She Finds Out Her Fiancé Had Been Cheating. But She Waits Til’ The Wedding To Get Revenge.

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Many girls begin planning their weddings when they are very young. They dream of that wedding to their Prince in shining armor at a castle in a far off magical land right out of a fairy tale. Being a princess is something everybody wants to be at least for a day anyway! Many do get to live out their dreams and have that perfect wedding, bringing family and friends together and passing the torch from generation to generation.

With all that being said, sometimes these fairy tale weddings don’t have happy endings and turn quickly turn into a bad dream or scary nightmare no one could ever prepare for. In today’s featured story we are covering a wedding story that would be hard to believe if there weren’t so many family friends and other witnesses to see this wild event.

A couple who had been together for over six years finally got engaged and were prepping for the big day. Both the bride and grooms families were so happy because on the surface the 2 seemed like the perfect pair. But the soon-to-be bride was so busy planning every little detail in the months leading up to the wedding that she hadn’t noticed her fiancé had begun to act a bit strange…

The weekend before the wedding was the woman’s bachelorette party. The bride-to-be didn’t want anything big or crazy just a fun night with her best friends and a few cocktails. They never could’ve predicted the events that would soon unfold.

The bride-to-be had her phone in her purse but she started it hearing it buzz and vibrate over and over. At first she decided to ignore it because it was her bachelorette party and she wanted to stay fully present with her friends and live in the moment. A few minutes went by and the purse kept vibrating so she finally decided to check to see what was going on thinking maybe there could be some type of emergency…

Little did she know that the messages on her phone would end up destroying her wedding before it even began!!!

Watch the video below for the full story and the incredible twist at the end:

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Everytime I went to my best friends house it smelled incredible. But then she showed me This Trick:

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It is wonderful to have our homes smell good, and scented candles became very popular over the last decade.  That is, until it was discovered that many of these candles and scented sprays contain really dangerous chemicals, that can cause permanent lung damage.

I, myself, have stopped using those candles that I used to love, because of the inherent health hazard they carry.  I’m always looking for natural alternatives that are chemical free, to provide a nice fresh smell in my home.  When I came upon this DIY video for creating a natural air freshener I was intrigued.

The video below is a great tutorial for how to easily, inexpensively and quickly make your own fresh and chemical-free deodorizer.  Two alternative versions are demonstrated, which differ slightly in how they release the fragrance.

For both versions, all you will need are: a MASON JAR WITH A TIN LID, HAMMER, FORK, EMPTY CANDLE CONTAINER, SCREWDRIVER, BAKING SODA AND SOME ESSENTIAL OIL.  The DIY is easy to follow, and gives you a great means to slow-release a pleasant scent into any room in your home.

Watch the video below for the full simple, easy and cheap DIY air freshener life hack:

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Check out this Awesome Vinegar Shower Head Cleaning Life Hack everyone should know:

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Vinegar is arguably one of the most useful substances on the planet, at least when it comes to making life in your home easier, less expensive and safer! Why use nasty chemicals that cost an arm and a leg when you can use something that has been proven by time and countless mothers and grandmothers? I personally use vinegar for more things than I can count, and I have known about the wonderful liquid since before I can remember because my mom used it for literally everything. We are going to thoroughly run through some of the best little known vinegar life hacks that will make your life so much easier.

Is your drain clogged? Try pouring baking soda, followed by vinegar, down the drain and watch the magic. Something gooey sticking to your wall? Grab the vinegar and give it a squirt, then easily wipe it away.

Does your trash can smell like garbage, even when it’s empty? Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and leave it in the garbage can overnight, and voila, no more stank. It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner: just fill up a spray bottle with one third vinegar and two thirds water.

Too many fruit flies? Fill a glass with apple cider vinegar, cover it with plastic wrap, and poke a few holes. The flies enter, but cannot escape. It can even be used to straighten clothes if an iron isn’t available. A few other uses include keeping cats off the furniture, helping cut flowers stay fresh longer, getting tough stains out of pots and pans and cleaning glasses for a smudge-free sheen. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hopefully you find these helpful tips and tricks over the next few weeks and months.

