His Wife Catches Him In Bed But Then Finds This Next To Him On The Mattress!

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You may have seen some funny videos of people coming off anesthesia after dental surgery.  They have given me quite a few laughs, but the one you are about to watch below takes the cake! This might be the greatest post dental appointment in the history of the internet. The level of absurd/hilarious that follows this man after his dental appointment is a sight to behold. I highly recommend that if you have not yet watched this video prepare get the giggles.

First of all, there is something so counterintuitive about seeing a big lug of a guy, reduced to being a little child.  Laying in bed, half asleep, this husband’s vulnerability is at once touching but hilarious.  Bart’s wife checks in on how he’s doing, trying to console and reassure him that his head isn’t going to fall off!  He is such a big guy and he is acting like such a little baby, the contrast really makes for the perfect combination of hilarity.

His wife tries her best to console her husband but there is no consoling Bart; he just wants to be sure that he has his security object in the bed with him.  Bart isn’t taking any chances in case his head falls off.  When you see what he has in bed with him to ensure the safety of that head of his, you are going to spit out your drink laughing. During these chaotic times there is nothing like a bit of laughter and fun to ease things up a bit.

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TSA Heard Someone Yell Don’t Let Him Onboard! Then They See THIS Soldier On His Phone In Tears!

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Most of us can’t really understand or appreciate the complete magnitude of what the soldiers in our country sacrifice day in and day out for us. These great men and women truly deserve to be celebrated for what they do. Not only do they all leave their family and friends when they are on active duty, but they miss out on the important events in life, such as their child’s first steps, their wedding anniversary, their jobs or even the little things like a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

They are out there in the trenches sacrificing their bodies and m,any of these men and women never make it back home alive. Many are permanently wounded physically and mentally and suffer from all sorts of mental illness such as anxiety and PTSD.

Today we focus in on a great story featuring an active duty soldier named Brooks Lindsay. At the time he was deployed, his wife was pregnant and the date was set for their baby girl’s birth. Brooks set up his schedule that he could fly back home from deployment 14 days before her actual due date just to make sure he didn’t miss the big moment when his daughter would be born!

Like most stuff in life, things tend to not go exactly how you plan them. As the due date drew closer, his wife began to realize something didn’t feel right. She went to her doctor who did an exam and realized she and her soon to be daughter were suffering from preeclampsia under a heavy load of stress! This set off a domino effect of changes, which would ultimately lead her to an induced labor 14 days before the planned date.

Remember, Brooks was thinking ahead and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss this moment and also be there to hold his wife’s hand, breathe and just support her during the whole birthing process. So as the doctors were inducing his wife’s labor, Brooks was trapped at the airport! When he got the news that she was in labor now and the birth was going to happen within the next hour or two he was completely devastated. Luckily his mother jumped into action and was their the whole time giving his wife support during the entire birth.

Not only that, his lovely mother, who happens to be quite tech savvy got him on FaceTime video chat on her phone so Brooks could be their at least in digital form. As the birth proceeded, it began to look like there was a snowball effect of complications compiling on each other. Brooks watched helplessly from the airport wishing he could just jump through his phone and be with his wife and soon to be daughter in the flesh.

Then over the loudspeaker the announcement called for his flight to begin boarding. Feeling even more down now that he would miss the finale of the birth and he wouldn’t even be sure if his wife or baby would be fine until he landed. He grabbed his carry on and began walking towards the line to get into the terminal. Then suddenly a voice pierced through the entire airport, “Don’t let that man board this flight!”

Upon hearing this obviously the TSA and Airport security and staff immediately went into high alert. But they quickly realized where the strange voice was coming from. It was emanating out of the man’s smart phone through FaceTime! It was his wife’s doctor who was in charge of her pregnancy and birth. The doctor knew it would only take 2-3 more pushes and the baby would be born, but if Brooks got on that plane he would miss the moment he waited so long to see and experience.

When the Airport Staff realized what was happening and that there was no threat, just an incredible miracle about to unfold. The amazing staff and TSA at the airport did something that is pretty much unheard of in the airline industry…. They delayed the flight to let this soldier watch his baby daughter be born. Word quickly traveled through the airport and soon pretty much everyone who was boarding everyone on the surround flights and pretty much all humans in between were watching Brooks as he stood seated glued to his FaceTime on his phone!

