She Sings Happy Birthday To The Horse, But When The Candles Blow Out He Makes The Funniest Face Ever

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Horses have huge personalities and are full of surprises. If you’ve ever spent time around them then you know how they’re always finding ways to make us laugh and love them even more. Some horses even take on and adopt human-like traits. There are ones who have been caught doing things like talking, singing, and dancing along to music and more than a few have been observed blowing bubbles in the water to pass the time!

JD the horse is no exception to the rule, he’s just full of hilarious surprises. He’s always interested in what’s going on around him and sometimes he reacts to things in totally unexpected ways. Being the social and affable horse that he is, he was naturally thrilled when his human companion Sarah threw him a little birthday bash.

To celebrate her beloved JD’s milestone properly, Sarah bought him a festive gourmet birthday cake that was special made for a horses dietary needs. That way he could chow down on it without feeling guilty or sick the next day. After she gathered her friends together and lit the candles on the cake they all began to sing Happy Birthday to the big fella.

At the end of the song she told JD to blow out the candles and what he did next was hilarious. Not only did he blow out the candles like a pro, right after that he made the funniest horse face ever! He knows how to work a stable and a camera because the megawatt smile on his face was just magical, contagious, and downright fantastic!

JD happens to be the grandson of the legendary America Thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat who was a Triple Crown winner back in 1973. But don’t let that fact fool you because while his grandfather may have been lightning quick fast, JD apparently didn’t inherit his record-breaking speeds. What he lacks in swiftness he more than makes up for in personality and charm!

And that face, it’s too cute, you have to see the expression he pulls for the camera so check it out and smile!

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Two Men Try To Save Drowning Baby Zebra But That’s When The Zebra Mom Confronts Them and Does The Unthinkable!

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Many people are torn when it comes to zoos and animal parks. On the one hand a lot believe that these animals shouldn’t be placed in small artifical enclosures and think they deserve to be in the wild where they are meant to be. On the other hand, many animals at zoos and wildlife centers are rescued from poachers, sketchy circuses or were accidentally wounded and wouldn’t survive unless they were rescued. Also, wildlife centers and zoos give us such an in depth view and understanding of these magnificent creatures, which gives us an opportunity to understand and help their fellow animals who are trying to coexist in a world filled with humans.

Regardless of where you stand on zoos, the animals themselves should be cherished and treated with decency, love and respect. Sometimes we are treated to the very rare sight of seeing these amazing animals give birth and help keep the numbers of their species above the endangered list. The first and probably most famous zoo animal birth that almost everybody on the entire planet remembers is good old April the Giraffe. People waited and waited for months as they watched the pregnant giraffe in awe waiting for that exact moment she would give birth. Instead of watching their usual tv shows, movies or video games, people were glued to April’s live stream waiting for that baby to come.

When the day finally came it was pretty much like Christmas to many people as the world rejoiced, a new miracle baby giraffe was in the world and all the time, interest and love people put into pregnant giraffe April and her soon-to-be baby all paid off in the end. Although baby animals aren’t born everyday in zoos and no birth really matched the curiousity and worldwide attention as April it still does happen and it is just as exciting when it does!

This brings us to today’s amazing story which features a Zoo in Valencia, Spain called Biopark which is one of the biggest and most popular zoos in the region. The zoo contains over a whopping 4,000 animals and specializes in African wildlife and fauna. However, the zoo is most well known for its intricate and incredibly designed habitats. They use a technique called zoo immersion where people are literally immersed into the habitats with the wildlife without actually disturbing the incredible creatures. Instead of the usual ugly and potentially inhumane cages, they use mostly natural barriers like rivers, lakes, ponds and streams to seperate tourists from the animals.

At first when people get to Biopark they sometimes feel a bit uneasy because it feels like these wild animals could easily jump out of these immersive habitats, since mostly everyone is used to the classic cage design. However, these immersive designs have proven time and time again to be just as safe or even safer then a standard zoo cage habitat. This brings us to the main part of today’s story, which is somewhat of a zebra love story/fairy tale. La Nina a mare and a colt name Zambe were introduced into the immersive and well designed zebra habitat. The two immediately became fond of one another spending most of their days and nights together and soon enough, as it usually happens in nature La Nina was impregnanted.

