TSA Heard Someone Yell Don’t Let Him Onboard! Then They See THIS Soldier On His Phone In Tears!

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Most of us can’t really understand or appreciate the complete magnitude of what the soldiers in our country sacrifice day in and day out for us. These great men and women truly deserve to be celebrated for what they do. Not only do they all leave their family and friends when they are on active duty, but they miss out on the important events in life, such as their child’s first steps, their wedding anniversary, their jobs or even the little things like a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

They are out there in the trenches sacrificing their bodies and m,any of these men and women never make it back home alive. Many are permanently wounded physically and mentally and suffer from all sorts of mental illness such as anxiety and PTSD.

Today we focus in on a great story featuring an active duty soldier named Brooks Lindsay. At the time he was deployed, his wife was pregnant and the date was set for their baby girl’s birth. Brooks set up his schedule that he could fly back home from deployment 14 days before her actual due date just to make sure he didn’t miss the big moment when his daughter would be born!

Like most stuff in life, things tend to not go exactly how you plan them. As the due date drew closer, his wife began to realize something didn’t feel right. She went to her doctor who did an exam and realized she and her soon to be daughter were suffering from preeclampsia under a heavy load of stress! This set off a domino effect of changes, which would ultimately lead her to an induced labor 14 days before the planned date.

Remember, Brooks was thinking ahead and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss this moment and also be there to hold his wife’s hand, breathe and just support her during the whole birthing process. So as the doctors were inducing his wife’s labor, Brooks was trapped at the airport! When he got the news that she was in labor now and the birth was going to happen within the next hour or two he was completely devastated. Luckily his mother jumped into action and was their the whole time giving his wife support during the entire birth.

Not only that, his lovely mother, who happens to be quite tech savvy got him on FaceTime video chat on her phone so Brooks could be their at least in digital form. As the birth proceeded, it began to look like there was a snowball effect of complications compiling on each other. Brooks watched helplessly from the airport wishing he could just jump through his phone and be with his wife and soon to be daughter in the flesh.

Then over the loudspeaker the announcement called for his flight to begin boarding. Feeling even more down now that he would miss the finale of the birth and he wouldn’t even be sure if his wife or baby would be fine until he landed. He grabbed his carry on and began walking towards the line to get into the terminal. Then suddenly a voice pierced through the entire airport, “Don’t let that man board this flight!”

Upon hearing this obviously the TSA and Airport security and staff immediately went into high alert. But they quickly realized where the strange voice was coming from. It was emanating out of the man’s smart phone through FaceTime! It was his wife’s doctor who was in charge of her pregnancy and birth. The doctor knew it would only take 2-3 more pushes and the baby would be born, but if Brooks got on that plane he would miss the moment he waited so long to see and experience.

When the Airport Staff realized what was happening and that there was no threat, just an incredible miracle about to unfold. The amazing staff and TSA at the airport did something that is pretty much unheard of in the airline industry…. They delayed the flight to let this soldier watch his baby daughter be born. Word quickly traveled through the airport and soon pretty much everyone who was boarding everyone on the surround flights and pretty much all humans in between were watching Brooks as he stood seated glued to his FaceTime on his phone!

A fellow passenger on the flight named Tracy Dover quickly pulled out her phone and began to record the soldier watching his baby be born. Just as the doctor promised within the next 3 pushes and only a few minutes later the soldier’s daughter was born and he boarded the flight.

As soon as the plane landed, he ran to the terminal, grabbed his bags, flagged a taxi and head directly to the hospital! When he got there he was so filled with joy and happiness seeing his wife and new princess healthy, safe and sound.

Around the same time, Tracy Dover the girl who filmed the soldier watching his wife give birth on his FaceTime uploaded it to social media. Within just a few days, the video spread like wildfire and becoming an instantly viral!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Apparently You Should Never Throw Away Your Boarding Pass. The Reason Is Something Everyone Should Know!

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When we travel by air, we hold onto our boarding passes like our lives depend on it, before boarding. We know that without it we are not getting on that plane. Once we have boarded, many of us become more careless about it’s whereabouts, because we are done with it. Sometimes we slip it in the seat pocket in front of us, stick it in a magazine, or just chuck it.

Until watching this video I never realized that my carelessness with the boarding pass had the potential to land me in a ton of trouble! Evidently there is personal information frequently encrypted on the pass, according to ‘Krebs on Security”.

All that an unscrupulous person has to do is get a screen shot of the bar code on the boarding pass, and feed it into a bar code reader on “Inlite’s” site. It was pointed out by a forensic expert for CBS, Winston Krone, that it is possible for the encrypted information on the bar code to contain personal email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers.

Access to personal financial information is just a step away. Please watch the footage below to help insure the safety of your personal information. I never would have dreamed that being careless with my boarding pass could lead to such potential damage.

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This Guy Places Luggage On The Conveyer Belt. Then Something Incredible Happens!

Checking in and handing off luggage to airline attendants is one of the first things people do when they get to the airport, unless they opt to carry it on the plane of course. We get to see the workers weigh our bags and slap a sticker on before they place them on a slow moving conveyor belt. If you’re lucky the airline allows you to check a bag for free, and if it weighs less than the limit you also avoid having to pay any extra fees.

In this day and age it seems that airlines charge customers just about every step of the way, whether it’s for snacks, early boarding privileges, blankets, and so on. The one area that they seem to be ever increasing charges is in the baggage realm, partly because they know they can get you there. After all, most people have to pack clothes and bring necessities for their trip with them!

Fast forward to arrival, when you’re standing at the baggage claim area anxiously awaiting the sight of your luggage. Once you find it you can breathe a sigh of relief and be on your way. If it never comes you have to deal with the hassle of trying to track it down and sometimes it’s lost forever, which is depressing to even think about.

Many people wonder where bags get lost because it’s not like they are small and easy to misplace. Plus, if they’re clearly labeled then they should eventually make it to the destination, barring anyone actually stealing them. Once bags have been removed from an arriving plane, or checked in, where do they even go?

This video shows some incredibly insightful footage into the baggage handling process and it’s way more complex than I ever assumed or imagined. A 360-degree camera was attached to a checked suitcase at the Amsterdam Airport in Schiphol, Netherlands, and then sent on it’s way.

The clip shows what a long, strange, automated journey bags have to go through. It may just shed some light, and offer a few clues, as to where and how bags become lost or misplaced. Plus, it helps to justify the rising fees associated with checking luggage. After all, you’re basically paying for your bags to go on several extended carnival rides!

Check it out because this is something you have to see for yourself. It’s eye opening, amazing, and if you haven’t yet learned anything new today, this is for you!

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Man Was Checking In For His Flight When The Agent Surprisingly Crawls Towards Him and Does THIS

It was just a regular day at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. Passengers were checking their bags, getting their plane tickets and waiting to climb aboard their flights. Then this guy came up to the counter to check in for his flight when he got the surprise of a lifetime. He had no idea, that he was the half-millionth person to fly on the Polish Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The airline had something extra special planned for this lucky passenger.

To celebrate this moment, the airline got performers from the ROMA Musical Theater, to perform an unforgettable version of ‘Mamma Mia’ in Polish. People jumped out of no where and surrounded him. They directed their performance at this lucky guy who was completely shocked by what was happening around him. Was this a dream or was this actually real life the man thought to himself.

Onlookers who were also completely surprised seemed to enjoy the performance as they pulled out their phones and recorded the festivities to show their family and friends. What an awesome and unforgettable moment for everyone. Well played Polish Airlines. Enjoy the video below! How would you react in this situation?

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