She Drops Her Cell Phone In The Water. Seconds Later She Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

There is nothing worse than that ‘sinking’ feeling of watching your cell phone fall into a body of water.  On a modeling shoot in the Bahamas, pro model and dancer for the Miami Heat Teressa Cee, had just such a moment.  She was trying to be careful with her cellphone, while shooting footage on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean, by asking someone to hang onto her phone.

The best laid plans went awry, as the guy accidentally dropped it in the Blue Island Lagoon in the Caribbean.  The Lagoon offers the tourist attraction of a multitude of dolphins.  Although Teressa’s phone had sunk to the bottom, something really surprising happened next.

Watch this adorable footage as Cacique, a well-known playful and talkative dolphin, pops up out of the water to return the phone, defying all odds.  Whether or not the phone will be restored to working order, this priceless moment will be one Teressa will never forget.  Her delight and surprise can be enjoyed as you watch the video below.  It put a big smile on my face.

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This Woman Dropped Her Cell Phone Into The Water By Accident But Who Brings It Back Is The Unthinkable!

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It was a beautiful sunny day by the water. There was a nice breeze, the relaxing sounds of the water as it hit the shore, as a few friends sat and relaxed after a long week. All of a sudden one of the women in the group accidentally dropped her cell phone into the water.

She obviously started freaking out because she knew most likely she would never ever see that phone again, with all her contacts, notes, apps and every other possible thing in her life. It also meant she would have to take that annoying trip to the phone store, stand in line forever, and get a replacement phone at full price because water damage is never covered for a free replacement.

As she gave up all hope, one of them noticed something strange in the water.. A whitish-grey blue fuzzy figure started to come into clarity from the waters beneath them. As the seconds past the fuzzy figure started to come into focus! Could this be possible? Could a whale seriously being coming right towards them?

Then what some might call a miracle occurred. The Magical Whale not only came right up to the surface, but he had the fallen phone in his mouth and handed it off to one of the humans in the group! This is the coolest video I have seen all week!

Enjoy! Let us know what you think of this incredible moment!

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His Aunt Noticed A Deadly Disease In Her Nephew’s Picture. This Is How She Realized It..

Meet Taylor a cute little boy who was about to become a child model.  His mother Tina had planned on submitting a beautiful photo of the boy to a modeling agency.  His aunt Geraldine got a look at the photo and noticed something that startled her to the core. She immediately told his mother what she noticed..

There was a shadow in the reflection of the young boy’s pupil that she was very concerned about.  She remembered reading that a shadow in the pupil is usually a sign of eye cancer.  His mother Tina took her son to the doctor and had him tested.  He was diagnosed with a rare childhood eye cancer called Retinoblastoma.

Retinoblastoma (Rb) is a rare, rapidly developing cancer that develops from the immature cells of a retina, the light-detecting tissue of the eye. It is the most common malignant tumor of the eye in children, and it is almost always found in young children.  Source Wikipedia If you are a parent and you own a camera or a smartphone you can check your child for a shadow and actually save your kid’s life!

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Two Women Have Gone Blind Because of Something We All Do Everyday. I Had No Idea.

Two women, aged 22 and 44, came to see doctors with symptoms of temporary blindness that had doctors stumped about the cause.  The blindness in one eye was occurring for 15 minutes, in the first two women reporting these scary symptoms!

As more and more people began reporting similar incidents, researchers began conducting a variety of tests including MRIs, heart scans and other types of evaluations that didn’t reveal the cause. When they began questioning lifestyle choices, they were amazed at what seemed to be a common behavior, amongst those who experienced this temporary blindness.

What you will hear in the video you are about to watch below, are results of research reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, which cites nighttime cell phone use as the cause of this bizarre problem.  While the blindness has been found to be temporary, the risk of more permanent eye damage in young eyes has been discovered.

Further research done at Harvard, has revealed links between cell phone light and other illnesses; these include: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Thus, the blue cell phone light has not only been linked to temporary and more lasting eye damage but other potential health hazards as well.

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VIDEO: Apparently If You Poke Your Phone’s Battery With A Knife THIS Happens!

Let me say at the outset, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Just about all of us carry cell phones that contain lithium-ion batteries (also known as Li-ion batteries), and we would never even remotely think of our phones as being flammable.

The person who made this video was obviously fascinated with seeing what would happen if he poked his cell phone with a sharp knife, into the battery itself. Although it is highly unlikely that our phones would ever spontaneously combust, watching what happens in this video took my breath away.

Although, with the current batteries we certainly have no reason to be concerned about flammability under normal circumstances, it might be a good thing to have a safer option to these Li-ion batteries. Something was discovered recently, by researchers who were attempting find a material to use on the bottom of ships, that would prevent marine life from attaching to the bottoms.

In their research they made an incidental finding of a way to make non-flammable Li-ion batteries. PFPE is a material that has a similar chemical structure of the electrolyte used in the current batteries. It is being tested with the hope that they will be a marketable alternative, so that the batteries in cell phones will no longer have combustable potential.

When you watch how quickly the phone blows up when prodded in this video, you may agree that it would be good to find a non-flammable alternative. It was definitely a bit scary how rapidly the phone went up in flames.

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Grandpa Falls Asleep On Top Of This Lady’s Cell Phone. Her Next Move Is An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

Oh boy, British humor sure is something special. Blunt, yet innocent enough, they know how to make one chuckle. The skill is in how they dramatically deliver their dry comedy and fearlessly plow through taboo. A good portion of the funniest performances out there originated from the creativity of the British.

Just to name a few, there was Mr. Bean, Keeping Up Appearances, The Office, Black Books, Monty Python, which all provided immense entertainment. In this sitcom excerpt a woman knocks on the door of a house where she had left her cell phone.

When she walks in she finds a man sleeping in the recliner in the living room where she believes she left her phone. Another woman hides in the kitchen when she realizes the visitor had returned and calls the cell phone which makes the search a little silly.

The ringtone proves that the cell phone indeed is underneath the sitting man, and when he scratches his nether region the phone call is answered. The owner of the phone proceeds to answer the call as if the phone was in her hand, but gracefully informs the caller that the connection is not ideal.

Because the woman in the kitchen can see the situation as she places the call, she instructs the woman on the other end of the line that perhaps she should move closer to the phone. The ridiculousness is hilarious as the woman yells very closely into the crotch of the sleeping man and then eventually just reaches her hand in to grab the phone.

She fumbles around for a bit when a priest walks in to find her in the middle of the inappropriate looking behavior. The man wakes up very excited at all the action and the woman in the kitchen stands back and laughs at the outrageous scene.

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