Baby Elephant Is Trapped And Begging Mom For Help. But Wait Til’ You See Who Actually Rescues Him!

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Get ready to watch one of the sweetest, most precious moments captured on video.  A herd of elephants were trekking along when a little baby elephant gets stuck in a muddy waterhole.  Some people who were on a Wild Wings Safari, came upon the scene, while sightseeing.

This tiny little elephant is trying to pull himself out of the mud hole, but his little legs aren’t long enough and he doesn’t have the strength to get out on his own.  The mother elephant is trying to figure out how to help him by using her trunk.  She can’t seem to get a grip, so she gets into the hole for better leverage.  Still no luck!!  It’s just too slippery.

Then the baby cleverly walks over to a slightly drier edge of the waterhole, tries doing it himself again, but he still needs mama’s help.  She then gets another adult to lend his trunk to oust the youngster.  Finally SUCCESS!!  Such great problem solving for mom and babe alike!  Watch what happens after he gets out, still wobbly on those adorable little legs.

Enjoy this amazing footage! Let us know what you think!

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Pregnant Mama Elephant Gives Birth To A Baby. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Right Side Of The Screen!

This is a story of what the power of loving care did for an orphaned elephant named Emily.  She was taken in, after losing her mother, by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.  Defenseless on her own, baby Emily was nurtured in this safe environment, until she was ready to be released back into the wild.

She was well-prepared to live out the remainder of her life as an adult. The caretakers were sad to see Emily go, but felt they had given her the chance she needed to eventually have a family of her own, of which she had been deprived, due to the loss of her family at such a young age.

One day, on December 23, 2014, an astoundingly heartwarming and unusual event occurred. The caretakers of the wildlife trust, who never thought they would lay eyes on their  beloved Emily again, were shocked at what occurred. Without any human enticement or help, Emily appeared at the place where she had been cared for when she so badly needed it.

The reason for her appearance?  She came to give birth to her calf amongst the people who, not only saved her, but brought her up to be an elephant who could survive on her own.  The birth of her baby daughter, Emma, is captured in this beautiful video.

Not only were her caretakers at the Trust deeply moved that she found her way back for this momentous occasion in her life, but the herd gathered around her, to help her and her sweet newborn calf, after the birth.  The miracle of birth is always something wonderful to behold.

After you watch this outstanding video let us know your thoughts and feelings about this touching story of the incredible cycle of life.  This majestic footage is worth watching  several times. I hope you enjoy it as much I did and pass it on to your loved ones!

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