This Is The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide!


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Mercury is currently in retrograde…. but what does that even mean? If you hear that expression all the time and have yet to learn what it truly means, allow yourself to be enlightened.

Basically, when you hear someone mention that “(some planetary body) is in retrograde” it simply means that it appears to be moving backwards in the sky. By definition the online Oxford Dictionary defines the word retrograde as “directed or moving backward.” However, in terms of astronomy and astrology it’s further elaborated upon as “(of the apparent motion of a plant) in a reverse direction from normal (from east to west), resulting from the relative orbital progress of the earth and the planet.” Therefore a planet in retrograde simply appears to the human eye to be moving backwards in the wrong direction, even though it’s not.

In contrast to all that, we are used to planets and their satellites moving in direct or prograde motion, which is from west to east. That type of path through the sky appears normal and is expected, so we don’t freak out as much when Mercury or whatnot is in prograde.

Now that the basics are out of the way we can move on as to why Mercury being in retrograde has such an effect on people. Out of all the other planets in our solar system, none are in retrograde as often as Mercury because of the number of times it travels around the sun, as compared to Earth. That’s why in 2016 there are four time periods where Mercury is in retrograde:

January 5th – January 25th
April 28th – May 22nd
August 30th – September 22nd
December 19th – January 28th, 2017

Astrologers posit that Mercury controls our ability to think rationally and clearly, our travel or movement, and veracity and truth. When it’s in retrograde appearing to go backwards, all of those things seem to go in reverse as well. Due to this inverse movement, the things in our lives related to travel, truth, and comprehensive thinking can get a little out of whack and messed up. Here are some of the things that get turned upside down when Mercury is in retrograde and what you can expect:

Traveling? Double check your flights and trip information because there will be delays, reservation mix-ups, lost luggage, and missed connections. Travel arrangements seem to be particularly affected by Mercury in retrograde so you’d be wise to have your itineraries and alternative plans in order.

Looking to buy an expensive item? Don’t unless you absolutely must. Lots of issues and problems pop up during this time with expensive gadgets and other pricey things people purchase. Of course, you may need something and buying it is unavoidable so your best bet is to make sure it’s under warranty, from a reputable seller, insured, registered, and whatnot. Also, save the receipt and any other related paperwork because you may need it!

Have you checked your finances lately? If not, do so now because your brain and mind will be more willing to go over and examine any financial information that needs reviewing. Balance your checkbook, pay off a loan, plan and stick to a budget, all these things are easier to get done when Mercury is in retrograde.

Signing a contract? Be very careful and triple check all the fine print and details related to what you are being asked to sign. Don’t get caught off-guard later on because you were in a hurry or trusted the other party. A signed writing is key evidence that can make or break a contract and make it enforceable against you down the line, so know all of the terms, conditions, exceptions, and details of exactly what you are agreeing to.

Make plans with new or old friends. Now is the time to re-connect with people you haven’t seen in awhile so reach out and make plans to meet up. Or if you just met someone new who you really enjoy spending time with, make plans with them. Either way you’ll end up having a wonderful time filled with story telling, good conversation, and laughter, so what are you waiting for?!?

Have any projects or whatnot that you’ve been putting off? Finish them now! When Mercury is in retrograde it’s a great time to finish what you started long ago. Tie up loose ends, put things in order, and in the process relieve yourself of the stress, burden, and negative impact that having unfinished projects and business can have on you.

On a final note, remember that after May 22nd Mercury won’t be in retrograde anymore until August 30th. Good luck and make the most of it!

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VIDEO: Husky Wants His Bath Time, But His Human Says No. His Response? A Hilarious Tantrum!

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Bath time definitely doesn’t fall into “My Favorite Activity” for most dogs.  In fact they try to avoid it at all cost.  However, just the word “walk” usually gets the tail wagging,  running in circles in anticipation, and waiting at the door for the great event.

Well, that is the case for most dogs….but not Zeus the adorable stubborn Husky.  Apparently Zeus has made up his mind, that his majesty, is ready for his bath to be drawn.  He has placed himself in the empty bathtub, and every time he is told it isn’t bath time, but time to for a walk…well you will see his hilarious reaction in the video below.