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Check out this Awesome Vinegar Shower Head Cleaning Life Hack everyone should know:

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When it comes to cleaning just about everyone loves learning new simple ways to get the same old things done. It can be fun and interesting to discover what nifty and quick solutions people have come up with to solve common problems. This video, from YouTube channel Outdoors and Gear Review highlights a helpful trick for dealing with a common and difficult problem you’re likely to encounter when tidying and cleaning your bathroom up; hard water deposits and stains.

Hard water can be a real pain in the neck and the nasty looking stains and blemishes that it leaves behind on bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be extremely hard to fully remove. The ugly spots and stains are caused by water that contains large amounts of minerals such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium.

These metals and minerals are naturally occurring, most often in areas with low water tables and mountainous regions, and water that contains them is perfectly safe to use and drink. The biggest downside to it is the crusty, whitish colored mineral deposits and stubborn stains it leaves behind. Over time these gradually build up on stuff, especially faucets and shower heads.

Many people struggle to remove these stains and often think that they need strong, harsh chemical cleaners to get rid of them effectively. However, there’s a better and more affordable way to go about cleaning a shower head with crusted on mineral build up. All you need is apple cider vinegar, a Ziploc bag, and a rubber band.

Simply pour some apple cider vinegar into the plastic bag and place it over and on the shower head. Use a rubber band to secure it in place and then leave it on overnight. Remove the baggy the following day, wipe the shower head clean, and it should be restored to its former glory!

Check out the video for more information and to see just how shiny and spotless looking it turns out. This may be the fastest, easiest, and most natural way to clean hard water stains. It requires minimal effort or exertion on your part so try it the next time you’re stuck cleaning the house!

Have you tried any of these? Will you be trying any? Let us know..

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Check out These 5 Awesome Vaseline Life Hacks Everyone Should Know:

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While you may only think of Vaseline as an integral part of your grandmother’s home remedies and go to solutions, it actually really is a product that can seemingly do it all. People use the petroleum based, gooey, slippery substance for all sorts of things. There are countless household and beauty tricks that involve it, whether it’s loosening stuff up or smearing some on minor cuts and burns to help them heal. This article and video focuses on several beauty related uses for the product that may prove useful and come in handy, and will definitely save you time and money.

If you love to paint your nails then you likely have encountered polish bottles with their tops stuck on them. It takes almost superhuman strength to loosen and get them them of when they dry on and stick like that. To prevent this, take a cotton swab and dab some Vaseline around the base of the bottle opening and on the threads where the cap twists on, now it won’t stick the next time you go to open it.

Another nail polish trick is to coat the skin around your nails with some Vaseline before painting them. This will keep the polish from sticking to your skin, cut down on the clean up, and make your paint job look all the more professional.

If you have rough, dry skin on your feet rub a little Vaseline on them before you go to bed. Slather some all over your feet, then put on a pair of socks, and wake up to smooth soft skin. For those of us with sensitive ears that act up and become sore when wearing earrings, try rubbing Vaseline on the metal stud part that goes through your ear.

By coats the earring it helps them slide through and lessens any negative reaction or sensitivity you may have. If the scent of your perfume disappears way too quickly take some Vaseline, apply a thin coat to the area where you plan to spritz it on, then spray the perfume over that area. This works great at holding the fragrance and makes it last much more longer, plus it won’t alter the perfume’s scent.

If you haven’t already, toss a small jar of the wonder product in your bag so it’s always on hand close by. Use it to touch up makeup, soften rough skin, loosen stuck tops and lids, or as a lip gloss/chap-stick stand in when you inevitably lose or misplace them.

Besides being versatile, it’s also widely available and can be found in practically any pharmacy, health, convenience or grocery store around the world. Best of all, Vaseline is relatively cheap and costs only a few dollars, with a jar of it easily lasting a year or two before running out. With Vaseline, the possibilities may just be endless!

Have you tried these life hacks?

