She’s The Last Human On Earth Born In The 1800’s and Had Her B-Day! She’s Now Ready To Reveal Her Unexpected Secret!

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Can you imagine what it must have been like for a person to live during the 1800’s. They had no air conditioning, antibiotics, x-rays, microwaves, cars, telephones, computers, internet, video games, e-mail or almost any modern technology that we in modern times take for granted. One technology that hasn’t yet been invented, is the time machine which would make it possible for us to travel back in time and experience the 1800’s, the prehistoric eras or even the future. Although the time machine seems impossible and implausible so were all the inventions listed above before the year 1900…

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Very few people are lucky enough to become centurions; people who live to 100 year olds! Only around .01% of the American population makes it to this incredible milestone! Now with that being said even less people make it to 110 or over. In today’s story we will be featuring a very special woman named Emma Morano hailing from Versailles, Italy. This incredible lady is the last verified person living who was born in the 1800’s! The amount of change she has witness as the world completely transformed around her from the day she was born on November 29, 1899 to the modern day.

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Not only is she the last person born in the 1800’s to survive, but she also holds the record for the oldest Italian person ever, and the 2nd oldest human from Europe who has been verified and documented. She was the oldest of her 8 siblings, married young and lost her only child tragically at the age of 6 months. Her marriage was very toxic and unlike many married couples of her day she and her husband split up. She worked at Collegio Santa Maria, cooking in the kitchen until she retired at the ‘young age of 75’!

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She revealed her 5 secrets in an interview she had recently. 2 of these secrets were one glass of freshly made drink Grappa and she also said that being single was a huge factor in her living for so long. In the video below she also reveals 3 other secrets that are completely unexpected but I’m busy over here taking notes during her interview so I can hopefully live to half or 3/4 of her age!

Watch the video below to see her interview and the unexpected reveal of her 3 other secrets to longevity:

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She Had Been Giving Birth To Her Baby. But The Obstetrician Was Behaving Really Weird and Then They Saw His Feet!

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Giving birth is probably the most intense and painful experience any woman goes through during their lifetime. Many love being pregnant because they can eat whatever they want, their skin glows and the anticipation of a new child is just incredible everyday of your pregnancy. However, one part of pregnancy is something many women fear; the day of the birth!

Especially if it is your first child, not knowing what is coming and being completely unprepared lead to a lost of stress and anxiety. This is one of the reasons women go to lamaze classes to prepare their breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, their minds, body and soul for that fateful day of birth. With that being said, some women really do have a terrifying and uncomfortable birth due to complications..

This brings us to today’s story which features a pregnant woman named Alex Simms hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and works as a pre-school teacher. Alex was in her 9th month of pregnancy and she was practically exploring out of her belly. Her water broke and it was time to rush to the hospital because the big moment had finally arrived!

She got to the hospital as fast as she could because she knew her baby which she decided to name Jared was mere moments from leaving the womb! The doctors told her they were going to induce her into Labor but, because the birth showed serious signs of complications they were now opting for a C-Section.

In addition to all the complications expectant mom Alex was experiencing the doctor who she had been seeing during her entire pregnancy wasn’t even there because he was on a family trip! This really raised her anxiety and stress level! When the new and random doctor on call walked into the room something just seemed off about him. Alex and her mom who was going to be with her the whole time during the birth even caught a whiff of alcohol on his breath!

He was clearly tipsy because he had just left a bar thinking his day was over, but then he got called in. He told his nurse what had happened and she jokingly asked him what kind of alcohol he had to leave at the table. They both had a good chuckle then entered the labor room.

As they are prepping for the birth, you can hear her again on a video asking him if it was vodka. He replies as if nothing strange is happening, nope it was tequila! Keep in mind this was all done in front of his patient Alex and her mother!

Now they were super freaked what they saw next when they looked down at his feet sent them over the edge!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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