Which One Of The 5 Types Of Instincts Is Your Most Dominant?

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Which of the five types of instincts is your most dominant? Did you even know there were five types of instincts? Let me tell you about them. The first is the survival instinct. A person with a strong instinct of survival is a feisty fighter who adapts to situations and reacts strongly when threatened or cornered.

They are nice to be around when things are safe, and even better to have around when things get hectic. They will go into full survival mode and instead of panicking, they will do whatever they need to in order to survive. As long as you don’t pose a threat, you just might survive.

The second is the primal instinct, which takes the form of a strong feeling in the gut, and a person strong in this type will know that following this feeling is in their best interest. They know when a situation is sketchy long before those around them, and often act as an early warning signal to set the rest of the crowd on high alert.

A quick wit and striking high pressure decision making skills enable them to survive in situations where most would surely perish.

The third is the maternal instinct, which enables one to be protective of those they love, often to their own detriment. A wise person can use this instinct to their advantage, helping to keep everyone in the group safe and happy.

The social instinct allows one to be highly aware of how people around them are feeling, even to the point of being able to guess what they are thinking and what they might do next. They often know even better than those they are reading. They are hard to trick and are excellent at judging character.

They have a way with words and are able to talk themselves out of situations that could otherwise prove deadly. Lastly, the person with a strong procreative instinct is talented when it comes to using their powerful sensuality to get their way.

They are able to get people to like them and do what they want them, almost without effort. Their passion for life is like a magnet that draws people like moths to a flame, and they make everyone feel sexy just by being in their presence.

Which instinct is your most dominant?

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