emotional, stressful, and joyous the birth of their children can be.  For Nicola and Todd Bailey of Sheffield, England, who were expecting twin girls, they were over moon excited about welcoming two new additions to their family.  The couple already had a son, Lucas, and couldn’t wait to give him two little sisters. However, the twins came sooner than Nicola expected and at just thirty three weeks she was rushed to the hospital in labor.  She ended up giving birth to the girls who she named Harper and Quinn, and immediately after doctors told the couple that the babies had been born healthy.  Relieved, they set their focus on recovery and making plans for bringing them home.

When doctors suddenly returned to their room about a half an hour later, they looked serious and what they told the new parents didn’t immediately make sense.  The doctor said to them “I’m so sorry” and went on to explain that the baby born first, Harper, had Down Syndrome.  

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition caused by a chromosomal disorder which results in developmental issues, intellectual disability, and physical changes in appearance.  It’s generally viewed in a negative light by both doctors and the public, which has led to people who have it being stigmatized and looked at differently. While it has become more accepted in the past few years as people are educated and learn more about it, it’s nonetheless still viewed as abnormal.     

Regardless of the diagnosis, the Bailey’s were simply in love and grateful for their two newborn daughters.  They also had more serious health issues to deal with. In addition to Down Syndrome, Harper was also born with two small holes in her heart.  One thankfully closed all on its own, but the second one required surgery. 

Once they were out of the woods and finally able to bring their twins home, Nicola and Todd thought back about how the doctors had broken the news to them in such a negative, apologetic way.  It made them realize how people automatically felt bad about Harper’s condition, which they thought should not be the case.

Oftentimes, when people first met Harper they seemed to always say “I’m sorry” about her having Down Syndrome, but Nicola and Todd thought she was no different than their other two children and shouldn’t be defined by having it.

Wanting to change the perception of families with Down Syndrome children, Nicola decided to publicly share her life raising her babies.  That way she could fight back against the misconceptions and false information people had towards it.

She set up a blog and social media accounts to help get her message out that having a Down Syndrome child is nothing to be ashamed of or viewed negatively.  Instead, people should accept that others are sometimes born different and that’s okay. Harper is just as happy, loving, and unique as any other child and a Down Syndrome diagnosis is nothing anyone, especially doctors, should be apologizing about.

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In our next featured video of the day watch this wonderful moment as a boy named James with Down Syndrome get a Promposal in the school gymnasium by a wonderful and beautiful girl named Maisey as the whole school cheers him on:

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On a recent afternoon students at Glenelg High School, in Maryland, gathered for an unforgettable moment. They had assembled at the school’s gymnasium and stood eagerly waiting for one particular classmate’s arrival. The student, James, has down syndrome and was about to get the surprise of a lifetime. The video starts off with James eagerly making his way towards the gym.

He is unaware of what is about to happen and as he gets closer the sounds of kids cheering can be heard. When James walks into the gym he is greeted by the sight of his classmates circling the basketball court. As he makes his way into the circle his peers break out into a chant, clapping and cheering him on. At first he looks a bit unsure as to what is happening.

However, he quickly overcomes any uncertainty and is reassured by his friends warm smiles and shouts of encouragement. James goes to the center of them all and shows off some of his sweet dancing skills, moving and shaking to their chants. While he is boogieing down a girl with long blonde hair makes her way towards him holding a sign. It reads “James, Prom?” He stops and the girl, Maisy, asks him if he will go to prom with her. When James says yes the students erupt, cheering loudly, and the pair share a sweet hug.

For everyone gathered in the gymnasium that day, this is a promposal that they will never forget. It is truly a wonderful and sweet moment they all experienced and now you too can see it!

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In our next featured story there’s an emotional and heartbreaking moment when a father has to defend his son with Down syndrome:

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What you are about to view in the video, is a father, Rob Scott, who needs to share his truth, after overhearing a moment between another father and his son.  The child asks what Downs Syndrome is, and the dad answers, “It’s a disease of not knowing anything”.

