Evil Stepmom Attempts To Ruin Stepdaughter’s Wedding! But Her Mama Plots and Pulls Off The Most Epic Revenge!

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Anyone who has ever seen the classic Disney movie Cinderella knows about the evil step-mother archetype.  They are cold, distant, mean spirited, and sometimes downright spiteful towards their new step-children. While not all step-mothers are like this, the ones who are seem to take being mean to a whole other level.  

Such was the case for a woman named Jennifer.  Her parents had divorced, and her father had gone on to recently marry a much younger woman.  Her new step-mother was 25 years old, closer to Jennifer in age than her father, and she was also very jealous of Jennifer’s family, especially her mother.

In a few weeks Jennifer was going to get married and like all brides, she was a bit stressed but looking forward to the big day.  Her new step-mother wasn’t being of any help, in fact she was acting downright childish and petty. It turned out that Jennifer’s mother had found the perfect outfit to wear to her wedding and she was over the moon happy with her mother of the bride dress.  

A couple of days later, Jennifer discovered that her step-mother had also chosen the exact same dress to wear to the wedding, so she politely asked her to return it and get a different one.  Her mother had chosen the dress first and since no one wants to show up wearing the same thing as another guest, she thought her step-mother would understand. That was not the case, instead her step-mother flat out refused to do so and vowed that she would wear the dress and look amazing.

Feeling defeated, Jennifer told her mother the bad news and expected her to be upset about it, understandably so.  Her mother took it all in stride though and the two of them went shopping to find a new dress for her to wear. After trying on dozens of dresses she finally found the perfect one, it was even more beautiful than her original pick! 

After a long day of shopping the two went out to a nice dinner.  As they talked about the upcoming events Jennifer asked her mother when she planned on returning the first dress that she’d bought.  Her mother replied that she wasn’t going to return it at all, instead she planned on wearing it to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding!  It looks like her mother would ultimately have the last laugh and in the end, it just goes to show that being petty on someone else’s big day can come back to bite you in the rear.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Brides Son Passed Away Before Her Wedding Day. But Then The Groom Points To a Stranger and She Completely Loses It!

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Losing a child is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Most parents hope and expect their children to outlive them. However, for Becky Turner, this was not the case. Her son Tristan died tragically at 19 in October. when he was accidentally shot. Becky was completely distraught. Despite her grief, she vowed not to let his death be in vain and gave permission for him to be an organ donor.

After Tristan’s death, Becky went through the darkest time in her life. Luckily, she had her fiancé Kelly to help her through her grief. After a long period of intense mourning, Becky and Kelly decided to get married in Alaska. Becky was deeply in love with Kelly but struggled with the fact that Tristan wouldn’t be at her wedding.

The day of the wedding finally came. Becky did her best to keep Tristan in her mind. She placed small framed pictures of Tristan in her wedding bouquet. One of her friends also gifted the bride with a decorated chair that was left empty for Tristan. Becky loved the gift but was awed by an even better one from her husband.

Kelly had invited 21-year-old Jacob Kilby. Becky had never met this man and didn’t even know who he was. Kelly explained to her that when Tristan had died, he had donated his heart to this man who wouldn’t have survived without it. Jacob introduced himself to Becky and gave her a stethoscope. With her newlywed, Becky listened to her son’s heartbeat for the first time since he had died. She was incredibly moved and truly felt that her son was there with her at the wedding. Years ago, she had saved Jacob’s life and in return, he gave her a small part of her son back to her.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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New Brides Have Been Going Nuts Because Of THIS New Invention. THIS Is GENIUS!

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A woman’s ‘Wedding Day’ is for many, still one of life’s highlights. The anticipation, the planning and of course THE DRESS! Finding the right dress is the greatest, but the look isn’t everything; the comfort of the dress overall, and the ease of walking and dancing also matter.

Even if you manage to find a dress that works both esthetically and practically, there is still one issue that often gets ignored and is quite important. How will you go to the bathroom in this often voluminous item, without having to be helped by three bridesmaids?!

After all, no one wants to spend their wedding day in a dress that has been dipped in the toilet! The greatest inventions are those that fulfill a universal need, that no one else has thought of. A woman named Heather was the one person who did think about this, and actually invented an  ingenious device that will easily allow brides to go to the toilet in privacy and without incident!

“The Bridal Buddy” is a jaw-dropper; the following video shows how easily it works, and no one will ever know you are wearing it on your big day!

Let us know whether you would use this, and what you think of her invention.

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This Woman Boils Her Toilet Paper. But The End Result Left Me Speechless!

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Multiple Sclerosis, is a disease that is actually viral in origin, and often sits dormant until first symptoms get expressed in a person’s 20’s.  The degree of debilitation can vary greatly from individual to individual, and one’s attitude (as with all diseases) can make a huge difference.

In the video you are about to watch below,  Amber Mills, a former Marine who is now a full-time stay-at-home mom of three children, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  She had been growing increasingly depressed over the decline in her health, when she read about an unusual contest online; make the winning wedding dress out of TOILET PAPER and win $10,000!

No longer wanting to dwell on her fear and disillusionment with her health challenges, she went to work with pink and white CHARMIN, tape, glue, needle and thread to create the most incredibly beautiful and detailed TOILET PAPER WEDDING GOWN!

With painstaking effort, you will see her craft toilet paper lace, by boiling the toilet paper with glue which she incredibly turns into a work of art.  Pain is not only the touchstone of change, but for Amber it opened the door to an artistic ability that was life-changing.

Have you ever seen anything like this? 🙂

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Dad Is About To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle. But When She Lifts Her Arm Everybody Is Stunned!

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We have all seen many videos from weddings that show something funny, clever, unexpected or extremely touching that gets shared online, and becomes viral on Facebook.  I’ve seen many of the choreographed dances with father of the bride or mother of the groom.

There have been wedding parties taking a picture on a small bridge and falling in a lake!  But I’ve never seen one like the footage you are about to view in the video below.

It is rare to wow your guests, and incorporate it into something really meaningful, that no one witnessing it will ever forget.  The amount of thought, creativity and love that went into this walk down the aisle is both impressive and heartwarming.  It gave me goosebumps and I shed more than one tear.

The doors open and the beautiful bride Maria, is on her loving father’s arm.  They start the walk towards her beloved, Ronny, who awaits his bride eagerly. He has absolutely no idea, as he smiles broadly, what his bride-to-be is about to do.  His emotion, as well as everyone who has come to celebrate, is palpable.

Watch the video below! I hope you enjoy this truly beautiful moment as much as I did!

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5 Men Confront Her At Work. When She Turned Around It Tore My Heart Up!

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This video is called “The Special Proposal,” it was produced by Coordown.  It features a man named Salvatore with Down syndrome asking the love of his life Caterina who also has Down syndrome if she will live with him. You are going to need some tissues for this one, it really pulls at all the heart strings!

He completely takes Caterina by surprise when he shows up at her work, with an a cappella group singing the song ‘Come Away With Me.’  When she turns around the look on her face melted my heart.  Salvatore gets on one knee with a key to their new house and asks, “Would you come live with me, my love?”

This amazing moment, emphasizes the importance of giving the people with Down syndrome the right to live on their own.  Many people with Down syndrome never get this opportunity, so hopefully this video will raise awareness and allow others who suffer from this syndrome to also live their dream of living independently.

Watch the video below and grab a tissue box you may need it! Enjoy!

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