Brides Son Passed Away Before Her Wedding Day. But Then The Groom Points To a Stranger and She Completely Loses It!

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Losing a child is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Most parents hope and expect their children to outlive them. However, for Becky Turner, this was not the case. Her son Tristan died tragically at 19 in October. when he was accidentally shot. Becky was completely distraught. Despite her grief, she vowed not to let his death be in vain and gave permission for him to be an organ donor.

After Tristan’s death, Becky went through the darkest time in her life. Luckily, she had her fiancé Kelly to help her through her grief. After a long period of intense mourning, Becky and Kelly decided to get married in Alaska. Becky was deeply in love with Kelly but struggled with the fact that Tristan wouldn’t be at her wedding.

The day of the wedding finally came. Becky did her best to keep Tristan in her mind. She placed small framed pictures of Tristan in her wedding bouquet. One of her friends also gifted the bride with a decorated chair that was left empty for Tristan. Becky loved the gift but was awed by an even better one from her husband.

Kelly had invited 21-year-old Jacob Kilby. Becky had never met this man and didn’t even know who he was. Kelly explained to her that when Tristan had died, he had donated his heart to this man who wouldn’t have survived without it. Jacob introduced himself to Becky and gave her a stethoscope. With her newlywed, Becky listened to her son’s heartbeat for the first time since he had died. She was incredibly moved and truly felt that her son was there with her at the wedding. Years ago, she had saved Jacob’s life and in return, he gave her a small part of her son back to her.

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