This Boy Picks Up A Huge Strange Looking Stingray But Seconds Later The Unthinkable Occurs!

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This incredible footage shows the moment that an unlikely surrogate helped a pregnant stingray deliver her 12 little babies. The birthing assistant just so happened to be an Australian boy who has a passion for all things nature. Miller Wilson, who is 12 years young, recently went with his family to visit his favorite spot for hunting and trapping sting rays, along the banks of a mangrove creek.

His natural ability at catching the fish is evident and after a short walk along the water’s edge he returned to his kayak and saw a stingray laying on the bank. He picked it up and immediately noticed that it was fatter than normal. Miller then adorably asked “You OK?” as he gently stoked it and went on to comment that “I don’t know if she’s either pregnant and she’s come up here to have babies or whether she’s just beached herself…we’ll have to see.”

He turned it over to check it out and that’s when he noticed a little baby stingray coming out of its underside! The stingray was definitely pregnant and in the midst of giving birth. Miller helped it along and gently pulled the babies out one by one as he exclaimed “Look at that, aren’t they just adorable? Wow! Look how cute that is!”

By the end of it all the stingray mama had 12 newborns to take care of and Wilson says that two days later he saw the family swimming near the same spot.

An event like this taking place in the wild has rarely ever been witnessed by humans, let alone in this type of fashion. Thankfully Miller knew how to properly handle the fish and what he was doing, and he made it clear that none of the stingrays in the video were harmed or injured.

He also warned that other people should not try this because the barbs that stingrays have on their tails are very dangerous and can injure or kill a person. Check it out and witness one of nature’s miracles taking place, with the help of an awesome 12 year old boy who loves and appreciates all of it.

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