Their Owner Left These Dogs In The Car Alone. But Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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Imagine pulling up into a parking spot next to a car with two dogs inside. One is sitting in the back behind the other who is up front in the driver’s seat looking as if he’s about to start the car and head on down the road. But these two dogs aren’t going anywhere, which is why one of them is laying on the horn trying his very best to make their owner come back to the car faster and hurry up!

That was the hilarious scene that greeted Melissa Tonkin in Altoona, Pennsylvania one weekend when she was leaving a local pizza parlor. She couldn’t help but hear all of the noise they were making and soon afterwards traced it back to a silver car nearby, where she spotted the pair of impatient Airedale Terrier’s inside.

The bizarre scene was too hilarious to ignore, so she pulled out her camera and captured the memorable moment. The frustrated dogs paid her no mind and barely glanced over while she stood by the car laughing and recording their antics.

Her presence didn’t stop them from making a racket and they were clearly ready to go as soon as possible. The fact that the dog in the driver’s seat kept his paw pressed firmly on the horn while staring straight ahead makes the sight even funnier, and stranger!

According to the details posted along with the video, the dogs’ owner returned shortly afterwards and spoke with Melissa. They told her that the Terriers “love going for rides, but apparently they don’t like waiting.”

That appears to be the case but the next time the owner leaves their dogs in the car they should roll down the windows, or at least crack them a bit. That way the dogs can get a breath of fresh air, talk to passerby’s, and most importantly they can stay cooler and thus safer.

This incident took place back in November, so it likely wasn’t hot enough outside to heat up the car interior to dangerous levels. However, it’s never excusable to leave any animal, pet, child, or dependent person alone in a car on a warm or hot day, even for just a minute or two.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the temperature inside a car can quickly climb to 110° F or higher when the outside air temperature is in the 60s. That’s when it starts to become dangerous for people and pets to be left inside a car.

In the end, it turns out that there is a way in which dogs can disturb the peace other than by barking up a storm. Some use a more modern, advanced approach to hurrying someone up and lay on the horn incessantly! Check out the video and pass it along, it’s great for a couple of chuckles.

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