What Birth Flower Matches Your Personality?

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Which birth flower matches your personality? Each month has a different flower associated with it, so depending on your birth date, you have a birth flower. This is very similar to the birth stones with which people are more familiar.

The tradition likely dates back to at least the Romans, who used flowers to celebrate birthdays.

January’s flower is the carnation, which blooms in the colder weather in places that do not freeze. February has the violet, which symbolizes faithfulness, wisdom and hope. The daffodil is the March flower and is associated with spring and rebirth.

April has the sweet pea, youth and purity are its hallmarks. May is the lily of the valley, a flower of humility and sweetness. June is the rose, representing love and appreciation.

July gets the larkspur, with its levity and lightness. August is the gladiolus, a flower I have never heard of, which represents strength and remembrance.

The aster goes with September and is associated with patience and affection. October has the marigold, warm and fierce. November is chrysanthemum, which represents compassion and friendship. Finally, December gets the poinsettia, with its good cheer and success.

What flower did you get?

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