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The Next Batch of Life Hacks are some incredibly useful winter life hacks that will make your life so much easier this winter:

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Along with the cold weather, there are a number of special challenges that winter brings along with it, and we all have to just deal with them! Dry skin, chapped lips, stuffy noses, darkness at 4PM, winter storms, the list goes on and on. One of the most annoying things by far is clearing walkways and driveways of snow and ice. The same goes for cars, but while you can often drive through a little bit of snow, you can’t with an ice-covered windshield. Not only is it illegal to drive with an obstructed view, it’s also insanely dumb and extremely dangerous!

While defrosting the car and scraping ice off the windshield seems like a necessary evil, it doesn’t have to be. You really don’t need to wake up extra early just to stumble around in the freezing cold darkness so that you can drive to work. Instead, you can save yourself some time and energy by doing the following:

In a spray bottle container mix together 2 parts isopropyl alcohol with 1 part water and then add in 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Shake it up, spray it directly onto an icy windshield, and watch the ice literally melt away right before your very eyes!

This rubbing alcohol spray is the perfect thing to have on hand for freezing cold mornings and icy windshields. You can leave the bottle in your car and it won’t even freeze, unless it gets well under zero. That’s because the freezing point of isopropyl alcohol is -128.2 degrees Fahrenheit, so when you spray it on the ice, it doesn’t freeze up. Instead, it helps to melt the ice and keeps it from re-freezing. Since all you have to do is mist it on, it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to clear a windshield that’s coated with a thick layer of ice.

Don’t forget to check out the video to see exactly how well this works in action and be sure to pass it along to those who could use the smart tip. If it can make someone’s life a little bit easier this winter, then it’s worth it!

This is super helpful for those rough winter months.

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Winter is tough. Along with the cold, dry weather comes a number of challenges that we all have to deal with. Cars need to be cleared of snow and ice and the same goes for walkways and driveways. Traveling often becomes way more difficult than usual and to top it off our health also takes a tumble for the worse.

Many of us are plagued by dry itchy skin, sore chapped lips, and stuffy noses that just won’t go away. These things quickly add up and can make it seem like winter is dragging on forever, especially when problems pop up outside on top of the health issues we may be facing.

Which is why these simple winter hacks, covered by the Millennial Moms YouTube channel, are perfect for right now. The video features some of the most clever ways to solve common winter woes and it might offer a solution to a problem you’re currently dealing with. These are some of the best hacks shown in the clip, but there are a total of fifteen, so be sure to check it out for all of the rest.

1) Winterize Boots- This trick does the job to keep feet warm and dry inside of boots that aren’t waterproof. After putting on your socks take two large plastic Ziploc bags and stick a foot in each. Grab a couple of rubber bands and slide them on over the bag to secure it in place and seal the top off around your leg. Pull on your boots and say goodbye to cold, wet feet.

2) Prevent Static Build Up In Hair- Pull a dryer sheet on over the bristles of your hair brush so that they poke through. Brush your hair as normal to eliminate the static, plus it’ll smell clean and great.

3) DIY Boot Inserts- Maintain the shape of tall boots by cutting a foam pool noodle into thirds or fourths, then stick a piece in each boot and they’ll stay upright, making them easier to organize and wear later on.

4) Stop Wipers From Freezing to a Car Windshield- Take an old pair of long cotton socks and slide them over each wiper, puling it down as far as it can go or reaches. This will prevent wipers from freezing and/or sticking to the windshield, and makes life all the more easier.

5) Organize Winter Gear- Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, hand warmers, neck warmers and all other winter accessories can be neatly stored in one accessible place with a shoe organizer. Hang it over a door and never search for lost gloves again.

6) Windshield Treatment- This one is the best! A combination of vinegar and water works wonders at preventing frost and ice from building up on car windshields and windows. Mix the two liquids up in a spray bottle, spritz it on car windows, then wipe off with a soft cloth.

7) Boot Tray- Keep floors safe, clean, and dry by making your own boot tray. This one is much more appealing than commercially available ones and works even better. Fill a large metal cookie sheet with a layer of decorative rocks and put it near the door so that when people enter they can immediately place wet boots on the rocks. The water will drip through the rocks to the bottom and soon evaporate. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tips covered in the clip and be sure to pass it along to those who could use these smart hacks to make their own lives easier.