This beautiful zebra couple were going to have a beautiful baby zebra and start a family! After 13 long months of pregnancy mama was finally ready to give birth. Employees of the zoo knew the day was coming as they all watched to make sure everything went smooth without any complications. Soon guests at the zoo had heard the whispers that the zebra birth was about to happen and they too flocked to watch this mama give birth to her baby. The birth was a quickie, almost as soon as the baby popped it’s little head out the rest of it’s body followed suit. Everything seemed to be running on schedule, no complications and the beauty and miracle of new life was on display for all to see.

When zebras are born in the wild, they immediately get their land legs usually within the first 10-15 minutes after they are born due to the threat of predators. So just as they do in the wild this baby also found his legs and was up and trotting around exploring the habitat within 10-20 minutes. This baby zebra was a bit overzealous and let curiousity get the best of him as he trotted extremely close to the water in the habitat. The clumsy young baby stumbled and fell head first into the watering hole.

At first the people watching didn’t think much of it and you could even hear laughter as people really didn’t understand how dangerous a situation this actually was. Her zebra mom attempted to stop the baby before it tumbled into the water but because she was so exhausted from being pregnant and giving birth she couldn’t hold the baby back from the water. While visitors had a good chuckle, the zoo staff immediately knew this was a bad situation that could go from an amazing moment to a devastating tragedy ending with the baby drowning!

The zoo staff dove into the water and began swamming towards the baby who was taking on water and if intervention didn’t happen soon this baby would soon drown. Luckily the staff got to the baby in time, however the mama zebra’s mom instincts kicked into full gear even though she was completely exhausted. When she saw these predators (aka zoo staff) approaching and picking up her baby she immediately went into ferocious fight mode. She wasn’t going to let any predators let alone humans touch her baby without a very serious fight……

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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She’s The Last Human On Earth Born In The 1800’s and Had Her B-Day! She’s Now Ready To Reveal Her Unexpected Secret!

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Can you imagine what it must have been like for a person to live during the 1800’s. They had no air conditioning, antibiotics, x-rays, microwaves, cars, telephones, computers, internet, video games, e-mail or almost any modern technology that we in modern times take for granted. One technology that hasn’t yet been invented, is the time machine which would make it possible for us to travel back in time and experience the 1800’s, the prehistoric eras or even the future. Although the time machine seems impossible and implausible so were all the inventions listed above before the year 1900…

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Very few people are lucky enough to become centurions; people who live to 100 year olds! Only around .01% of the American population makes it to this incredible milestone! Now with that being said even less people make it to 110 or over. In today’s story we will be featuring a very special woman named¬†Emma Morano hailing from Versailles, Italy. This incredible lady is the last verified person living who was born in the 1800’s! The amount of change she has witness as the world completely transformed around her from the day she was born on¬†November 29, 1899 to the modern day.

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Not only is she the last person born in the 1800’s to survive, but she also holds the record for the oldest Italian person ever,¬†and the 2nd oldest human from Europe who has been verified and documented. She was the oldest of her 8 siblings, married young and lost her only child tragically at the age of 6 months. Her marriage was very toxic and unlike many married couples of her day she and her husband split up.¬†She worked at Collegio Santa Maria, cooking in the kitchen until she retired at the ‘young age of 75’!

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She revealed her 5 secrets in an interview she had recently. 2 of these secrets were one glass of¬†freshly made drink Grappa and she also said that being single was a huge factor in her living for so long. In the video below she also reveals 3 other secrets that are completely unexpected but I’m busy over here taking notes during her interview so I can hopefully live to half or 3/4 of her age!

Watch the video below to see her interview and the unexpected reveal of her 3 other secrets to longevity:

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Boy’s Birthday Quickly Goes From a Great Day To an UNTHINKABLE Nightmare After Jumping On The Trampoline!

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Trampolines are fun for people of all ages and can provide great health benefits if used correctly.  Some exercise classes are centered around bouncing around on a mini trampoline because it’s an excellent way to burn calories quickly while having a blast.  Lots of people also enjoy trampolines because they offer a way to be active while having a low impact on their bodies and joints, especially the ankles, knees, hips and spine.  

