Police Are Warning People That Turning Off THIS Light In Your Home Could Be a Dangerous Risk!

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As a mom of two single young adult daughters, who live alone, their safety is always on my mind.  They are fiercely independent, have learned some self-defense, and carry an alert device when they are out in the world. All that being said, they can never be too safe, and decreasing their vulnerability when they are home alone is very important.

The following video offers invaluable safety tips for women (and certainly can be used by men).  Unfortunately we live in a world that has grown more dangerous on many fronts; being aware of potential dangers when you are at home, and remedying them so you can rest easy, is a huge plus.

The  safety video offered by Officer Kandy Perry and the Fox 4 News team, is geared towards women, but truly can be used by anyone to keep from falling prey to home intruders.  I was amazed at how many things that wouldn’t naturally occur to me, both signal and allow twisted individuals to invade your home.

She actually starts with a scenario in a parking lot, as you are going toward your car, with your purse in the cart.  Not only can you lose your valuables, but important information that can lead a criminal to your home is now in their hands.  Officer Perry goes from that scenario to an amazing safety trick as you drive into your garage, and then on into your home.

Listen for the tip on what lights on, off and in which sequence can go a long way towards preventing intruders.

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