It Took Them Over 5 Hours To Try To Save THIS Whale From A Net But Then The Whale Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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When somethings wrong and a Humpback whale needs rescuing, who do you call? For crab fisherman working in the waters off of the coast of San Francisco, California, the answer was the Marine Mammal Center. As soon as they received the call a team of volunteers and divers was immediately assembled and they quickly set out to find the stricken whale. Time was of the essence and they knew they had to locate the poor whale before he disappeared and was lost to the vast ocean forever.

When they finally found the massive mammal they assessed the situation and noticed that it had become trapped in a messy tangle of ropes. There were many different lines that had become wrapped all around its body and they had started to dig deep into the skin.

The painful lacerations were slowly weakening and sapping the whale of its strength, and making it vulnerable to predators. Without help and human intervention, the whale would never untangle itself and would surely die a slow and painful death.

Working among the team that day back in December was an experienced diver and animal activist named James Moskito. He had done high risk rescues for over 25 years, some with the military, and was the first to enter the water. Moskito began the long arduous process of cutting the whale free from the ropes and described the mess tangled around it as being equal to a 3,000 pound anchor.

He explained that “Some of the individual ropes went into the blubber two or three inches deep. I put my hand on the whale and I told the whale, ‘OK. This is gonna hurt.’ The whale was so cooperative, it would open its mouth and a guy would put his hand up inside of it and pull pieces of rope out of the baleen one by one.”

All the while the whale remained near the surface and never acted aggressive towards any of the divers. He simply floated calmly over the course of the five hours that it took before he was finally freed of his chains.

Once the Humpback was clear to go, an extraordinary and wholly unexpected thing happened. Instead of leaving the divers, it dove down below them and then back up to the surface, right to where James was. The gentle giant then slowly swam in circles and approached his rescuers, rubbing up against each one of them in turn to express its gratitude and thanks for the help.

Moskito said that “It seemed kind of affectionate, like a dog that’s happy to see you. I never felt threatened. It was an amazing, unbelievable experience.” It’s something you have to see to believe and truly appreciate, so check out the video of the incredible rescue and relive the experience!

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She Sticks Her Hand Into The Water. But Everyone On The Boat Is Stunned When The UNTHINKABLE Comes Out!

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Whale-spotting is always an exciting event, as these awesome creatures have such an extraordinary essence.  The video you are about to watch below was filmed in Mexico’s famed San Ignacio Lagoon, an area that is renowned for being one of the most likely places in the world to see whales!

In fact, due to the abundance of whales in San Ignacio, whales seem to have grown comfortable with human presence in this lagoon, often actually approaching the tourist boats.  However, the boats are prohibited from initiating the contact with the whales; they are required to wait patiently in one spot, in the hope that a whale will make the approach toward them.

Surprisingly, the whales aren’t avoidant about coming close; they do so quite frequently, which indicates that they have grown to trust human interaction. In the incredible footage captured by these excited whale-watchers, you will see a mother gray whale appear and then proudly lift up her baby calf.

This was astounding, as whales are extremely protective of their young.  The excitement of the tourists on the boat is palpable, as they enjoy this rare and beautiful event.

Watch the video below for this once in a lifetime experience! 🙂

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They Were Swimming In Australia Looking For Sea Turtles. Then They Heard an Odd Sound

Some people can only dream of swimming in the open ocean alongside wild whales. For two extremely lucky boaters who were out on the water, that dream became a reality. They now have one heck of a whale tale to tell after their extremely rare and awesome encounter with two of the massive mammals.

Brad Nicholls and his girlfriend Emmy-Rose Curtis had left dry land and gone out in search of sea turtles off the Gold Coast of Australia when they happened across a mother humpback whale and her baby calf. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, the adventurous couple seized the moment and quickly jumped into the water to swim around with the huge mammals.

The whales didn’t seem to mind the human company and even hung around for about an hour or so. That’s much longer than what they typically stay for, which is usually just a couple of minutes. Thankfully Nicholls and Curtis brought along plenty of film equipment since they also happened to be testing out some new camera gear suited specifically for underwater use.

Curtis told the local news station, ABC 7, “we were just playing around underwater with the GoPros and all of a sudden there was something much larger than a turtle there. In ten years I have never seen this type of behavior for whales with a boat, let alone with us in the water.” Both he and Curtis work for whale watching companies and so they’re really familiar with whale behavior and comfortable being in the water with them.

The fact that they see the mammals day after day and never get a chance to be able to swim with them also makes their story all the more sweeter! They managed to snap a few selfies with the massive mammals as well as capture some video footage that you can check out below.

For the most part, the whales stayed near the surface while the pair swam happily around. One of the cooler things that happened during their encounter was when they managed to communicate with the peaceful giants by slapping on the surface of the water and the whales slapped back with their fins.

What began as a routine boat ride for the couple turned into the swim of a lifetime- You have to see the footage to truly appreciate how magical it all was, enjoy!

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Enormous Whale Will Not Let This Diver Swim Away. She Is Stunned When She Realizes The Reason Why!

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If you ever have been lucky enough to go whale watching, you know how incredible the first moment is when you see a giant whale breach the surface. Their sheer size and magnificence is breathtaking and an experience you will never forget. It’s even better if you get to go scuba diving and swim with the giant aquatic creatures.