This response deeply bothered Rob, whose son was born with Down’s Syndrome.  What he experienced at that moment of hearing this other father try to probably simplify the condition for his child, was heartbreak.  He desperately wanted to correct what this father was telling his son, but didn’t have the courage to speak up.

What you are about to hear him say was recorded a few minutes after this occurrence.  Rob was upset with himself for not speaking up, and felt the strong need to record what was in his heart, as a way of standing up for his son who has been the greatest gift of his life.

His intention in recording this footage, was in no way motivated by a desire to shame the father who responded to his son’s innocent question in that way; he just needed “to karmically reset what just happened”.  Rob’s son, Turner, has been the greatest teacher about what the meaning of joy and love truly is.

He so aptly notes that the word “disability” is a term that encapsulates perception rather than fact.  His words brought me to tears; what he has to say is about so much more than Downs Syndrome.  Let us know your thoughts about this father’s moment of soul-searching honesty.

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In our next featured story a very special moment went down when a school cop soothes and calms a young sweet girl with Down Syndrome who is frozen in fear in the school hallway

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Do you remember your favorite stuffed animal, toy, or maybe a blanket when you were a kid. No matter where you went you always had your friend with you by your side. There was no obstacle or problem that couldn’t be taken care of as long as you and your favorite toy were together.

Scary things just weren’t as scary and just having your small friend with you gave you the courage to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do as a young child out of fear. One of the main reasons kids carry a ‘special’ stuffed animal, blanket or toy is because it lowers their anxieties and fears in almost any situation they face.

This brings us to today’s story featuring a young 12-year old girl named Raquel Zuniga, she is currently in the 7th grade and goes to classes that are specifically designed for children with moderate to severe mental disabilities. Raquel carries a special friend with her everywhere she goes. This friend is none other than everyone’s favorite frog Kermit! Raquel hangs out with Kermit the Frog all day everyday, whether she is home or at school Kermit is always right by her side.

Due to Raquel’s disability she has severe anxiety especially when she is transitioning from one place to another. This tends to flare up at school when the bell rings and it’s time to go from one class to another. On this day, Raquel was having an extremely rough time transitioning from one class to another and she froze. She couldn’t walk or get to her class and she wouldn’t say anything. She just stood in the hallways frozen clutching Kermit silently.

Multiple teachers came up to Raquel and tried to get her to unfreeze and comfort and make her feel safe in her current state and situation. None could help, Raquel stood their frozen for just about a full hour clutching on to her stuffed frog.

That’s when a special soul enters the story, school security officer Kris Morrison who spent the last 20 years as a school officer for special needs children. However, before that she was an officer Kris was a teacher for children with disabilities and instinctually somehow knew exactly what to do to help poor Raquel.

Kris spoke to Raquel in a soothing voice and then began to sing Rainbow Connection, the famous song that Kermit the Frog, ‘Raquel’s best friend’ is most known for. As Kris sang Raquel’s anxiety and fear just began melting away.

Soon after she began moving and it was as if a miracle just occurred and she unfroze! This was Raquels favorite song, so it immediately triggered her brain to relax and feel safe. Just like that, the magic of music, an amazing school security officer and Kermit the frog had saved the day!

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In our final featured story of the day we have an awesome moment when a boy with Down Syndrome approaches a very serious Windsor Castle Queen’s Ground. As he approached the guard, he stomped and the young man with Down Syndrome was startled and ran in fear…

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Windsor Castle is one of the Queen of England’s primary residences and every year thousands of visitors go to see it.  The picturesque fortress is protected by the Queen’s Guard which consists of soldiers who have been charged with standing watch around the clock.  They are just as well known as the castles they safeguard and can easily be identified by their unique uniforms consisting of red tunics and black bearskin hats.

One young man named Sam had travelled to Windsor Castle as part of a web series he starred in along with his friends called “The Specials.”  The show followed the lives of five young adults with Down Syndrome who lived in a shared house. It came out back in 2009 to rave reviews and went on to win a Webby Award for Best Reality Program. 

