This Is The Surprising Reason Doctors Are Saying If You Cross Your Legs Stop Right NOW!

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Did your mother ever used to tell you to sit like a lady and cross your legs? Mine did and even if she hadn’t I would have ended up sitting like that anyways. After all, it’s a comfortable position regardless of whether or not you’re wearing a skirt or dress and need to preserve your modesty.

For many women it’s simply the way that they most often sit and they rarely give it much more thought than that. However, perhaps they should re-think sitting cross-legged because it may be bad for our health and bodies in the long run.

Surprisingly, there are several negative impacts that sitting with one leg draped over the other at the knee may lead to. For starters, it can be really bad for your lower back. That’s because it prevents you from sitting up straight and instead you’re forced to maintain a position that leads to poor posture.

Over time this causes stress and strain on the lower spine and back which can be quite painful and uncomfortable. In addition to back pain, sitting cross-legged at the knee can increase blood pressure. Studies have shown that when people sit cross legged for an extended amount of time, their blood pressure goes up.

This is because the position prevents blood from flowing strong and freely, and more blood is sent back up to your chest area. The resulting increase in blood in your upper body puts strain on the heart which has to pump more of it and that leads to increased blood pressure.

Also, by crossing your legs you can end up pinching the arteries located there which means the blood flow is inhibited and greatly reduced until you uncross them. One positive finding from research done on the topic is that there’s no proof the act of crossing ones legs may end up causing varicose veins.

That is a false and widespread rumor which appears to be believed as true by many people. However, sitting in a lady like fashion may increase the risk for developing a blood clot, especially for those who are predisposed to such medical issues.

So how should you sit? According to doctors and experts the best way to cross your legs is to do so at your feet and ankles, rather than higher up at the thighs. This cuts down on the associated health risks so if you must cross your legs, try to do it that way.

Also, as with any position you sit in, make sure to not do it for any extended period of time. Switch up your legs and get up and move around to get the blood flowing and to prevent it from pooling in any one spot or area in your body.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and make sure others stay the same and pass this along.

Do you still cross your legs?

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