This brings us to today’s incredibly unbelievable story featuring a marine biologist named Nan. For almost 30 years Nan has been following whales all across the planet. Nan like many other marine biologist is fascinated with these gigantic mammals of the sea. She has studied their behaviors, biology, physiology and every other aspect of these beautiful animals. Over the past 30 years, Nan has been an avid scuba diver as she loved swimming beside the creatures she has tried so hard to protect and understand.

Nan lives on the Cook Islands located in the stunning South Pacific. She created a Research center called the Center For Cetacean Research and Conservation. Throughout her 30 years as a marine biologist she has all been an avid activist and a spokesperson for protecting whales from illegal poaching which if left unchecked will ultimately lead to their extinction from planet earth.

One morning September morning Nan put on her scuba gear jumped into the ocean, began to swim and explore the area that had lots of active whale sightings. Within just a few minutes a giant humpback whale swam toward the veteran marine biologist. Most people would probably be terrified if a 40 ton/60 foot long animal was coming directly at them, but not Nan, she was used to this sight and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she came across the humpback.

But very soon, Nan realized this wasn’t going to be like any encounter she had previously had with a whale. It began displaying very odd behaviors for a humpback and she really didn’t know what to make of it. For some weird reason, the giant whale was holding Nan under its fin! Luckily she had enough oxygen in her scuba gear, but she was beginning to panic because the whale was showing no sign of releasing her. She wasn’t being hurt by the whale, but it just wouldn’t let her go. While Nan was underneath the whale she had all her camera and video equipment because she was making a documentary on whales.

After about 10-20 minutes of this Nan’s panic go even worse as she knew if the whale didn’t release her soon she was most likely going to die that September morning. As she began to come to terms that she was going to die by the fin of the creature she devoted her entire life to, a second whale was coming towards her. As the second whale got closer the first humpback who had her pinned under his pectoral fin finally released her near the surface of the water and she jumped back onto the boat as fast as she could happy to be alive!

Besides for a couple scrapes and bruises Nan escaped with very minimal injury. Immediately after she got on the boat, the scientist within her quickly kicked into gear. She was completely baffled and could not understand what had just happened between her and the giant male humpback whale. She began watching the two whales she had jus encountered in the waters swim by the side of the boat.

She then looked over and spotted another fin that had just breached the surface.  This was no whale, it was the second most lethal shark to humans in the world Tiger Shark. The only other shark that is responsible for more human deaths per year is the notorious Great White Shark! It suddenly dawned on Nan what the giant humpback was doing for that 10-20 minutes where she was pinned beneath his fin. She believed the whale was actually protecting her from coming into visual sight of the ferocious and deadly Tiger Shark.

She couldn’t be 100 percent positive, however humpback whales have been known to do this exact same thing to their babies and sometimes even other aquatic creatures such as sea turtles and seals. Also the fact that the second whale approached when it did was a clear sign both whales knew of the oncoming danger. Humpback whales usually come together as a group to try to avoid predators from attacking.

Whether the whale was truly trying to shield her and save her life from the threat of the looming Tiger Shark is still up for debate. However Nan, is thankful and completely amazed that whales could potentially have the capacity to exhibit such behaviors! Nan has spent her whole life helping whales and this humpback may of just paid her back by saving the veteran marine biologist’s life from the hungry Tiger Shark!

Watch the video below for the footage and full story:

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This Woman Dropped Her Cell Phone Into The Water By Accident But Who Brings It Back Is The Unthinkable!

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It was a beautiful sunny day by the water. There was a nice breeze, the relaxing sounds of the water as it hit the shore, as a few friends sat and relaxed after a long week. All of a sudden one of the women in the group accidentally dropped her cell phone into the water.

She obviously started freaking out because she knew most likely she would never ever see that phone again, with all her contacts, notes, apps and every other possible thing in her life. It also meant she would have to take that annoying trip to the phone store, stand in line forever, and get a replacement phone at full price because water damage is never covered for a free replacement.

As she gave up all hope, one of them noticed something strange in the water.. A whitish-grey blue fuzzy figure started to come into clarity from the waters beneath them. As the seconds past the fuzzy figure started to come into focus! Could this be possible? Could a whale seriously being coming right towards them?

Then what some might call a miracle occurred. The Magical Whale not only came right up to the surface, but he had the fallen phone in his mouth and handed it off to one of the humans in the group! This is the coolest video I have seen all week!

Enjoy! Let us know what you think of this incredible moment!

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Man Flies a Drone Camera Over The Water. When It Zooms In My Jaw Dropped!

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Meet Captain Dave, a ship captain who runs a whale watching safari year round.  For the first time ever, the rare, majestic and endangered blue whales ended up in Dana Point, California.  Luckily Captain Dave had his drone camera ready and captured the first drone footage of blue whales in this area. One of the blue whales he filmed, is believed to be over 80 feet long.

He also capture incredible video of a gray whale mama and her babies playing and eating kelp off the shore of Orange County.  Captain Dave explains how rare it is to capture to gray whale calves.  He explains that 35 percent of blue whale babies are eaten by Orca whales.  So their mothers intentionally keep them close at all times.

There is not much for these babies to eat during their migrations, so they mainly feed on their mother’s milk and grow at about 50 pounds per day. The final thing he captured was a giant megapod of thousands of dolphins swimming side by side.  This is truly a site to behold.

They swam right beside the boat and gave these whale watchers a truly unforgettable experience. This footage is absolutely breathtaking. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze. What a wonderful planet we all live on! Enjoy!

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