Three Bikers Harrass This Old 90 Year Old Guy. He Doesn’t Back Down and Gets The Best Revenge Ever!

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In life there are two broad types of people, those who are very nice and thoughtful, and those who are rude and disrespectful.  While most people strive to be decent human beings, some just don’t care and even go out of their way to be offensive. Oftentimes it’s the nicest among us who end up being targeted by the meanest, which was sadly the case for a ninety one year old man named Paul.

One day Paul was driving his truck when he decided to pull over and grab a bite to eat at a nice little roadside diner.  He’d ordered a slice of apple pie and a coffee when a group of three bikers walked in. The old man glanced up at them and not thinking much of the newcomers, went back to sitting quietly and enjoying his food.  The bikers looked around and upon seeing Paul one of them walked over and stubbed his lit cigarette out right in his apple pie! The biker didn’t say a word, he just walked off and joined his friends at a table in the back.

As rude and disgusting as that was, it didn’t end there.  In fact, things only escalated. A second biker approached Paul, hawked up a loogie and spit it into his coffee, then walked back to his friends.  Not wanting to be left out of the bullying, the third biker came over and picked up Paul’s plate, then smashed it on the floor. These mean nasty bikers clearly thought that 91 year old Paul was the weakest and easiest person in the diner they could pick on.  They didn’t even know him, yet they felt the need to belittle and humiliate him in order to feel better about themselves for some reason.  

Meanwhile, the whole time that he was being harassed, Paul said nothing and showed no emotion.  Seeing that his meal was destroyed, he got up and paid for his food then headed outside, leaving the bikers laughing in the corner.  

A waitress who had witnessed the whole scene was dreading having to take the biker’s order and as she approached their table one of the men said to her, “Hehe, the old geezer isn’t much of a man is he?”  It was as if he thought he was more of a man for the despicable things he had done, when that was the least manly thing anyone could have done to a defenseless old man.

Before the waitress could answer, she glanced out the window, smiled, and said “he also isn’t much of a truck driver seeing as he just now backed over all three of your motorcycles.”  The bikers sprung up from the table and ran to see what had happened. All their bikes were laying crumpled on the ground. Paul had run them over with his truck, leaving them crushed in a heap!  

Paul got his revenge on the crude bikers in the best possible way.  Knowing that bikers are obsessed with their bikes, he decided to destroy them, and in the process destroy what they love most.  It was also the safest way to get revenge because there was no way the bikers could follow him!

In the end, there are two points to be made from Paul’s story.  One is that not all bikers are bad people, but the ones who are make bikers look bad.  There are many bikers who are upstanding citizens, they hold fund raisers and are involved in their communities.  The second point is that you shouldn’t go around being a jerk and picking on people just because you can. You never know what others are capable of, even if someone looks old or meek, they might just one up you and deliver an instant dose of karma for being mean in the first place. 

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85 Year Old ‘Flower Grandpa’ Asked To Walk The Aisle, But He Goes Off Script and Everyone Loses It

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Weddings are steeped in many different types of traditions. Everything from the music played to the order and procession of events is generally pretty much the same across the board. In recent years couples have been throwing in more little surprises here and there, like all of those special dances you see online that they planned and practiced before the big day. However, even those trends eventually catch on and become a tad bit stale.

Then of course, there will always be those couples who switch things up completely and do them their own way. Jennifer Briskin is one of those people and she was set to tie the knot with her soon to be husband Austin Tansantisuk on October 1st 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The pair had everything picked out and planned to their tastes, save for one last final thing, the flower girl.

Jennifer had reserved that role for one of the most special people in her life who she was the closest with, her 85 year old grandfather named Stanley. That’s right, instead of giving the traditional role of flower girl to a younger family member or friend’s child, she did the complete opposite! She wanted to include her grandpa in the wedding party and make him a part of her big day, so she spent out a special invitation asking him to fulfill the honors. The bespoke invitation read “Papa, Will you be my Flower Grandpa?”

She recalled that “In thinking about the typical roles of a wedding, I couldn’t shake the idea of him walking down the aisle throwing flowers like a flower girl. I joked with him that I wanted him to be my ‘Flower Grandpa,’ and the idea stuck!”

Her grandfather graciously accepted the invitation and was even a little bit nervous about the whole thing! He was a little rusty on what was expected of him and so Jennifer and her sister Allison, who was also her maid of honor, set up a rehearsal and ran through it with him.

It’s been said that ‘practice makes perfect,’ which may work in theory, but as you can see in the video, practice did not help Stanley all that much. Grandpa took a different route down the aisle and rather than scatter the flowers evenly down the center, he decided to throw the petals all over the guests and they loved it!

The attendees were laughing and absolutely delighted at being showered in flowers. It all made the day that much more special and Stanley was the unexpected star of the show. Check out his awesome ‘Flower Grandpa’ skills, it’ll be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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3-Year-Old Spoiled Little Brat Wouldn’t Listen To His Grandad. But What He Did In The Parking Lot STUNNED This Stranger!