A fellow passenger on the flight named Tracy Dover quickly pulled out her phone and began to record the soldier watching his baby be born. Just as the doctor promised within the next 3 pushes and only a few minutes later the soldier’s daughter was born and he boarded the flight.

As soon as the plane landed, he ran to the terminal, grabbed his bags, flagged a taxi and head directly to the hospital! When he got there he was so filled with joy and happiness seeing his wife and new princess healthy, safe and sound.

Around the same time, Tracy Dover the girl who filmed the soldier watching his wife give birth on his FaceTime uploaded it to social media. Within just a few days, the video spread like wildfire and becoming an instantly viral!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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After 19 Years Of Being Married THIS Man Finds Out His Wife Is Actually a Man!

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When you enter into a marriage with someone, you expect them to be loyal, honest, and loving.  Your partner should always have your best interests in mind going forward from that day on and support you through whatever comes your way.  You should also know everything about them, what makes them who they are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a dark, untold secret rearing up out of seemingly nowhere and getting in the way of their happiness.

When a man named Jan from Belgium married his Indonesian wife Monica back in 1993, he thought he knew everything he needed to know about her.  She had worked as a nanny for him prior to their marriage and had always come across as honest, open, and warm. His kids liked her, they viewed her more as a big sister, and for a while things were good.

The only problem the couple had run into was very early on in their marriage when Jan brought Monica to Belgium to live with him.  Immigration authorities had expressed doubts at the time that her birth certificate and identity papers were authentic. After going through the courts they eventually relented and accepted the documentation, and Monica received a residence permit to live in Belgium. 

Things began to change after Monica got a new job and started dressing more provocatively.  She wore skin baring tops, short skirts, and tight, flashy clothes. Even though she and Jan had been married for the past two decades, she also started going out dancing at nightclubs and bars.  Her behavior only escalated from there, Jan caught her chatting with different men on the internet and before long rumors about her cheating got back to him. 

He also heard rumors that his wife of 20 years was actually born a man and had undergone a sex change.  He couldn’t believe it but when his friend and own son told him they had heard this as well, he decided to confront his wife and ask her point blank.  In the middle of a heated row over her infidelity, Monica ended up admitting to Jan that she was in fact born a male and had surgery to become female. When he asked why she never told him, she said she didn’t believe she had to tell him now that she was a woman, but Jan felt betrayed and lied to nonetheless.    

While most people would assume one would be suspicious of their significant other being the opposite sex, Jan said there were no signs that would indicate Monica having once been a man.  They had decided early on that they weren’t going to have children and she even bought sanitary products every month to make it look like she had her period. Even so, once the truth was revealed, there was no going back.

Jan ended up filing to have the marriage annulled and got a lawyer to help with his case.  He now believes Monica used fake papers to get her residence permit and even though they’re ending their marriage, the Belgian courts have forced him to allow her to stay in the house.  The strain and pain from finding out that his wife of 20 years had lied to him about her true identity all along took its toll on Jan’s mental health. He’s in therapy to help deal with and accept the situation, but only time will help fade the hurt he feels from being betrayed by the one person he thought he loved the most. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Felt Something Strange Was Up With Her Dog and Hubby. She Set Up A Hidden Cam and Caught THIS

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No matter what type of animal our pets may be, they all have their very own unique personalities and special quirks that set them apart. Whether it’s a hamster, cat, bird, lizard, or horse, the animal companions in our lives seem to always find a way to make us laugh and love them even more!

Lots of animals even end up taking on and adopting some very human-like traits. There are horses that sing and dance, parrots that talk, cats who can open doors, and the dog in this video who enjoys dancing to music alongside his owner!

The two were hanging out at home one afternoon just taking it easy, relaxing on the couch and enjoying each others company. The man was sitting in his boxer shorts perusing the web on his laptop and listening to music with his black and white dog by his side when a song came on that they both really liked.

That’s when things got interesting and it’s also when his wife came home unbeknownst to the lovable pair of couch potatoes! She whipped out her phone to secretly record the hilariously adorable sight that awaited her and what she captured is pure gold!