These are just really helpful.

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Having your car professionally detailed can easily end up being quite expensive. While it’s always nice to have a sparkling clean car, it’s even better when you can have it without spending a small fortune. Thankfully there are all sorts of cheap ways to clean your car with common items that you probably already have around the house. They can do the job just as well, if not even better, than what professional cleaners use.

These are just a few of the handy tricks covered in the accompanying video so be sure to check it out for even more:

Clean your headlights with toothpaste. Use regular toothpaste, not the gel type, to polish up car headlight lenses by rubbing it on evenly with a cloth. Move in quick circular motions to then buff it off and you should notice the grime and fogginess disappear.

Remove stubborn old bumper stickers cleanly and completely with WD-40. Simply spray the sticker with WD-40 and let it sit for a while, the sticker will absorb it, then you can peel it right off.

Remove pet fur from carpets and seats with a spray bottle, water, and a squeegee. Spray the water on the seat and then move the squeegee over the area, it will gather and lift up the hair so you can easily pick it up.

Clean air vents with small foam brushes. They can easily fit in even the smallest vents and pick up all the dirt and dust inside them.

Use coffee filters to dust your car dashboard. Unlike cloth towels and paper towels, coffee filters won’t leave behind lint or just push dust around. Instead they work great at picking up dust and you can toss a few in the glove compartment for whenever you might need one to freshen up the dash.

Get streak free windows by cleaning them with newspaper. It’s the cloths and paper towels that leave streaks when you clean your windows so don’t even bother using them. Instead, spray down the window with cleaner and wipe it off with a piece of newspaper as you normally would.

Get rid of stubborn, lingering odors by sprinkling baking soda on car seats and carpets. Let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. The baking soda should absorb the foul odors, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.

There are even more clean car tips covered in the video and it might just have the solution you’ve been looking for so be sure to check it out!

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Woman Tells Everyone That Her Fiancé Wasn’t Faithful At Her Wedding

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Lots of little girls plan their wedding day very early on in their lives. They dream of the magical day where they get to marry their one true love and Prince Charming at their Fairy Tale Wedding! This is the one time in their lives where they get to be an actual princess for a day. There is nothing better then true love bringing family and friends together to celebrate two people coming together in holy matrimony…

For many people their wedding day is the best day of their life as long as everything goes just as they planned. However, sometimes these weddings can quickly snowball out of control, and what was once supposed to be a magical fairy tale becomes a horrifying nightmare nobody could see coming. With that being said that brings us to today’s story featuring a wedding that didn’t just snowball out of control, but flew completely off the rails!

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s rewind back to the beginning of this story. A beautiful woman named Kacey and a man named Alex are the subjects of today’s wild tale. From day one, when the two first met, sparks just flew uncontrollably and their love for one another could not be denied. Kacey said she knew from the first minute she met Alex he would be the man she would marry.

The couple was together for six years before the proposal and their two families were so excited because they meshed so well together. Everyone thought they would be living happily ever after, or so they thought.

Just like so many brides around the world, the wedding planning begins months and sometimes even years before the actual day. Every little detail from the forks to the wedding dress had to be perfect. Massive amounts of money and time were spent to make sure this perfect wedding day went off without a hitch.

When it came time for the bachelorette and bachelor party Kacey wanted to remain low key. Nothing crazy, nothing wild just a few girlfriends getting together celebrating this magic moment in her life. The night began and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Kacey and her bridesmaids had dinner drank some beverages and were just having a grand ol’ time.

Her phone began to vibrate multiple times, but she decided not to look right away because she wanted to really enjoy and soak in every moment of her bachelorette party. She thought it was just Alex seeing what was going on and she would just call him back in a little bit. For some reason, her phone kept going off text after text was vibrating in her purse.

Finally, she pulled out her phone to see what possible emergency Alex could be having and why he was desperately trying to get in touch with her. When she opened up her text messages, she quickly realized these text messages weren’t being sent from Alex’s phone. At first she was slight confused, because it was an unknown number that she didn’t recognize.

