TSA Heard Someone Yell Don’t Let Him Onboard! Then They See THIS Soldier On His Phone In Tears!

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Most of us can’t really understand or appreciate the complete magnitude of what the soldiers in our country sacrifice day in and day out for us. These great men and women truly deserve to be celebrated for what they do. Not only do they all leave their family and friends when they are on active duty, but they miss out on the important events in life, such as their child’s first steps, their wedding anniversary, their jobs or even the little things like a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

They are out there in the trenches sacrificing their bodies and m,any of these men and women never make it back home alive. Many are permanently wounded physically and mentally and suffer from all sorts of mental illness such as anxiety and PTSD.

Today we focus in on a great story featuring an active duty soldier named Brooks Lindsay. At the time he was deployed, his wife was pregnant and the date was set for their baby girl’s birth. Brooks set up his schedule that he could fly back home from deployment 14 days before her actual due date just to make sure he didn’t miss the big moment when his daughter would be born!

Like most stuff in life, things tend to not go exactly how you plan them. As the due date drew closer, his wife began to realize something didn’t feel right. She went to her doctor who did an exam and realized she and her soon to be daughter were suffering from preeclampsia under a heavy load of stress! This set off a domino effect of changes, which would ultimately lead her to an induced labor 14 days before the planned date.

Remember, Brooks was thinking ahead and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss this moment and also be there to hold his wife’s hand, breathe and just support her during the whole birthing process. So as the doctors were inducing his wife’s labor, Brooks was trapped at the airport! When he got the news that she was in labor now and the birth was going to happen within the next hour or two he was completely devastated. Luckily his mother jumped into action and was their the whole time giving his wife support during the entire birth.

Not only that, his lovely mother, who happens to be quite tech savvy got him on FaceTime video chat on her phone so Brooks could be their at least in digital form. As the birth proceeded, it began to look like there was a snowball effect of complications compiling on each other. Brooks watched helplessly from the airport wishing he could just jump through his phone and be with his wife and soon to be daughter in the flesh.

Then over the loudspeaker the announcement called for his flight to begin boarding. Feeling even more down now that he would miss the finale of the birth and he wouldn’t even be sure if his wife or baby would be fine until he landed. He grabbed his carry on and began walking towards the line to get into the terminal. Then suddenly a voice pierced through the entire airport, “Don’t let that man board this flight!”

Upon hearing this obviously the TSA and Airport security and staff immediately went into high alert. But they quickly realized where the strange voice was coming from. It was emanating out of the man’s smart phone through FaceTime! It was his wife’s doctor who was in charge of her pregnancy and birth. The doctor knew it would only take 2-3 more pushes and the baby would be born, but if Brooks got on that plane he would miss the moment he waited so long to see and experience.

When the Airport Staff realized what was happening and that there was no threat, just an incredible miracle about to unfold. The amazing staff and TSA at the airport did something that is pretty much unheard of in the airline industry…. They delayed the flight to let this soldier watch his baby daughter be born. Word quickly traveled through the airport and soon pretty much everyone who was boarding everyone on the surround flights and pretty much all humans in between were watching Brooks as he stood seated glued to his FaceTime on his phone!

A fellow passenger on the flight named Tracy Dover quickly pulled out her phone and began to record the soldier watching his baby be born. Just as the doctor promised within the next 3 pushes and only a few minutes later the soldier’s daughter was born and he boarded the flight.

As soon as the plane landed, he ran to the terminal, grabbed his bags, flagged a taxi and head directly to the hospital! When he got there he was so filled with joy and happiness seeing his wife and new princess healthy, safe and sound.

Around the same time, Tracy Dover the girl who filmed the soldier watching his wife give birth on his FaceTime uploaded it to social media. Within just a few days, the video spread like wildfire and becoming an instantly viral!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Two Men Try To Save Drowning Baby Zebra But That’s When The Zebra Mom Confronts Them and Does The Unthinkable!

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Many people are torn when it comes to zoos and animal parks. On the one hand a lot believe that these animals shouldn’t be placed in small artifical enclosures and think they deserve to be in the wild where they are meant to be. On the other hand, many animals at zoos and wildlife centers are rescued from poachers, sketchy circuses or were accidentally wounded and wouldn’t survive unless they were rescued. Also, wildlife centers and zoos give us such an in depth view and understanding of these magnificent creatures, which gives us an opportunity to understand and help their fellow animals who are trying to coexist in a world filled with humans.

Regardless of where you stand on zoos, the animals themselves should be cherished and treated with decency, love and respect. Sometimes we are treated to the very rare sight of seeing these amazing animals give birth and help keep the numbers of their species above the endangered list. The first and probably most famous zoo animal birth that almost everybody on the entire planet remembers is good old April the Giraffe. People waited and waited for months as they watched the pregnant giraffe in awe waiting for that exact moment she would give birth. Instead of watching their usual tv shows, movies or video games, people were glued to April’s live stream waiting for that baby to come.