While the positive health benefits are what mainly draws older people to trampolines, kids just like them because they’re fun.  These days trampoline parks have made the activity easily accessible to anyone with a couple of bucks to spare and children everywhere are begging their parents to bring them to one.  Naturally those parents are inclined to indulge their children because they can jump around for an hour or so, burn off all that extra energy, and pass out quickly later on when they get home.

All the fun and excitement that children have at trampoline parks is the reason why Cortney Moreno decided to celebrate her son Dominic‚Äôs ninth birthday at one.¬† She wanted him to have an amazing time and brought him to Sky Zone in Lee‚Äôs Summit, Missouri, to jump around and play for a little while. Not more than 30 minutes after they arrived, Dominic was severely injured, his mother wrote on a Facebook post that ‚ÄúDominic was double bounced by a much older/bigger teenager.¬† The employee of the trampoline park told our son to stand up, as if he could walk off, knowing another kid was still jumping in his square.‚Ä̬†¬†

When her son stood up the teenager was still bouncing, which caused Dominic to immediately collapse back down onto the trampoline.  He could no longer move and was in immense pain as he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. It turned out that he had broken his tibia, both growth plates, and the muscle in his knee had completely flipped over.  

What was supposed to be a fun celebration of his birthday had turned into a horrendous nightmare.  Dominic’s injuries left him bed ridden for months, completely unable to move and in constant pain. He had to undergo three major surgeries to repair the damage including one where his knee muscle was flipped back into place and secured by a clamp.  Months of physical therapy were required for him to learn how to walk again and because his injuries to his growth plates were so severe, he will require x-rays every 6 months until he’s an adult and done growing.  

Besides the physical impact it has had on him, there’s also the mental and emotional side as well.  Dominic was left feeling helpless, unable to move, play, or go to school. While his friends were free to run around, he had to learn how to walk again and that takes a toll on anyone, especially a young child.  

His mother decided to share their story three months after it happened because she doesn’t want this to happen to any other kids and their families.  Trampoline parks may seem safe and relatively harmless because they are staffed and have many safety features, but they are far from it. In an instant a child can end up being double bounced like Dominic was and the force from that can snap and easily break bones.  Trampolines in and of themselves are dangerous and are one of the main causes of injury to children That is why they should be avoided at all costs.  

In the end, Dominic was lucky in that he wasn’t paralyzed or permanently disabled for life.  He still has a lot of healing to do and he came out of the whole terrible experience stronger than ever.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Boy Got Home With An Invitation To a Birthday. But When His Mom Reads It She Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

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As a parent, when you have a child, no matter what the circumstance you always want the best for them. Whether it’s eating the most nutritious foods, getting the best education, have some great friends and being able to smoothly transition from childhood to adulthood without too many hard bumps on the road.

Most children go through ups and downs as they are growing up but many are blessed to have amazing friends and family to support them when needed. With this being said, sometimes children are born on the spectrum, have poor social skills and really can’t communicate or interact with kids their age or adults.

Today’s tear jerking story story is about a 34-year old mom Tricia who has 3 children in lives in Brantford, Ontario. In this story we are going to focus in on one of her beautiful sons Timmy. Tricia began to notice little things here and there even when the boy was really young. Following his big first birthday bash, his mom noticed that Timmy preferred to play on his own instead of with his siblings and friends.

At first she thought it was strange but it really didn’t dawn on her right away that Timmy was going to have social problems in the future.. As time went on things began to get worse and worse. First, Timmy began refusing to eat his food, then he refused to wear his clothes and would freak out if they were put on!

Tricia knew something had to be very wrong, so here motherly instincts kicked in and she brought him immediately to a doctor to get examined and tested. After a little more than 6 months, tons of tests, exams exc.. Timmy was diagnosed as Autistic.

Mom was obviously very concerned and devastated by the diagnosis because she knew that her boy was now going to have so many other difficulties in a world that is already hard enough for people without Autism.

As months progressed after his diagnosis, Timmy began ripping off his diaper, going to bathroom almost everywhere in the house. On top of all this, Timmy would through unbearably loud tantrums and he truly seemed to be suffering even at such a young age.

One day, Timmy wandered out of the house and the cops were called because her son was missing. Tricia really had no clue what to do or how to handle this. Luckily her doctor sent them to a behavior specialist who deals with Autistic children everyday.