Let’s just say that Zeus is like a big toddler, who practically sounds like he is talking, as he responds to his mom saying “Get out of the bathtub!”  He knows it’s time for his walk, but his preference for a nice relaxing bath is something he is willing to fight for. Watch the laugh-out-loud footage to see who wins!

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This New Trick Is Being Used At The ATM By Scammers To Get Your Personal Info. I Had No Idea.



We have all heard of identity theft, and thieves getting hold of your credit card information and going on shopping sprees.  One of the most “tech savvy” ways for these unscrupulous people to attain your credit card information, is through a device called ATM SKIMMERS.

They were first rumored to be around in the early 2000s; not taken seriously at first, these devices which could read credit cards were indeed being installed in ATMs.  The video you are about to watch below, discusses how the sophistication of these Skimmers have grown over the years. One of the former “bad guys” who was caught, is now helping law enforcement, the FBI and even the Secret Service to better detect and prevent the successful use of the Skimmers.

As you will hear in the report below, not only ATMs, but gas station self-serve slots, are frequently the targets for placing Skimmers to get access to your credit card information.  You will be given clues on detecting when something looks off, as well as other ways to avoid being a victim.  The new Chip credit cards will make the skimming more difficult, but not impossible.  Palm scanners are in development by several governments, already being used in Japan, to avoid this hazard completely.

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A Farmer Makes a Once In a Lifetime Discovery On His Land

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Farmers come across all sorts of strange and unusual things in their fields but what James Bristle found late last September was extra-ordinary and super special. He and a friend were digging in a soy field up in Lima Township, Michigan, when they stumbled across what they initially believed was a piece of debris. According to Bristle “We thought it was a bent fence post. It was covered in mud.” However, upon closer inspection they realized they were dealing with something much larger and harder to remove than a dinky old fence post.

After digging a little more the men realized that whatever they were unearthing was made not of wood, but of bone instead. It turned out that they had found the rib bones of a 10,000 year old woolly mammoth! Further digging led to the discovery of the giant animal’s skull, tusks, and vertebrae. The unexpected discovery was an extremely rare find and the remains were in pretty good condition considering the thousands of years they’d been buried there!

Soon after making the find a group of paleontologists from the University of Michigan were brought in to properly excavate the site. They carefully dug down and around the bones and raised them up with the help of heavy machinery. This video shows the enormous size and scale of both the bones and the dig site. It really puts the sheer size of what a woolly mammoth would have looked like 10,000 years ago, can you imagine a real life one of those beasts!?

According to Daniel Fisher, Director of the Museum of Paleontology at the University of Michigan, the mammoth “was an adult male, probably in its forties at the time of its death, probably lived between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago.” The team believes that humans killed the mammoth because stone tool fragments were found close by. After killing it, they likely stashed the remains in a pond, weighing it down with large stones. That way they could come back for the leftover meat later on without other animals stripping it bare.

From this point on the discovery will be known as the Bristle Mammoth, after James Bristle the farmer who discovered it. He has also donated the skeleton to the university which he describes as essentially the only “right thing to do.” To date some 10 or so other mammoths have been unearthed in Michigan alone, but none have been as in-tact or complete as the Bristle Mammoth. That fact alone makes it one of the most important and significant finds in the state’s history and soon you may just be able to see it up close and in person!

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10 Simple Ways To Reduce Side, Back, and Belly Fat.


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It has been well documented that excessive weight and fat put you at greater risk for all kinds of disease; particularly Diabetes and Heart Disease. Historically, men have been at higher risk for heart disease because of their tendency to accumulate fat in the belly region. However, women who have an excess of belly fat (sometimes known as the “Apple Shape” as opposed to the “Pear Shape” body), are at just as much risk for diseases that stem from excess belly fat.

The video you are about to watch below offers 10 scientifically based home remedies, for removing belly fat and achieving a flat stomach, over time.  Women also struggle with losing Back Fat and Love Handles, which respond similarly to these 10 home remedies.  While exercise is helpful in toning and burning calories, nutrition and certain combinations of vegetables, juices, and other foods eliminate toxins and flush out fat more efficiently than others.

One great one is, GARLIC mixed with LEMON JUICE and warm water. Garlic has potent properties for REDUCING BODY FAT, REDUCING BAD CHOLESTEROL and IMPROVING GOOD CHOLESTEROL. The tutorial will show you exactly how to combine all ingredients for best results.