When the day finally came it was pretty much like Christmas to many people as the world rejoiced, a new miracle baby giraffe was in the world and all the time, interest and love people put into pregnant giraffe April and her soon-to-be baby all paid off in the end. Although baby animals aren’t born everyday in zoos and no birth really matched the curiousity and worldwide attention as April it still does happen and it is just as exciting when it does!

This brings us to today’s amazing story which features a Zoo in Valencia, Spain called Biopark which is one of the biggest and most popular zoos in the region. The zoo contains over a whopping 4,000 animals and specializes in African wildlife and fauna. However, the zoo is most well known for its intricate and incredibly designed habitats. They use a technique called zoo immersion where people are literally immersed into the habitats with the wildlife without actually disturbing the incredible creatures. Instead of the usual ugly and potentially inhumane cages, they use mostly natural barriers like rivers, lakes, ponds and streams to seperate tourists from the animals.

At first when people get to Biopark they sometimes feel a bit uneasy because it feels like these wild animals could easily jump out of these immersive habitats, since mostly everyone is used to the classic cage design. However, these immersive designs have proven time and time again to be just as safe or even safer then a standard zoo cage habitat. This brings us to the main part of today’s story, which is somewhat of a zebra love story/fairy tale. La Nina a mare and a colt name Zambe were introduced into the immersive and well designed zebra habitat. The two immediately became fond of one another spending most of their days and nights together and soon enough, as it usually happens in nature La Nina was impregnanted.

This beautiful zebra couple were going to have a beautiful baby zebra and start a family! After 13 long months of pregnancy mama was finally ready to give birth. Employees of the zoo knew the day was coming as they all watched to make sure everything went smooth without any complications. Soon guests at the zoo had heard the whispers that the zebra birth was about to happen and they too flocked to watch this mama give birth to her baby. The birth was a quickie, almost as soon as the baby popped it’s little head out the rest of it’s body followed suit. Everything seemed to be running on schedule, no complications and the beauty and miracle of new life was on display for all to see.

When zebras are born in the wild, they immediately get their land legs usually within the first 10-15 minutes after they are born due to the threat of predators. So just as they do in the wild this baby also found his legs and was up and trotting around exploring the habitat within 10-20 minutes. This baby zebra was a bit overzealous and let curiousity get the best of him as he trotted extremely close to the water in the habitat. The clumsy young baby stumbled and fell head first into the watering hole.

At first the people watching didn’t think much of it and you could even hear laughter as people really didn’t understand how dangerous a situation this actually was. Her zebra mom attempted to stop the baby before it tumbled into the water but because she was so exhausted from being pregnant and giving birth she couldn’t hold the baby back from the water. While visitors had a good chuckle, the zoo staff immediately knew this was a bad situation that could go from an amazing moment to a devastating tragedy ending with the baby drowning!

The zoo staff dove into the water and began swamming towards the baby who was taking on water and if intervention didn’t happen soon this baby would soon drown. Luckily the staff got to the baby in time, however the mama zebra’s mom instincts kicked into full gear even though she was completely exhausted. When she saw these predators (aka zoo staff) approaching and picking up her baby she immediately went into ferocious fight mode. She wasn’t going to let any predators let alone humans touch her baby without a very serious fight……

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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Texas Mother Thought She Was Giving Birth To Twins. But Then The Doc Looks Closer and Immediately Yells ‘Help!’

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Childbirth is terrifying. It’s long, painful, and never guaranteed to end well. Even giving birth to one child is very risky. Add more than one and the chances of something going wrong increase dramatically. One couple was willing to take the risk.

Lauren and David wanted a baby more than anything. They had tried and tried to get pregnant to no avail. Finally, the couple decided that they needed to try a different tactic: artificial insemination. They began the process and soon enough, Lauren got positive on a pregnancy test.

It was soon time for the first checkup. After taking some tests, the doctor informed Lauren that her HCG levels were very high. This meant it was possible that Lauren was carrying a second child. Lauren and David couldn’t believe their luck.

Soon after, they came back in for the ultrasound. They couldn’t wait to see if Lauren had twins. The doctor set up the ultrasound and gasped when he looked at the screen. He claimed there were 5 babies. A minute later to the stunned everyone, he found a 6th child. The doctor told them that they could terminate some of the fetuses to give the rest a better chance at survival. Lauren and David wouldn’t hear it. They had always wanted a big family and they finally had a chance to make that happen.