While filming the second season, Sam had taken a tour of Windsor Castle with two soldiers as his guide, Lt. Bragger and Sgt. Baggot-Moore. While walking the historic grounds they told him that they were headed to see the guard on duty and that he would not be able to interact with him, as it’s their duty to remain silent while on patrol.

When they reached the guard, he stood stoically at his post wearing the iconic uniform and holding a rifle stung over his shoulder.  Sam went over and stood right next to him, just as many tourists do every day when they visit and wish to get a picture with the soldier. 

So long as you are respectful and don’t get too close, you are permitted to take photos with the guard on duty, but if you bother them or get too close they will warn you by shouting they may take further action to put an end to it.

While Sam was standing near the guard, he was suddenly startled by the soldier stamping his foot loudly on the ground.  It did the job, and Sam scurried off back towards the two soldiers who were his tour guides and had a laugh with them. Had Sam gotten too close for comfort or did he stay next to the guard for too long to cause him to stamp his foot?  As it turned out, Sam didn’t do anything wrong at all, the guard on duty was his younger brother Jack!

The year before Jack had joined the army and hadn’t seen Sam since.  That was part of the reason why Sam went to Windsor Castle, so he could visit him and check out where he worked.  When Jack stamped his foot, it was likely his way of saying hello to his brother, since he is not allowed to talk to anyone while on patrol.  

Later on the two brothers had a proper reunion in the barracks and chatted about Sam’s love life.  Jack encouraged him to pursue a relationship and soon after Sam started dating one of his housemates, Meghan.  The pair ended up dating for six years before Sam proposed, and she said yes.

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Texas Mother Thought She Was Giving Birth To Twins. But Then The Doc Looks Closer and Immediately Yells ‘Help!’

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Childbirth is terrifying. It’s long, painful, and never guaranteed to end well. Even giving birth to one child is very risky. Add more than one and the chances of something going wrong increase dramatically. One couple was willing to take the risk.

Lauren and David wanted a baby more than anything. They had tried and tried to get pregnant to no avail. Finally, the couple decided that they needed to try a different tactic: artificial insemination. They began the process and soon enough, Lauren got positive on a pregnancy test.

It was soon time for the first checkup. After taking some tests, the doctor informed Lauren that her HCG levels were very high. This meant it was possible that Lauren was carrying a second child. Lauren and David couldn’t believe their luck.

Soon after, they came back in for the ultrasound. They couldn’t wait to see if Lauren had twins. The doctor set up the ultrasound and gasped when he looked at the screen. He claimed there were 5 babies. A minute later to the stunned everyone, he found a 6th child. The doctor told them that they could terminate some of the fetuses to give the rest a better chance at survival. Lauren and David wouldn’t hear it. They had always wanted a big family and they finally had a chance to make that happen.

The day Lauren was due finally came. In total, there were 35 people in the delivery room all doing their part to aid in the pregnancy. There were also 6 nurses waiting to take each individual child. Luckily, all the precautions took paid off. Lauren safely delivered all 6 babies within only 4 minutes! Lauren and David couldn’t believe they had gotten so lucky. They rejoiced and went home to start their family.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Mother Just Gave Birth To Triplets. But 30 Minutes Later The Doctor Walks Into The Room and Tells Her ‘I’m Sorry’

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When Amy and Michael Howard from Center Moriches, New York found out they were expecting triplets, the couple was over the moon. The new parents to be were excited and while they knew generally what to expect, they were totally unprepared for just how much their lives were about to change.

As soon as Amy gave birth in October to the three boys, both she and Michael could tell right away that something was wrong with them. The newborns, Hunter, Jackson, and Caden, all had misshaped heads due to a condition known as craniosynostosis. Infants born with the condition have skulls where the bones have been prematurely joined together inside the uterus, which can lead to an underdeveloped brain and misshapen head. If not corrected early on, the malformation can possibly lead to limited brain function. The Howards thought that since the triplets were crowded in the womb, it had led to the problem, and that now the boys were out they would begin to develop normal head shapes.