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Going to the store with a young child can be very stressful.  While many kids are oftentimes well-behaved for the most part, everyone has their moments.  Sometimes younger children become restless and act up, which seems to be especially true while out grocery shopping.  There is so much to do and see at the supermarket that they get easily wound up and excited. They wander off, run around, grab food they want and throw noisy tantrums if they don’t get their way. 

Such was the case when one man stopped off at the supermarket with his 3 year old grandson to pick up some groceries.  The young boy who was acting very bratty, crying and screaming as they made their way up and down the aisles. When they passed by the candy section the boy grabbed all sorts of chocolates and demanded that he be allowed a treat.  In the cereal aisle the boy cried over all the sugary cereals he wanted, but his grandfather told him he could not have any.  

While the pair were perusing the aisles a fellow shopper happened to be nearby them the whole time.  She couldn’t believe the way in which the older man was handling his grandson, he was so calm and composed, and kept saying “Easy William, we won’t be long.  Easy boy.” Most parents or adults would have eventually lost it and grown fed up with the kid, but not this man.

When they went to check out the little boy spotted all the candy bars and sodas near the register and of course he demanded some.  After hearing that he couldn’t get any, his behavior worsened, and he began throwing things out of the cart. The man simply told the boy to take it easy in a calm, relaxed tone and paid for his things.  Everyone nearby could not believe that he wasn’t disciplining the screaming child as they stared on in disbelief.  

Once the man and his grandson got outside, the child seemed to immediately calm down a bit.  The woman who had been behind them the whole time passed by in the parking lot while the grandfather was loading his groceries in the car and felt that she had to say something.  She went up to the man and said that while she knew it wasn’t any of her business, she was impressed with how calm he was able to stay. Then she said that William was very lucky to have a grandfather like him who could remain so cool and composed.

Upon hearing this, the older man started to laugh, which baffled the woman.  When he finally stopped laughing, he thanked the woman and told her that his name was William, the little boy’s name was actually Kevin.  It turned out that he had been telling himself to keep calm and that it would all be over soon while Kevin threw his noisy tantrum. He explained that he needed to tell himself this as a reminder that home sweet home was within reach and then he’d no longer have to deal with the bratty kid because his parents would take care of him.

The woman burst out laughing once she heard this and told the grandfather that even though he had been talking to himself, she was nonetheless still impressed at how calm he’d been throughout the whole thing!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Grandpa Falls Asleep On Top Of This Lady’s Cell Phone. Her Next Move Is An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

Oh boy, British humor sure is something special. Blunt, yet innocent enough, they know how to make one chuckle. The skill is in how they dramatically deliver their dry comedy and fearlessly plow through taboo. A good portion of the funniest performances out there originated from the creativity of the British.

Just to name a few, there was Mr. Bean, Keeping Up Appearances, The Office, Black Books, Monty Python, which all provided immense entertainment. In this sitcom excerpt a woman knocks on the door of a house where she had left her cell phone.

When she walks in she finds a man sleeping in the recliner in the living room where she believes she left her phone. Another woman hides in the kitchen when she realizes the visitor had returned and calls the cell phone which makes the search a little silly.

The ringtone proves that the cell phone indeed is underneath the sitting man, and when he scratches his nether region the phone call is answered. The owner of the phone proceeds to answer the call as if the phone was in her hand, but gracefully informs the caller that the connection is not ideal.

Because the woman in the kitchen can see the situation as she places the call, she instructs the woman on the other end of the line that perhaps she should move closer to the phone. The ridiculousness is hilarious as the woman yells very closely into the crotch of the sleeping man and then eventually just reaches her hand in to grab the phone.

She fumbles around for a bit when a priest walks in to find her in the middle of the inappropriate looking behavior. The man wakes up very excited at all the action and the woman in the kitchen stands back and laughs at the outrageous scene.

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VIDEO: Grandpa Kept Wandering Off Till His 15 Year Old Grandson Came Up With THIS

Holding his hands, fifteen year old Kenneth Shinozuka sings as he guides his grandfather’s steps. Due to his alzheimer’s, he is no longer able to walk, eat or carry out day to day activities unassisted, something that most of us take for granted.

One night, Kenneth’s family was awoken by a knock at the door. A police officer had brought the elderly man home after finding him on the freeway. Concerned for his grandfather’s safety, and unable to find a suitable solution, the youth decided to come up with one of his own.

The result of his hard work has the potential to improve the lives of innumerable people suffering from the disease, and will allow their caretakers to rest easy knowing they are safe. The device consists of a small sensor that is able to be placed on a sock and links to a smartphone.

When pressure is detected, as would happen when the wearer steps on the ground to get out of bed, the linked smartphone sounds an alarm. Caretakers could then use the accurate tracking to find their lost love one and return them to safety.

At the nursing home, where Kenneth has been fine tuning his device with the help of some of the residents and staff, he places a sock with the device on one of his helpers, Ida. He explains to her that she has been very helpful in the development of the device.

Staff members chime in, stating that the device is very accurate and makes their lives easier. Kenneth hopes that one day he will find a cure for alzheimer’s, but until then, he will be improving the lives of countless patients and their caring families and caretakers.

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