Then the person sending the messages began sending her screen shots of a conversation Alex allegedly was having with this unknown person who was texting her. She claimed that Alex had been cheating on her for months possibly even years and this was the proof!

Her head basically exploded, she couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. Her ‘true love and Prince Charming’ was turning out to be a total creep! To make matters even worse, tomorrow was their wedding day!

The whole thing was already paid in full, every last detail was planned and all the guests had already traveled from near and far to see the couple exchange vows. Kacey’s heart was shattered into a million pieces. Now she had to figure out how to proceed with tomorrow’s wedding. She stayed up till the crack of dawn with her bridesmaids and came up with a plan no one would ever forget!

Kacey got out of bed the next day, got her make up and hair done and she looked absolutely stunning after she put on her wedding dress. All her bridesmaids knew exactly what at happened and all knew what Kacey’s plan was so they put on their dresses and all pretended as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Alex was their in his tuxedo waiting for his ‘bride-to-be’ completely unaware of what had gone down the night before. This was it the big moment, Kacey was coming down the aisle and Alex was ready to say his vows get the ceremony over and go party! But Alex would soon get the surprise of his life as Kacey’s epic revenge plan was about to unfold!

Watch the video below for the full story and let us know what you think in the comments:

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Janitor was sick of the students and faculty ignoring his shoveling and plowing paths so he decides to get the funniest revenge ever!

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Snow is beautiful when it’s falling and you’re inside all warm and toasty looking out at it. After a storm passes and leaves behind a fresh coating of snow that covers everything in sight, somebody has to clear it all. Shoveling snow can be a real pain in the rear unless you hire someone to come plow and do it all for you. If you have ever had to do it yourself then you know how easily it can turn into a workout depending on how long and how much walkway you have to shovel!

Most people take the freshly cleared sidewalks and paths they use for granted. They don’t stop to think about how someone had to wake up super early to make sure they were shoveled and salted well before anyone arrived to work or school. This lack of recognition may be part of the reason why one janitor decided to pull a fast one over on the students and faculty at the school where he works.

The sneaky man shoveled a couple of long, winding, snaky paths to nowhere. One circled back around and the other had a few obstacles thrown in along the way. The unsuspecting walkers fell victim to the prank and ended up taking quite a slippery and unnecessary walk, much to their disdain.

A few even followed the path exactly and walked in circles! Most people turned back and retraced their steps, but a few were bold and strayed off into the snow, risking cold, wet feet. Check out their priceless reactions and just how good of a prank this turned out to be.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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When one man noticed that packages left at his door were mysteriously vanishing, he naturally assumed they’d been stolen. After discussing the issue with his neighbor, he found out that he wasn’t the only one in the neighborhood who was missing items. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and play a little game with the suspected thief. His plan involved sweet revenge and near-instant karma, something that was inevitably about to catch up with the criminal anyways.

His name is Tom Mabe and his payback plan involved a box rigged with poop that would explode all over the mail thief or his car! Before leaving the bait box he did a test run to make sure his device and plan would work, it did, before setting it out on his doorstep. With the lens of his home video surveillance system focused on a wide shot of the front yard, he sat back in his home office watching and waiting for the bandit to show up once again.

It didn’t take long before a car slowly rolled up right in front of his house and an older bald man hopped out the passenger side door. He sauntered down the front walk, up the stairs, and reached down to pick up the bait box. The bald man then turned and headed back to his waiting ride, walking calmly and acting nonchalantly the entire time. He climbed back in the car, shut the door, then drove off.

Mr. Mabe was watching this all unfold in real time and immediately recognized the thief. Now he knew for certain the identity of the culprit! According to him, the package was set to go off exactly 40 seconds after being moved and so unfortunately the camera above his door would miss it.

However, he was prepared for this and had set up a second camera which was trained further down the street. That one did capture the moment the poop box exploded and you can see the passenger door fly open and the bald thief spill out of the car!! He appears shocked and disgusted, it even looks as if he’s about to throw up or something as he lens forward bent at the waist with his hands on his knees. He just got covered in two day old, stinky, stolen poop, it’s just so gross!

