He Catches A Stingray and Is About To Throw It Back. But When He Presses On Its Belly THIS Came Out

A fisherman caught a Stingray by accident and pulled it on the boat.  He was about to throw it back and release it when he noticed something strange.  He presses on the Stingray’s abdomen and out popped a baby Stingray! It is possible that the stingray went into shock because of being caught, which induced rapid labor.

If one baby stingray wasn’t enough a whole litter of adorable Stingray pups came out.  After the fisherman became a midwife/obgyn for the Stingray he acted fast and released the three family members back into the water.  They all seemed to swim away and the fisherman got the surprise of a lifetime.

Nature never ceases to amaze me.  Just when you think you have seen it all a video like this comes along and changes everything.  Have you ever seen anything like this?  let us know in the comments.

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Cow Gives Birth To Something So Rare That It Only Happens 1 Time Out of 11 Million

In the human world multiple births are quite common and on the rise. This trend can be mainly attributed to advances in the science behind conceiving and artificial insemination. However, multiple births are few and far apart among other animal species where more than one baby happens to share a womb.

For cows, having twins or triplets is extremely uncommon and quadruplets are even more rare. In fact, veterinarians have pegged the odds of a cow giving birth to four calves at one in 11.2 million.

To put that into perspective, in 2013 the chances of conceiving triplets or more was 1:837 for human couples and it’s estimated that more than 90% of quadruplets born are because of fertility drugs.

That’s a huge difference and so when one cow gave birth to four baby calves in De Kalb, Texas two years ago it was a newsworthy event. The owner of the pregnant cow, Jimmy Barling, was completely taken aback and astounded when he witnessed her push out the three healthy little bull calves and one heifer. He said that “ We knew she was pregnant, but we didn’t know she was going to do this. This was a shock. This blew our minds.”

Mr. Barling’s granddaughter ended up naming the quadruplets Eeny. Meeny, Miny, and Moo. While they were all born relatively healthy, they were on the small size which is to be expected. The normal average weight for a newborn calf is around 75 pounds and they each weighed in at considerably less than that, with Meeny being the smallest at about 25 pounds.

After the birth the three male calves were re-homed with neighbors because their mother was unable to nurse all of them properly at the same time. Moo, the only female, ended up staying with her mom and all four calves are reportedly doing very well. You can check them out in the video and see pictures of how adorable they looked like shortly after being born. They’re so little and cute!

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Security Video Catches Mom Give Birth To Her Baby In :45 Seconds At The Hospital Doorway

32f23f233f32ff33f       image via – youtube.com

If you have ever been in labor, or been with a friend or family member as they go through labor before giving birth, you will be astounded by this story.  A British mom, Jessica Stubbins, had gone into labor with her second baby.

She and her husband are nearing the hospital entrance, when Jessica tells him to drop her off at the front and then park, as she feels her labor is pretty far along.  As her husband is parking she goes through the glass doors, where security cameras capture the footage you are about to view in the VIDEO below.

The video starts with the Stubbins family being interviewed on “Good Morning Britain”, where they describe perhaps one of the fastest births ever to occur, without a doctor, midwife or nurse beside the mother.  Little Lucy came into the world in under one minute!  At the 1:15 mark of the footage below, you will see this remarkable event (completely non-graphic) happen before Jessica even gets past the entryway to the hospital!

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Ladies, THIS Is What The Month You Were Born In Reveals About You!

23f232332f32fimage via – shutterstock.com

Whether you are aware of it or not, the month in which you were born can have a major impact on your life. People born in the same month often share very similar personality traits and they even tend to suffer from the same health risks. The subject is fascinating and while there has been a lot of general research on it, many of the deeper details and factors as to why and how our birth months affect us remain unknown.

What is known is very interesting and highly revealing. In recent years a number of studies have been done which examined the relationship between personality traits and birthdays, the results of which show strong correlations between the two factors. One well known example is that people born in January and February are often more creative and imaginative.

One of the most widely circulated studies on the topic was published in the academic journal Comprehensive Psychology and authored by Mark Hamilton, a social scientist and researcher at the University of Connecticut. He examined data on a variety of celebrities from a range of fields which included actors, sports stars, politicians, writers, other types of artists, and more. In a nutshell, what he found was that their birthdays were concentrated around certain times of the year and that those born in the same month shared similar personality traits.

Other studies have linked health risks with birth months. One that was published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association identified 55 diseases linked to one’s birth month. They also found a significant connection between an individual’s lifetime chances of developing certain health risks and their birth month.

It’s important to note that all these findings show correlation, not causation, but either way it’s all so intriguing! Below are personality descriptions for each month of the year. Scroll down, find your birth month, and see if what it reveals matches up with your character traits and overall personality type. Enjoy!

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She Had Been Giving Birth To Her Baby. But The Obstetrician Was Behaving Really Weird and Then They Saw His Feet!

image via – youtube.com

Giving birth is probably the most intense and painful experience any woman goes through during their lifetime. Many love being pregnant because they can eat whatever they want, their skin glows and the anticipation of a new child is just incredible everyday of your pregnancy. However, one part of pregnancy is something many women fear; the day of the birth!

Especially if it is your first child, not knowing what is coming and being completely unprepared lead to a lost of stress and anxiety. This is one of the reasons women go to lamaze classes to prepare their breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, their minds, body and soul for that fateful day of birth. With that being said, some women really do have a terrifying and uncomfortable birth due to complications..

This brings us to today’s story which features a pregnant woman named Alex Simms hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and works as a pre-school teacher. Alex was in her 9th month of pregnancy and she was practically exploring out of her belly. Her water broke and it was time to rush to the hospital because the big moment had finally arrived!

She got to the hospital as fast as she could because she knew her baby which she decided to name Jared was mere moments from leaving the womb! The doctors told her they were going to induce her into Labor but, because the birth showed serious signs of complications they were now opting for a C-Section.

In addition to all the complications expectant mom Alex was experiencing the doctor who she had been seeing during her entire pregnancy wasn’t even there because he was on a family trip! This really raised her anxiety and stress level! When the new and random doctor on call walked into the room something just seemed off about him. Alex and her mom who was going to be with her the whole time during the birth even caught a whiff of alcohol on his breath!

He was clearly tipsy because he had just left a bar thinking his day was over, but then he got called in. He told his nurse what had happened and she jokingly asked him what kind of alcohol he had to leave at the table. They both had a good chuckle then entered the labor room.

As they are prepping for the birth, you can hear her again on a video asking him if it was vodka. He replies as if nothing strange is happening, nope it was tequila! Keep in mind this was all done in front of his patient Alex and her mother!

Now they were super freaked what they saw next when they looked down at his feet sent them over the edge!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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