The man and his dog started to do a strange type of dance, moving their bodies and heads from side to side in unison. The moves are definitely all their own and judging by the looks they gave one another at the beginning of the clip, it seems as if they’ve done this before!

It’s hard to say which one taught the other how to couch dance but either way they clearly have a great time doing it. This dynamic duo proves that it’s the little things that make life awesome. On another note, how the wife kept herself from bursting out laughing is anyone’s guess!

Watch the video below:

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She Stacks 2 Terra Cotta Pots On Top Of Eachother. The End Result Is Priceless!

If your thinking ahead for the perfect Father’s Day gift or a birthday present for your brother son or husband this could be the perfect homemade present for any of the special men in your life!

Generally speaking, men are hard to shop for and finding the perfect gift for your father can be downright difficult to do. Most dads don’t even ask for anything, leaving you further in the dark, and would be happy to simply get a nice card and spend some time with you. However, a thoughtful present is the way to go if you want to show just how much you care and appreciate him.

If you need some ideas or inspiration for what to get, check out this video on how to build a homemade smoker. It’s not only affordable and easy to make, it’s also super cool and original. No store is selling anything like this and ones that are available cost well over $500. So if you’re dad loves meat and grilling out, he’ll love this smoker and the fact that you made it yourself.

All that this simple smoker requires is the following:

For the smoker: For the handle you will need these parts:
— 2 large terra cotta pots ½ x 8 inch steel pipe — 1 hot plate ½ inch coupling — 1 pie plate tinfoil ½ inch T pipe — 2-4 bricks 2 steel washers — woods chips 2 ½ x 3 inch pipes — grill grate 3 ½ inch pipe caps

Start by assembling the handle first. Attach the coupling to one end of the 8 inch steel pipe and the T pipe to the opposite end. Screw in each of the 3 inch pipes to the T pipe and seal them off with the ½ inch pipe caps. Attach the handle to the bottom of the terra cotta pot by placing a washer on the inside hole and threading the remaining pipe cap through it. Place the other washer on the outside of the hole and on the pipe cap, then twist on the end of the 8 inch steel pipe into the pipe cap. Make sure it’s tight and sturdy, then set it aside.

To assemble the smoker portion take the other terra cotta pot and balance it on the bricks. Use at least 2 or more to ensure that it’s secure and not rickety. Take the hot plate and place it in the bottom of the pot, thread the cord through the bottom hole, and set the pie pan filled with wood chips atop it. Next, put in the grill grate and make sure it sits flat and rests snugly against the sides because you don’t want the meat tipping off it later on! All that’s left to do is place the pot with the handle directly atop this bottom piece and you’re finished.

To use, simply plug in the hot plate and place some meat on the grill. Set a timer for 6-8 hours and by then the meat should be smoked to tender perfection. Smoking times will vary depending on the type of meat, the cut, and size you use, so adjust accordingly.

Elissa Benzie, the woman who guides us through this project on the Rare Life channel, says that she spent under $100 total on all the materials for this. If you already have some of the parts on hand, it’ll be even less. This smoker even turned out to be good looking, dad won’t be embarrassed to use it, and it works great which is most important!

Check out the video for more detailed instructions and to get a better visual idea of what it will look like at each step.

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This Guy’s Wife Gives Him An Apple Watch Box. But What’s Actually Inside Brings Him To Tears!

Lots of guys would be really excited if their wife surprised them with the latest Apple technology of some kind. The husband in the video you are about to watch, a big muscular guy with huge tattoos, is told by his really sweet-sounding wife to cover his eyes.

She wants to surprise him with something, and emphatically stresses that he promise not to peek. She tells him that what she is about to hand him has been hiding in plain site for some time. When she hands him a long thin box marked Apple, he excitedly asks if it’s the Apple Watch for his birthday.

She tells him to just open it, saying that what is inside she hopes they will share forever. He quizzically says okay.. This excited husband first opens the Apple box and finds a second box inside for him to open. He pauses and stares at what is inside, says nothing and then cries out “Oh My God” and then bursts into tears of joy!

His wife has surprised him with something so much more spectacular than the watch he was expecting. Her creativity is nothing short of amazing and his emotional reaction will make your day. Let us know if you enjoyed witnessing this intimately lovely moment as much as we did.

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