Soon after his behavior specialist therapy began he started to show signs that things were getting better. Although it wasn’t perfect by any means, mom saw a distinct change in his outlook and behavior as the therapy sessions continued.

Timmy also experienced major stress and anxiety whenever he was in a large group of people and loud noises totally freaked him out because he was so sensitive to sound. If his senses became overloaded with too much going on his environment, he would quickly melt down, cry, freak out and just seemed completely helpless and there was nothing anyone could do to help.

When Timmy was ready to go to school, another huge hurdle would be there to face him. Because he was autistic, he had a really tough time concentrating, learning and socializing. It was almost impossible to get him on the bus or to school without a whole slew of meltdowns even before he got to school and class.

He was having difficulty making friends and socializing with them. When birthdays began to start happening with the kids his age, mama was really nervous because she knew how loud and scary the sounds would be to his senses.

He would come home from school a lot with birthday invitations, but because Tricia felt he would have a complete and total melt down she always declined. Because Timmy wasn’t socializing well with the kids at school and was skipping everyones birthday, he began to feel more and more alone while also be ostracized.

One afternoon, Timmy brought home another birthday invitation as he always did, but this one looked different to mom so she decide to open it and see what was inside. The invitation came complete with a letter from the birthday boys mom. She expressed how her son really became fond of Timmy and he really wanted him to come to his birthday. It also read, we have a bouncy castle, water balloons and lots of other stuff.

The birthday boys mom even said he could show up early before things got too loud or out of hand.¬†Mom was pretty much stunned and had no idea that her son actually had a friend….

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nobody Showed Up To Their Son’s Birthday Party. When Mom Found Out The Reason Is Disgusting!

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Some of my happiest memories are of my birthday parties during early childhood.  The parties were great, but the anticipation of having all my friends come, planning the party games, blowing out the candles on the beautiful cake and of course the excitement of opening presents!

Gerald Hamilton, a sweet 9-year-old boy was anticipating his birthday party on April 2nd, with the same kind of excitement. ¬†He had invited all 30 of his classmates, and 12 had responded that they could come. ¬†The party was called for 3:00…and none of his guests arrived. ¬†At 4:00, still no one!

By 5:00 Laura Hamilton, Gerald’s dejected mom, suggested they cut the cake. ¬†Gerald, still holding onto hope said, “But one of my friends might come”…but no one did. ¬†Laura called ¬†the parents of the kids who had RSVP’d they were coming, to find out why their child didn’t show up, and was told over and over, that the children did not like Gerald!

I am heartbroken just reporting this story, so you can imagine Gerald’s and his family’s sadness. ¬†On the video you are about to watch below, you will see this sweet boy talk about his sadness, and what his greatest advocate, his grandma, did about it.

After the kid’s parents were actually so insensitive and heartless, to tell Laura that their children didn’t want to come to the party¬†because Gerald is too different for them to play with him, his Grandma took to social media. ¬†You see, Gerald is a bit slower than his peers, as he has had to undergo several skull expansion surgeries.

Grandma Amelia Lara reported, with tears in her eyes to Channel 2 News, that she just felt she had to do something to help her heartbroken grandson.  With hurt and determination she took to social media, and posted the following on Facebook: “How sad; he is 9, he just wants to have friends.

So no one came, no cards, no presents. So, it is my mission to have as many cards as I can mailed to my little guy. You can send them to me and I‚Äôll make sure he gets them ‚Ķ this breaks my heart.”

The response from around the world, as far away as Vietnam and England, was overwhelming kindness and generosity. Gifts and cards came from everywhere, wishing this sweet boy Happy Birthday, love and best wishes. ¬†This outpouring of caring brought comfort and a big smile to Gerald’s face, whom you will see reading his cards which meant so much to him.

No child should ever have to suffer the isolation of rejection of having no friends, due to a handicap. ¬†Clearly the sadness of Gerald’s situation can and should be remediated for the future. ¬†But the kindness of strangers took the sting out of what happened to him on his 9th birthday.

If you want to send Gerald a small gift, or just a card or letter so that he knows that people care, you too can help lift  his spirits via the mailing address below: Gerald Hamilton c/o Amelia Lara 238 Main Street Hobart, IN 46342.

Watch the video below

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