LEMON JUICE mixed with LUKEWARM WATER aids digestion and improves the regularity of bowel movements. Because Lemon BOOSTS YOUR METABOLISM, it has a potent ability to reduce belly fat. HONEY can be added to this, and exact proportions will be explained in the tutorial.

CABBAGE has a powerful capacity for both REMOVING TOXINS and efficiently targeting BELLY FAT. Removing toxins is the first step in removing belly fat, as toxins enable belly fat to settle in, and provide resistance to your body’s ability to get rid of it. Making cabbage part of your daily diet will help to insure belly fat from building up.

GREEN TEA, with it’s Power House of antioxidants, aid in weight loss in a quick and healthy way. The compounds in green tea burn fat by boosting your metabolism. Adding LEMON JUICE to this doubles it’s ability to flatten the stomach. Follow the steps for the best proportions for preparation and the amounts necessary for daily consumption.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is amazing at targeting belly fat, as it regulates sugar levels. Included in your daily diet, it also has the capacity to increase a feeling of fullness, that will help you with food cravings.

CINNAMON mixed with warm water and some HONEY, drunk on an empty stomach, is an excellent fat burner, that will yield amazing results in ridding your body of belly fat.

WATERMELON is vitamin-rich, full of water and low in calories. Eating it results in a feeling of fullness that will help you from overeating. It’s richness in Vitamin C further boosts overall health and skin in particular.

CORIANDER aids in losing water weight which tends to settle in the stomach and increases bloating. By following the suggested preparation in the tutorial below, you will better your digestion which results in a  flatter stomach.

There is a MAGIC SOLUTION for reducing belly fat, described in the upcoming video, which includes WATER, CUCUMBER, MASHED GINGER, LEMON and some MINT LEAVES. The results from this mixture, left to brew overnight, are sensational.

ALMONDS, have potent antioxidants as well as being a high source of fiber, which promotes a sustained feeling of fullness. To decrease belly size, soaking 6-8 of them overnight in water, and eating them on an empty stomach will yield great results in flattening your stomach.

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An Awesome and Unique Way To Skin a Watermelon That Is Sure To Impress Your Friends and Family!

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Summer is coming and that means cook outs, picnics, and barbecues will be kicking off. If you want to be a thoughtful and helpful guest at any shindig, you can’t just show up empty handed. Instead you should bring something to the table, or at least offer to because it’s simply the nice thing to do.

With this party melon trick, you’ll always have something fun and cool to bring to the party. Heck, you may even blow a few people’s minds, even if they happen to belong to young little children! So if and when life hands you watermelons, go to town and carve them up. Better yet, skin one up and stick it inside of another one for a really cool and amusing twist on watermelon presentation.

This video will show you exactly how to do just that and the process is really not as hard as you’d imagine. Plus, it’s the perfect way to go about bringing food to a party with a little extra flair. So step up your food game, quit being so boring and bland, and give this a try. All you need is two watermelons that are similar in both shape and size, a sharp knife, and a brand new dish scrubbing pad. When it’s over and done you’ll have the perfect snack to bring to any picnic or party!

Start with one watermelon and skin it in a similar fashion as you would a pineapple by making a bunch of cuts along the sides to remove the rind and green pieces. Try your best to maintain the oval shape and go over it a second time with a sharp knife to further remove white spots and to even out the surface. In order to make it really super smooth you’ll need to take a brand new dish scrubbing pad and use it to sand down the fruit until it’s all nice and pink.

Take the second watermelon, cut it in half, and gut it. Make sure to thoroughly remove all of the flesh from off the inside rind. This part is crucial and you’ll likely need to scrape the remaining bits of pink from the insides so that the other watermelon can fit inside of it.

At this point all that’s left to do is to make sure that the two fit together neatly. If they don’t, make any necessary adjustments and carve down the fruit further, then try again to see if it fits. Also, be sure to refrigerate the whole piece if you aren’t going to eat it until later.

With your neat, skinned, watermelon type-egg creation in tow you won’t show up empty handed and you can wow friends, family, even strangers! Plus, it’s not only cool to look at, it also cuts down on the mess later on. Once you slice the skinned melon and eat it up there aren’t any leftover rinds to deal with.

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