The day Lauren was due finally came. In total, there were 35 people in the delivery room all doing their part to aid in the pregnancy. There were also 6 nurses waiting to take each individual child. Luckily, all the precautions took paid off. Lauren safely delivered all 6 babies within only 4 minutes! Lauren and David couldn’t believe they had gotten so lucky. They rejoiced and went home to start their family.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Male Seahorse Is About To Do The Unthinkable! I Had No Clue They Could Do THIS

Seahorses are some of the most majestic and magical creatures on earth.  Like many animals during different parts of the year they go through some major behavioral changes.  When the changes start happening to the male seahorses you know one thing is about to happen.  The males are getting ready to give BIRTH!

Yes you read that right, male seahorses are the ones who give birth to their young. The male seahorses store the eggs and then eventually give birth to anywhere from 100-1000 baby seahorses!  While watching the video below you will see the males start to breathe fast and heavy.

Then his colors begin to transform.  Finally the contractions begin, and the seahorse begins shooting baby seahorses out of his stomach! Nature never ceases to amaze me.  Wait till you see this. This incredible clip below made my day.  Enjoy!

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Pregnant Mom Gives Birth To 3 Black Babies. The Father Sees Them and Immediately Breaks Down In Tears!

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For married couples everywhere having children is usually the next step after the wedding. Some couple are able to conceive and have children right away with no problem at all while others try everything and still can’t get pregnant. However in today’s world there are so many options from adoption, to surrogacy, to artificial incemination exc. So even for couple who are having issues there are so many different paths they can take to successfully have children and raise a family.

Rachel and Alan Halbert are featured in today’s beautiful story. This amazing couple was looking to start a family and adopted two wonderful african american babies. One boy and one girl who needed a home, love and a safe place to grow up and mature. The 4 of them were one happy family but this couple didn’t feel like their family was complete just yet. They were told about something called embryo adoption which for them would be the perfect way to go to complete their family.

Knowing that embryos were sitting around frozen, they decided to go this route and Emily would be inceminated so she could experience the wonders of pregnancy and child birth. She had twin embryos implanted and it took. She was finally pregnant and the couple was so happy that they could complete their beautiful and loving family. A little bit after the procedure, she went to her doctor who examined her and noticed something a bit odd.

The doctor asked if they were sure twin embryos were implanted and they told him yes thats what said. A sense of panic took over the room as the couple thought that maybe one of the babies didn’t make it or possibly had genetic mutations. Their doctor assured them that the babies were perfectly fine and healthy however, he had quite the surprise for them. She wasn’t going to give birth to twins, it was going to be triplets!

Somehow 1 out of the 2 embryos split after they were inseminated and this early split led to another baby and the miracle of a new life. After the doctor told the couple instead of freaking out, they were unbelievably grateful, filled with love and super excited to upgrade from twins to triplets. They believed that everything in life happened for a reason and this third child was a beautiful blessing.

When it came time for mama to give birth the doctors didn’t think she would be able to successfully give birth to 3 babies in the standard way so she would need an emergency C-section….

Watch this video below for the full story:

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She’s The Last Human On Earth Born In The 1800’s and Had Her B-Day! She’s Now Ready To Reveal Her Unexpected Secret!

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Can you imagine what it must have been like for a person to live during the 1800’s. They had no air conditioning, antibiotics, x-rays, microwaves, cars, telephones, computers, internet, video games, e-mail or almost any modern technology that we in modern times take for granted. One technology that hasn’t yet been invented, is the time machine which would make it possible for us to travel back in time and experience the 1800’s, the prehistoric eras or even the future. Although the time machine seems impossible and implausible so were all the inventions listed above before the year 1900…

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Very few people are lucky enough to become centurions; people who live to 100 year olds! Only around .01% of the American population makes it to this incredible milestone! Now with that being said even less people make it to 110 or over. In today’s story we will be featuring a very special woman named Emma Morano hailing from Versailles, Italy. This incredible lady is the last verified person living who was born in the 1800’s! The amount of change she has witness as the world completely transformed around her from the day she was born on November 29, 1899 to the modern day.

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Not only is she the last person born in the 1800’s to survive, but she also holds the record for the oldest Italian person ever, and the 2nd oldest human from Europe who has been verified and documented. She was the oldest of her 8 siblings, married young and lost her only child tragically at the age of 6 months. Her marriage was very toxic and unlike many married couples of her day she and her husband split up. She worked at Collegio Santa Maria, cooking in the kitchen until she retired at the ‘young age of 75’!

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She revealed her 5 secrets in an interview she had recently. 2 of these secrets were one glass of freshly made drink Grappa and she also said that being single was a huge factor in her living for so long. In the video below she also reveals 3 other secrets that are completely unexpected but I’m busy over here taking notes during her interview so I can hopefully live to half or 3/4 of her age!

Watch the video below to see her interview and the unexpected reveal of her 3 other secrets to longevity:

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