In the end, he got what he deserves for stealing from others, people that he even knows. It’s justice at last for Tom Mabe and the other homeowners he took from. That should teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Mean Rich Guy Beeps At Old Lady. She Decides To Teach Him a Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget

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The accompanying video that some kids who were out skateboarding one day managed to capture may be old, but it’s definitely gone on to become a classic YouTube masterpiece! Take for example the elderly woman who stars in the video. Like most people who share her advanced age, she is stubborn and doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks of her. She’s lived long enough and gone through more than anyone half her age has, so she’s earned the right to do as she darn well pleases, so long as it’s not hurting anyone.

In similar fashion, like many men approaching middle age, more specifically the type who also happen to drive luxury convertibles, the man in the clip is more aggressive than need be. That may be an understatement because his behavior is extremely rude and he’s acting like a total jerk. Anyways, the kids were skateboarding around on the sidewalk when the sound of a blaring car horn caught their attention.

The kid holding the camera trained it on the scene which was unfolding at a nearby stop sign. The older woman was at the crosswalk in front of the sign and appears to have just stepped up when the man in the convertible came to a stop. Apparently she was moving too slow for the Mercedes driver because before she could even step one foot in the road he began blaring his horn.

Like any elderly person is likely to do, she was taking her time to carefully cross the street. Her slow moving pace just seemed to enrage the driver further, he began revving his car engine obnoxiously and continued honking at her. Even though the woman was dealing with one extremely huge jerk, she looked completely unfazed by the whole ordeal.

Once she reached the mid-point in front of the man’s car, she made her move. Suddenly, with lightning quick reflexes, she bashed her large purse smack into the front bumper of the convertible! She managed to hit it squarely in the spot where the airbag sensor happens to be located and with enough force to set it off.

This caused the airbag to immediately be deployed, straight into the unsuspecting driver’s face! He looks shocked, like he cannot believe what just happened to him. He even needs to take off his glasses and sits there in a daze as he assesses the whole situation. Meanwhile, the woman continues on as if nothing happened, grandma definitely won this battle!

It looks like there are only losers when it comes to road rage and overly aggressive drivers who think they own the road or are more important than other people. Next time, the man will hopefully be more considerate and understanding when he comes across an older woman, or anyone in a crosswalk, no matter how fast or slow they may be moving. There’s simply no need to act like such a jerk and plus, karma works in mysterious ways.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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There is no doubt, bullying is an epidemic that has plagued our society for far too long and needs to come to an end. So many kids out there are traumatized for life by bullies who picked on them and were evil and cruel to them while they were growing up. So many children from kindergarten even all the way up through the college years are bullied at some point in their life.

If you have ever been a victim of bullying, you understand how traumatizing and scary it can be. Especially when it’s at school where you are supposed to be learning and getting an education, but all your energy is going into avoiding the bully and not getting picked on!

With that being said, this brings us to today’s story which features a 15 year old Hannah Combs, who was attending Harker Heights High in Texas. Hannah was a brand new incoming freshman who already had anxiety like many freshman do about starting their first day of High School. All the older kids seem so big and cool but at the same time super scary. She was just starting to adjust to her new school and environment the best she could. Going to classes, trying to fit in and getting good grades of course.

One afternoon she was outside hanging with some of her friends when an older bully snuck up behind her and dumped a bottle of glue over her head and hair. At first she was just in shock, she had no idea who he was, what was in her hair or what was going on. She had been singled out and targeted by this particular ruthless bully, who decided to take his rage out on an innocent victim.

Soon, she quickly realized it was glue, but not just any glue, it was super glue! Once this stuff sets, it’s almost impossible to remove from anything. The super glue was now embedded in her hair and scalp and was drying at a rapid pace. The bully ran off laughing as poor Hannah sat their traumatized.

The glue wasn’t only setting, it was starting to burn and heat up her scalp and she was panicking. Not only was her hair rock hard and glued together, but now it felt like her scalp was on fire. The burning set in almost immediately and she said it felt like a sunburn times 10! She ended up getting rushed to the hospital. While she was there they diagnosed her with first degree chemical burns of her scalp. They tried to remove as much glue as they could, but the damage was done and it was too late to be salvageable.

