He Lifts Up THIS Small Strange Shaped Egg. But What Hatches Is The Most UNEXPECTED Surprise!

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What you are about to watch in the video below, is so special, that this moment in nature has to be viewed, to fully experience it’s incredible impact.  In a man’s large hand, you will see what looks like, a very large abnormally shaped lima bean. At first I was really confused and couldn’t even really tell what this strange shaped structure is.

As you watch, a miracle of life begins to unfold before your very eyes.  It is not a lima bean at all it’s actually an egg, which becomes apparent as a tiny green head begins to emerge from the shell.  What you are watching is the precious moment of the birth of a chameleon! I’ve seen chicken hatch before but never anything like this. It almost feels like a dinosaur is being born right before your eyes!

This footage is truly breathtaking, as you slowly watch each part of this creature hatch from the egg.  Some viewers have expressed concern that this man’s holding the egg as the chameleon hatched, would inhibit it’s immediate instinct and ability to climb and cling…not so!

Watch this little guy go into the wild to become an expert hunter with stereoscopic vision.

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THIS Mother Gave Birth To Twins That Look Extremely Different. 2 Years Later She Learns The Reason!

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We all know that twins can be either identical or fraternal.  In the case of fraternal twins, they may be of the same sex or not; despite the fact that they are not identical, there is usually a strong physical resemblance. What do you think you would feel if your twin boys looked nothing alike?!

A woman in Vietnam and her husband, immediately noted how dissimilar their twins were.  They even questioned if one of the twins actually belonged to someone else, and a mistake had been made in the nursery.  They didn’t actually enquire if this was true, and brought their twins home.

As the babies began to grow, the parents became more and more suspicious about how dissimilar their looks were.  When they were two, the mom decided to have their DNA tested, as she was so distressed by her suspicion that something was off… What was found was astounding!

The DNA test showed that the twins had the same mother but DIFFERENT FATHERS!  This was a result of what is termed “bi-paternal conception”.  In the video you are about to watch below, you will hear the amazing explanation of how such a thing is even possible.  All I can say is WOW!

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What Birth Flower Matches Your Personality?

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Which birth flower matches your personality? Each month has a different flower associated with it, so depending on your birth date, you have a birth flower. This is very similar to the birth stones with which people are more familiar.

The tradition likely dates back to at least the Romans, who used flowers to celebrate birthdays.

January’s flower is the carnation, which blooms in the colder weather in places that do not freeze. February has the violet, which symbolizes faithfulness, wisdom and hope. The daffodil is the March flower and is associated with spring and rebirth.

April has the sweet pea, youth and purity are its hallmarks. May is the lily of the valley, a flower of humility and sweetness. June is the rose, representing love and appreciation.

July gets the larkspur, with its levity and lightness. August is the gladiolus, a flower I have never heard of, which represents strength and remembrance.

The aster goes with September and is associated with patience and affection. October has the marigold, warm and fierce. November is chrysanthemum, which represents compassion and friendship. Finally, December gets the poinsettia, with its good cheer and success.

What flower did you get?

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This Boy Picks Up A Huge Strange Looking Stingray But Seconds Later The Unthinkable Occurs!

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This incredible footage shows the moment that an unlikely surrogate helped a pregnant stingray deliver her 12 little babies. The birthing assistant just so happened to be an Australian boy who has a passion for all things nature. Miller Wilson, who is 12 years young, recently went with his family to visit his favorite spot for hunting and trapping sting rays, along the banks of a mangrove creek.

His natural ability at catching the fish is evident and after a short walk along the water’s edge he returned to his kayak and saw a stingray laying on the bank. He picked it up and immediately noticed that it was fatter than normal. Miller then adorably asked “You OK?” as he gently stoked it and went on to comment that “I don’t know if she’s either pregnant and she’s come up here to have babies or whether she’s just beached herself…we’ll have to see.”

