He Lifts Up THIS Small Strange Shaped Egg. But What Hatches Is The Most UNEXPECTED Surprise!

image via – youtube.com

What you are about to watch in the video below, is so special, that this moment in nature has to be viewed, to fully experience it’s incredible impact.  In a man’s large hand, you will see what looks like, a very large abnormally shaped lima bean. At first I was really confused and couldn’t even really tell what this strange shaped structure is.

As you watch, a miracle of life begins to unfold before your very eyes.  It is not a lima bean at all it’s actually an egg, which becomes apparent as a tiny green head begins to emerge from the shell.  What you are watching is the precious moment of the birth of a chameleon! I’ve seen chicken hatch before but never anything like this. It almost feels like a dinosaur is being born right before your eyes!

This footage is truly breathtaking, as you slowly watch each part of this creature hatch from the egg.  Some viewers have expressed concern that this man’s holding the egg as the chameleon hatched, would inhibit it’s immediate instinct and ability to climb and cling…not so!

Watch this little guy go into the wild to become an expert hunter with stereoscopic vision.

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