Not only was Hannah suffering from a first degree chemical burn of the scalp, but she just received news that she was going to have to shave half of her head. The shaving would be the only way to remove the glue at this point. She was absolutely devastated. Not only was she already having trouble adjusting and fitting in as a freshman in high school but now she was going to be the ‘weird girl with a half-shaved head’!

Luckily a local hair stylist heard about her story and was happy to give her a free hair cut, where she would style the have shaved hair into a cool punk-rock style that actually looked really awesome after she finished.

The bully did get disciplined, but his punishment was basically a slap on the wrist. He got an ‘in school suspension’ which is basically like getting a day off from school.

Hannah’s father Christopher and mother Jessica were furious with how the school handled the situation. Their little girl got a first degree burn, had to shave her head and all this evil little bully got was a measly in school suspension?

Her mother Jessica got on social media and started a facebook page called Justice For Hannah. Hannah’s story was getting out to the world to hear. Victims of bullies from all over the world felt empathy and love for her as the story quickly launched off and become viral. Hannah just couldn’t believe all the support she was getting from all over the world. It was incredible and she never could’ve imagined that millions of people would know her story.

Although the bully only got an in school suspension, world wide media attention and the entire community was basically against him. An international public spotlight was exposing this bully for what he did. Hopefully this instilled enough fear and a lesson to the bully to never do anything like this ever again to anyone!

Although Hannah didn’t need to get direct revenge, the snowball effect of this story blowing up on social media and the public outrage towards the bully and the support for Hannah was next level.

This is a lesson to all the bullies out there. If you are thinking about bullying someone remember Hannah’s story..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Is The Strange Reason Why We Wear The Wedding Ring On The 4th Finger!

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Everyone knows that when they see a person who is wearing a ring on their left hand’s fourth finger, they’re married. Placing a wedding band on the ring finger has long been accepted as a universal symbol of marriage in many cultures throughout the world.

While this is common knowledge and practice, what is not so well known is the reason behind it all. Why do we even place wedding rings on the left hand ring finger in the first place??

To answer that question, one must turn to several ancient traditions and theories, the first of which hails from the East. The Chinese believed that the bond of marriage was the strongest, most vitally important one of all that a person could share with another.

The accompanying video does an excellent job at explaining the reasoning behind the cultures views and once you put your hands together and follow along to it, you’ll understand.

In comparison, in the West the Romans developed their own line of reasoning for as to why wedding rings should be worn on the finger they are found on today. They believed that the human left hand’s fourth finger had a vein in it that ran directly to the heart.

The vein was called vena amoris, which is Latin for vein of love. By wearing the wedding band on that finger, the symbol of a couples love was always connected directly and kept close to their hearts via the vena amoris.

There is something natural and intrinsic about our ring fingers. Each culture developed different rationales and understandings about which finger a wedding band should be placed on, and each arrived beautifully at the same result.

There you have it! If you like hands on learning, or need a clever angle to work into a wedding toast, be sure to check out the short and sweet video clip. Now you know why and how wedding bands came to be placed on the ring finger of our left hands.

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VIDEO: The Best Man Accidentally Does THIS At The Wedding and The Bride and Groom Totally Lose It

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It’s your big day and the tension is high. You have planned for months, are wearing the most formal outfit you will probably ever wear in your life, and all of your family and friends are here and watching. You are surrounded by the sanctity of your chosen church and a very holy man is gracing you with his power and presence. You have thought through every detail and rehearsed the procedure to perfection. The room is silent and you’re sweating through your uncomfortable attire, eager to get through your vows. Out of nowhere, the man who you have selected to be the most important aside from yourselves, drops trow mid-ceremony.

Did he forget to buckle his belt? Did one big breath pop the button off his drawers? All you can see is his classic white and blue striped boxer shorts, black pants dangling at his knees. Quick! Help him! He clearly needs your assistance in pulling up his slacks. The minister stands stone faced as the three of you resolve the debacle, and once everyone is appropriately adorned, he continues as if nothing happened.