He turned it over to check it out and that’s when he noticed a little baby stingray coming out of its underside! The stingray was definitely pregnant and in the midst of giving birth. Miller helped it along and gently pulled the babies out one by one as he exclaimed “Look at that, aren’t they just adorable? Wow! Look how cute that is!”

By the end of it all the stingray mama had 12 newborns to take care of and Wilson says that two days later he saw the family swimming near the same spot.

An event like this taking place in the wild has rarely ever been witnessed by humans, let alone in this type of fashion. Thankfully Miller knew how to properly handle the fish and what he was doing, and he made it clear that none of the stingrays in the video were harmed or injured.

He also warned that other people should not try this because the barbs that stingrays have on their tails are very dangerous and can injure or kill a person. Check it out and witness one of nature’s miracles taking place, with the help of an awesome 12 year old boy who loves and appreciates all of it.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know what you think of this incredible footage!

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A Birth Of An Orangutan Is Caught For The First Time. What She Does With The Baby Blew Me Away!

Birth and motherhood are among the greatest miracles life has produced. In this video, we receive for the FIRST TIME EVER the opportunity to observe firsthand the magic of birth and the tender caring of a mother Sumatran Orangutan for her baby. Never before has the birth of a Sumatran Orangutan been caught on tape. But its what the mother does after she gives birth that is the most touching. After cleaning off her baby with gentle care, she brings her pride and joy to the conservationist to show what an incredible life she has created..

The word orangutan comes from the Malay and Indonesian words orang, meaning “human” and hutan, meaning “forest”. So orangutan means “human of the forest”. They are arboreal, which means they spend most of their time in trees. Almost every night they create a new, elaborately designed nest made of branches and foliage in which to sleep. The beds can be very complex and may have foliage versions of mattress, pillows, blankets and roofs.

The orangutan is an endangered species of great ape found only in Asia, and is one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They frequently use a wide range of tools for a variety of purposes, using as many as 74 distinct tools for gathering and preparing food. Culture, defined by Merriam-Webster as the “beliefs, customs, arts, etc. of a particular society, group, place or time” was once believed to be exclusive to the human race. We now know that the great apes have their own distinct cultures, with various groups having different skills and tools than other groups, and orangutans have been observed learning tool use from each other.

Orangutans are social-solitary, which means they have social interactions but the adults spend most of their time alone. The most dominant social bond is between a mother and her dependent offspring. They can live to be about 30 years old and the females generally have their first offspring when they are about 15 years old. Their gestation period lasts about 8 months and they have a very long interbirth interval, the amount of time between births, which can be anywhere from 6-9 years long.

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Pregnant Mama Elephant Gives Birth To A Baby. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Right Side Of The Screen!

This is a story of what the power of loving care did for an orphaned elephant named Emily.  She was taken in, after losing her mother, by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.  Defenseless on her own, baby Emily was nurtured in this safe environment, until she was ready to be released back into the wild.

She was well-prepared to live out the remainder of her life as an adult. The caretakers were sad to see Emily go, but felt they had given her the chance she needed to eventually have a family of her own, of which she had been deprived, due to the loss of her family at such a young age.

One day, on December 23, 2014, an astoundingly heartwarming and unusual event occurred. The caretakers of the wildlife trust, who never thought they would lay eyes on their  beloved Emily again, were shocked at what occurred. Without any human enticement or help, Emily appeared at the place where she had been cared for when she so badly needed it.

The reason for her appearance?  She came to give birth to her calf amongst the people who, not only saved her, but brought her up to be an elephant who could survive on her own.  The birth of her baby daughter, Emma, is captured in this beautiful video.

Not only were her caretakers at the Trust deeply moved that she found her way back for this momentous occasion in her life, but the herd gathered around her, to help her and her sweet newborn calf, after the birth.  The miracle of birth is always something wonderful to behold.

After you watch this outstanding video let us know your thoughts and feelings about this touching story of the incredible cycle of life.  This majestic footage is worth watching  several times. I hope you enjoy it as much I did and pass it on to your loved ones!

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