Doctors who examined the babies were baffled and astounded by what they found. On average, 1 in 2,500 babies are born with craniosynostosis, but for all three triplets to have it the odds are seemingly impossible at 1 in 500 trillion! Nevertheless, the babies had it and doctors broke the bad news to the couple that all three needed surgery to correct the condition.

When the boys were just nine weeks old, they all underwent the first ever craniosynostosis operations performed on triplets. Thankfully all of them turned out well with no complications and after two days in the hospital the boys were able to go home. They still had a long road to recovery ahead and had to wear special helmets 23 hours a day, seven days a week, for six months to ensure proper skull development.

By the time Hunter, Jackson, and Caden were over a year old, they had all developed normal shaped heads. They had also reached important developmental milestones without any issues and were normal, healthy babies who had managed to overcome the condition they were born with. While the odds were astronomical and never seen before, the outcome was thankfully better than anyone could have expected!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Was Diagnosed As ‘Insane’ But She Gave Her Doc a Picture She Drew and Suddenly He Realized The Horrific Truth!

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Modern medicine has come along way since it’s humble beginnings. Scientists and doctors all around the world have made incredible discoveries which have cured incurable diseases and saved millions of lives. Between all the technological advancements in CT Scans, Bloodwork, X-rays and every other tool other than the amazing medicines doctors use to treat their patients they aren’t always perfect! Sometimes there is no clear cut path to take when it comes to curing somebody of their ailment and this can make many of their day to day decisions extremely complicated and stressful.

Even after years and years of medical school, nursing school, dental school or any other medical speciality professional school mistakes can still happen. Remember medical professionals are still human no matter how well they are trained. There are things that can happen that nobody could possibly anticipate but they do the best they can and always try their hardest to follow the hippocratic oath and never neglect or do harm to a patient purposely..

With all this being said it brings us to today’s interesting story about a woman named Suzanna who was an intelligent, driven and happy woman who just landed a dream job at the New York Post when she was only 24 years old. In this same year she had gotten into her first serious relationship with a man who she had been with for over 6 months. Everything was going so unbelievably well for this young woman however things would soon take a turn for the worse than nobody could anticipate.

At first she began getting strange itchy feelings all over her body. She couldn’t see anything on her skin but the feeling was really uncomfortable and disturbing. She thought perhaps it might’ve been bed bugs so she got an exterminator to come over and fumigate her place hoping it would solve her issue. The problem is, when the exterminator arrived and began inspecting her place he couldn’t find a single bed bug. This concerned her because now she had no clue where these strange sensations were coming from and she began to get nervous.

Then things began to spiral out of control as she grew more and more paranoid, with delusions and hallucinations. On top of that she was having recurring seizures. Things got so bad that she couldn’t get to her job at the New York Post or even leave her place for that matter.  She ended up admitting herself to NYU Medical Hospital where her ‘crazy’ episodes escalated and at some times she would even become violent with the doctors and nurses. She felt completely helpless and out of control and she couldn’t understand what in the world was happening! She even went as far to say multiple times that she felt like a zombie and whoever she was before was gone.

The Doctors on staff all agreed that she was probably having a mental break and should go to a mental health facility where she could get the proper care she desperately needed. However there was one Doctor at the clinic that wanted to examine her and take a closer look before she was transferred to the mental health facility because he wasn’t totally convinced she was having a mental break or even crazy at all.

He came into her room, introduced himself and then asked her to do something for him that seemed a bit strange at the time but would end up changing the trajectory of her life forever. The doctor asked her to take a pen and draw a clock on the piece of paper he handed her. She drew the clock and that’s when the doctor knew his hunch was right. What he would discover would leave everyone stunned…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Wore The Same Mascara To Sleep For Twenty Five Years. What The Doctors Discovered Under Her Eyelids Let Them Stunned!

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If you wear makeup on your face, it’s always best to wash it off before going to sleep at night.  If you wear mascara on your eyes, you should definitely remove it before you go to bed, as one woman found out the hard way.