What now? Forget the incident and carry on with your nuptials as you have planned? Yes, yes that is the best idea. But the giggles won’t stop coming from deep inside you. Accentuated by nervousness, the absurd event pushes you close to the edge of hysteric, and you can’t keep a straight face long enough to say “I do.”

Luckily, your voice is being amplified by a microphone and the entire church echoes with your lovable chuckle, so your guests can’t help but join in the laughter with you. Never will you forget your special day!

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85 Year Old ‘Flower Grandpa’ Asked To Walk The Aisle, But He Goes Off Script and Everyone Loses It

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Weddings are steeped in many different types of traditions. Everything from the music played to the order and procession of events is generally pretty much the same across the board. In recent years couples have been throwing in more little surprises here and there, like all of those special dances you see online that they planned and practiced before the big day. However, even those trends eventually catch on and become a tad bit stale.

Then of course, there will always be those couples who switch things up completely and do them their own way. Jennifer Briskin is one of those people and she was set to tie the knot with her soon to be husband Austin Tansantisuk on October 1st 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The pair had everything picked out and planned to their tastes, save for one last final thing, the flower girl.

Jennifer had reserved that role for one of the most special people in her life who she was the closest with, her 85 year old grandfather named Stanley. That’s right, instead of giving the traditional role of flower girl to a younger family member or friend’s child, she did the complete opposite! She wanted to include her grandpa in the wedding party and make him a part of her big day, so she spent out a special invitation asking him to fulfill the honors. The bespoke invitation read “Papa, Will you be my Flower Grandpa?”

She recalled that “In thinking about the typical roles of a wedding, I couldn’t shake the idea of him walking down the aisle throwing flowers like a flower girl. I joked with him that I wanted him to be my ‘Flower Grandpa,’ and the idea stuck!”

Her grandfather graciously accepted the invitation and was even a little bit nervous about the whole thing! He was a little rusty on what was expected of him and so Jennifer and her sister Allison, who was also her maid of honor, set up a rehearsal and ran through it with him.

It’s been said that ‘practice makes perfect,’ which may work in theory, but as you can see in the video, practice did not help Stanley all that much. Grandpa took a different route down the aisle and rather than scatter the flowers evenly down the center, he decided to throw the petals all over the guests and they loved it!

The attendees were laughing and absolutely delighted at being showered in flowers. It all made the day that much more special and Stanley was the unexpected star of the show. Check out his awesome ‘Flower Grandpa’ skills, it’ll be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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Bride’s Dad Dies a Few Months Before Her Wedding Day. But Her Brother Says Look Behind You and She Loses It!

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For many women their wedding day is probably the biggest and most momentous occasion of their entire lives. Many young girls begin planning their wedding years before they even meet their future husband. They day dream about their dad walking them down their aisle, the love and joy of their mother watching and the rest of their family and friends present for this sacred day. The idea of kissing your Prince Charming at the alter during the most beautiful and amazing wedding is something all of us want.

In today’s heartwarming story we feature a soon-to-be bride named Andrea who like many others has looked forward to her wedding basically for her entire life. She met her soulmate, he proposed and the engagement was on. Now it was time to prepare and get everything ready for the big day.  All the planning, time and energy hopefully leaves you with the most magical wedding day you will ever get. As Andrea was planning and making sure this wedding went off without a hitch tragedy struck.

Her father died of cancer only months before the wedding. Like anybody who loses their father she was completely devastated and broken. She always pictured him walking her down the aisle and giving his little princess away to her Prince Charming. Andrea’s dad was an amazing man, husband and father. His death was devastating to her whole family because although they knew he was sick with cancer they thought they would have more time to spend with him.

It was too late to call off the wedding, everything was paid for, the invitations were out and rsvp’d and at this point it just wasn’t an option so the wedding still had to take place as planned minus one very special person. Knowing how much she was hurting and grieving during the time period around her wedding, her brothers knew they had to do something for their sister.

They come up with an amazing plan that if executed properly would make Andrea the happiest bride in the world even though her dad would not be attending…

For the full story watch the video below:

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