Teresa Lynch always liked wearing makeup and since she was in her mid-20s she’d been applying mascara daily.  She preferred waterproof mascara because it stayed on longer and wouldn’t smear down her face if she cried or it got wet.  Teresa also had a dirty little secret; she never took off her mascara before she went to bed. 

When Teresa was around 50 years old, she started having trouble with her eyes.  It constantly felt like there was something in them and it got so bad that she had to make an appointment with her eye doctor.  While examining her eyes he asked her is she wore mascara and she told him yes, every day. Then he asked her how often she took it off before going to sleep and she told him the honest truth, that in the past 25 years she had never removed her mascara before bed.  After looking under her eyelids the doctor told her that what had been bothering her all this time was mascara build-up in her eyes, which over time had calcified into hard lumps!

The hard lumps of mascara had become embedded in the inner surface of her eyelid, some went even deeper, and the rough lumps were scraping her cornea every time she blinked.  When he flipped her eyelid instead of being clear and pinkish, it was covered in black little dots of hardened mascara. In addition to that painful problem, she also had follicular conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection which is more commonly known as pink eye.

At this point, Teresa had done permanent damage and the surface of her eyes were scarred.  In order to prevent further damage she would need surgery to remove the lumps under her eyelids.  After a 90 minute invasive surgery and weeks of healing, her eyes finally felt better.

Even after all she had been through, Teresa still wanted to wear mascara.  She cleared it with her doctor first and when she was able to wear it again, she made sure to fully remove it before going to bed. She decided to share her story as a precautionary tale to anyone else who doesn’t remove their makeup before bed.  You definitely do not want to end up with permanent damage or needing invasive eye surgery. For more details be sure to check out the video for more information.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Goes To Her Doc With Pain and Swelling On Her Forehead. He Looks At It and Is Stunned By What He Finds!

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This is the story of a very rare ordeal that a 55 year old woman from York, UK went through after returning from a trip she’d taken to Uganda, Africa.  Shortly after getting back she noticed red swelling on her hairline. She ignored it at first but when it steadily got worse, she went to the hospital to have it checked out.  The doctors who examined her thought it was just an infected insect bite, so they sent her home with antibiotics. Three days later the woman returned to the hospital, this time complaining of shooting pains around her face.  In addition, the swelling had spread from her forehead to her eyes which was troubling.

The doctors ordered tests and soon found out that maggots had somehow dug their way into her forehead!  As disgusting as the diagnosis was, it was thankfully caught early on and the maggots were easily removed.  According to a British Medical Journal case report, the first maggot came out when petroleum jelly was applied to her forehead.  However, an ultrasound revealed that a second one was still inside, so doctors cut open her skin, removed it, and cleaned out the area.  After spending four days in the hospital the woman fully recovered and was free to go home.    

The maggots were sent off to the London School of Tropical Medicine where they were identified as lungs fly offspring, a rare species found only in African rainforests.  This made sense because while visiting Uganda the woman had gone on a tour through a rainforest in Kibale National Park. Upon investigating her story further, doctors concluded that she must have wrapped a towel around her head which contained fly eggs.  The eggs made their way inside her forehead via a small wound and developed into maggots, at which point they caused her pain and discomfort and were found.  

The medical term for this strange phenomenon is called myiasis, which is an infection of fly larvae whereby the eggs get under a person’s skin via a surface wound.  The eggs then develop into maggots before eventually dropping off on their own. Myiasis most often occurs in tropical and subtropical areas, like the rainforest the woman had trekked through on her trip.  

As if the story wasn’t horrible enough, according to the woman, her son’s friend who had accompanied them was also infected on the trip.  He had a large lump on his back which he sought treatment for, but different doctors in London had dismissed it as an infected insect bite as well and bandaged him up.  When he took the bandage off his skin the maggot ended up coming out on its own. In the end both patients fully recovered and now, at the very least, more awareness of the possible issue has been raised.

Watch The Video Below For The Full Story:

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